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  1. Still playing FM16 & haven't kept totally up to date with the last few games, so not sure if you still set the intensity level of training within them. In any case, during the normal season, is "high" considered too much for the team in anyones experience? Injuries seem kind of random; some seasons I hardly have any or a moderate amount and then some seasons I end up with 7 or 8 players out or several players out for months (which can happen). None of the first team complain, but U-21's are frequently unhappy the trainnig level for them is too much. What level do most of you use? Do most folks just leave it at average?
  2. Man United, Season 2020-21 Asane Gnoukhari - Transfer fee £58m, £150k p/w wages Emre Can - Transfer fee £65m, £200k p/w wages Andres Cubas - Transfer fee £65m up front, £13m appearance addons, £250k p/w Cubas is only 5'4 (I also have Kante who is tiny), will cost the most for both transfer & wages but seems to have better attributes than the other 2 players (more so Can) Gnoukhari can play box to box but so can Kante & I don't want both the same. But he is the youngest & cheapest for both fee & wages. Marginally better mentals than Can Can in my head is who I want but has worse mentals than both players & worse technical than Gnoukhari but perhaps more big game experience (Bayern, L'pool, PSG) Ranking them I'd go Gnoukhari, Cubas, Can. But Cubas height is a problem plus his signing on fee is £12m which is x2 more than the others & a bit insane. Really struggling here who to get. Any thoughts or from forum mebers who have had these players in their teams?
  3. The problem is if I keep him he'll maybe get 5/6 1st team appearances spread across the whole season. He's got England & Italys 1st choice rightbacks ahead of him both with first team regular as their status. I could be looking to move oneof them on at seasons end, so if he does well at Newcastle I'll just promote him to the senior squad instead of buying someone.
  4. So by what your all saying, I'd have been better keeping him last year when he was 17 & not loan him out until this year? @matty2323 yeah, his attacking stats are pretty poor compared with his mental & physical which are already really good. If he doesn't develop into an attacking full back Im ok with that. Hes also only 5"3 so hes never going to beat anyone in the air. I have actually considered retraining him as an MC as well..... Was just curious on the best way to develop him. I've put him to Newcastle, see how he gets on. Even with Man U with world class facilities, training & coaches in 4 seasons the 2 best players from my youth teams Ive had were only 3.5 PA and they were Brazilian & Argentinian! The highest English ones Ive had has been 2.5 PA. The player ive been talkingabout in this thread with 4 stars I signed from Ajax when he was 17.
  5. Well they've taken him as a "Key Player" so with that logic I'd expect him to play every single game for the3m. (and again umprompted - I've never listed him for loan, they approached me). Their first choice RB last season was Dani Alves (ex Barca). He's 36 now but been their first choice the last 2 seasons. He still pretty good even at 36, probably still got 1 top flight season left in him. Their other RB is Chaker Alhadhur who has been a squad player with around 15 appearances last couple of seasons. I'd like to think my player would play ahead of both of them - and even if he doesn't always played ahead of Alves he should still get 20 + starts for them. He never missed a game for ~Fulham aside from a couple of brief injuries although I don't think you can compare as they were relegation candidates who eventually finished 14th. In my team in all seriousness, I don't even think he'd get 10 starts. I'm potentially moving on one of my RB's on at the end of this season, so if he did well for Newcastle or even knocked it out the park in my resefves and impressed in some first team games I'd deffo look to promote him to my 1st team fully instead of signing a replacement but thats at least 1 year away from now.
  6. Soi I have an 18 year old wondekid regen I signed from Ajax & was initially signed to play in my reserves. In pre season Fulham unprompted offered to loan him as a first team regular, I accepted and he started 31 of their league games with Avg. Rat. of 7.31 & was voted their player of the season. Pretty good going for a 17/18 year olds first year in the top flight. I planned to play him this seaosn in my 21's & he'd get some first team opportunities in cup games & whenever I had to rotate my team for upcoming games against big opponents. Newcastle have now offered to loan him for the season as a key player so I'd presume he'll play every week. I'm Man United - best training facilities & coaches. What's he going to benefit more from? Playing in my U-21's with maybe 5-6 random first team appearances but being trained with my high level coaches and facilities with a mentor assigned to him - or playing every single week for Newcastle (who came 10th last season whcih I think was an under achievement, they have a decent squad which should be around the top 6 places). I'd have said the latter because surely he'll learn a lot more playing every week?
  7. Well, I did initially start training him to drop the shoots form distance move, but then I noticed he also has "Shoots with Power" & if I think about it, thats probably why so many of his shots blaze over the bar, go ridiculously off target out for a throw in or rebound off someone else. In general the harder you hit a football if its not a dead ball the lesss acdcurate it is - so I've changed the instruction to stop shooting with power, see how that gets on. If hes far out and doesn't have that PPM anymore, its difficult to hit a shot from range if you dont put any welly into it. Just wondered if anyone else experienced this with him or with players in general? I may need to look into also trying to remove cuts in from both wings & try and retrain him to play as a standard winger.
  8. Saw an old thread on him but can't find the information I'm looking for. Got him pretty cheap for my Man U team initially for my U-21's, but 18 months later he's now in my first team & still 19. 2 simple question really: Where do you think he plays best & what role? AML winger or AMC as Playmaker of Attacking Midfield? He seems just as good in either position but unsure of the role. He mostly either plays AML/W or AMC/AP S for me. 2nd question which will help me with the above: Is he much of a goalscorer or more of a creator? In 39 games for me he's only got 5 goals but 15 assists. I don't know if he is meant to score loads of goals, could be I'm playing him in the wrong position/role? Of course I'm only into season 17/18 in FM16, so he is still only 19 & plenty of time to develop.
  9. So in FM16 this is obviously the Depay when he just had that mega season at PSV & joins Utd, so he's immense in the game. In my first season he was world class, pretty much the next Ronaldo. 2nd season didn't hit those heights but still good. Into my 3rd season & he's just lost it. Can't score, can't assist. He's very ball greedy and takes honerstly 6/7 shots at goal per game on average & he's lucky if even half those are on target. Recent games he's had shots gone out for throw ins (no deflection), way over the bar or taken shots when it's obvious there's someone right in front of him blocking it - pretty much shoot on sight. In a fit of rage I've asked for him to be re-trained to take less long shots & I've used the individual "take less long shots" instruction & I see improvement in his rating & assists. Did anybody find this with him in last years game, can I ever get him back to that first season phenom? If not, I'd take turning him into an assist machine as a compromise. Some thoughts I've had: Train him on his "Reasonable" left foot & as an AML Winger instead of IF Train him in the AMR Winger role where he can use his strong right foot (although I have a AMR IF already which means I'd need to move him to the left & train his stronger foot which seems much like hard work....) My coaches keep advising for me to remove his cut inside from both wings move.......but if I do that playing him on the left, he's be on his weaker foot and need retraining Can anyone help? Screenshots below show his decline. For a £38M rated 4 star CA/PA I've just given a £250k p/w 5 year deal to I expect a lot more. Edit: After looking in depth its ironic this season is the one where he has the highest % of shots on target as well.....43% to 38% in the last 2 seasons....am I maybe over-reacting? 2015/2016 2016/2017 2017/2018............Arghh! Stats for 17/18 - look at the Shots & on target section...........
  10. What patch level were you playing the game on? The re-installed FM needs to be at the same level the saved game was played on. Ive been caught out with this before.
  11. Im still on my first save I started in November last year. My last game spanned 15 game years/4 real years in FM11 which meant I missed 4 versions of the game. Assuming I dont get sacked or bored I might not buy again until FM20......
  12. Would have said no which makes sense. The game is for the 15/16 seasin which ended in May. Shouldn't be anymore updates after that.
  13. I had a friend who used to play CM/FM 95/96. He'd always be Monaco - win every single trophy, every single season & barely lose a game. Was so obvious he was saving the game before every match & replaying them until he won games he lost. These players who continually take teams from the conference to the premiership & become European Champions within 5/6 years - I say its a load of bull. If you did this over say 15 years it would be more believable. Im Man United with a decent enough squad & a transfer budget of £100m every season & Im always so tight to win the league. In 8 seasons with Aberdeen it took me 6 years to finally win the league & I always ended up runner up to the old firm in the cups. In 5 seasons at City I only won the Champions League once, 10 seasons at Chelsea I only won it 3 times & only won the league 7/10 times. FMs a hard game. I really dont believe these managers taking pub teams to the top of European football within a few years aren't doing it without cheating.
  14. I have a backroom meeting once a month. I very rarely take my coaches advice as its usually quite generic, other than scouting recommendations or training. Also nine if these players have ever had any promises associated with them. 1 player complained about lack if game time & I just told him tough, the 1st team p,ayer won't be dislodged. He effectuveky said "ok then" & hasn't complained since. The players in question are my 2nd choice right back & left winger & 4th choice centre half. Im very much a "form manager" - so as long as a players playing well regardless of ability or who hes keeping out, he'll always play. Thus I view them as rotation players - the full back & winget are more than capable of playing regularly in the starting 11. The centre half is a bit harder, you could say he's a backup, but he's almost already equalled all his appearances from last season & we're not even at Xmas yet. And one of my fairly regular central midfielders keeps changing to 1st team, but I don't think he's good enough to warrent that status. Regardless - if I set a players status, as the manager I expect it to stay that way & not change by itself. Could this be a bug in my game? Been playing CM/FM for 20 years & never seen this happen before.
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