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  1. Budget is very limited, just had to decorate and furnish a whole flat, need cheap as possible that will run the game decently
  2. Like to run a few leagues, normally England down to league 2, Spain, Italy, Germany, France top leagues, then chop and change leagues as I move around
  3. Am looking to get a new laptop as the one I used is my wife's and we have split up. Will this one be any good for fm16? Thanks http://www.techradar.com/reviews/pc-mac/laptops-portable-pcs/laptops-and-netbooks/acer-aspire-e15-1306852/review/2
  4. Well just finished 2020/21 season, and won the league on goal difference. Was 2 points behind city but they could only draw the last game whilst we won, and had a superior goal difference. Also won the Europa league, another great season. Also since winning the league twice in a row I am a club icon
  5. Can't believe no-ones mentioned Mauro Icardi!
  6. Going in hospital for a week or so on Monday. Tried starting old laptop up but its knackered. Wife gonna let me take her laptop which I play fm on. Hoping to get a few seasons wrapped up!!
  7. Just had a board takeover in mine. Bought club for £901m and floated on stock exchange. Got no more transfer money though
  8. I'll try that then Welshace, wanna continue my spurs save while in hospital. Wife won't let me take her laptop which is the one I use for fm16!! Boo!
  9. Is there a way of transferring a save from one laptop to the other?
  10. Is there a specific way to do it Maw, or will the game appear there when I load up steam on the old laptop?
  11. I bought fm16 via steam this year, and am due to go into hospital for a week or so next week. I have it on a new laptop. Am u able to sign into steam on my old laptop and get fm16 on there as u want to take that in with me? Thanks
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