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  1. Still playing FM16 & haven't kept totally up to date with the last few games, so not sure if you still set the intensity level of training within them. In any case, during the normal season, is "high" considered too much for the team in anyones experience? Injuries seem kind of random; some seasons I hardly have any or a moderate amount and then some seasons I end up with 7 or 8 players out or several players out for months (which can happen). None of the first team complain, but U-21's are frequently unhappy the trainnig level for them is too much. What level do most of you use?
  2. The problem is if I keep him he'll maybe get 5/6 1st team appearances spread across the whole season. He's got England & Italys 1st choice rightbacks ahead of him both with first team regular as their status. I could be looking to move oneof them on at seasons end, so if he does well at Newcastle I'll just promote him to the senior squad instead of buying someone.
  3. So by what your all saying, I'd have been better keeping him last year when he was 17 & not loan him out until this year? @matty2323 yeah, his attacking stats are pretty poor compared with his mental & physical which are already really good. If he doesn't develop into an attacking full back Im ok with that. Hes also only 5"3 so hes never going to beat anyone in the air. I have actually considered retraining him as an MC as well..... Was just curious on the best way to develop him. I've put him to Newcastle, see how he gets on. Even with Man U with world class facilities,
  4. Well they've taken him as a "Key Player" so with that logic I'd expect him to play every single game for the3m. (and again umprompted - I've never listed him for loan, they approached me). Their first choice RB last season was Dani Alves (ex Barca). He's 36 now but been their first choice the last 2 seasons. He still pretty good even at 36, probably still got 1 top flight season left in him. Their other RB is Chaker Alhadhur who has been a squad player with around 15 appearances last couple of seasons. I'd like to think my player would play ahead of both of them - and even if he doesn't always
  5. Soi I have an 18 year old wondekid regen I signed from Ajax & was initially signed to play in my reserves. In pre season Fulham unprompted offered to loan him as a first team regular, I accepted and he started 31 of their league games with Avg. Rat. of 7.31 & was voted their player of the season. Pretty good going for a 17/18 year olds first year in the top flight. I planned to play him this seaosn in my 21's & he'd get some first team opportunities in cup games & whenever I had to rotate my team for upcoming games against big opponents. Newcastle have now offered to loan
  6. In my 2013 City save hes beginning to go downhill.......11 games without a goal, 17 full caps 0 goals and his stats all have red arrows beside them and hes only 22.....
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