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  1. This tactic, with some set piece adjustments, just secured me back to back promotions with Rochdale. I went defensive, whenever I met bigger teams, and often to protect leads late. Great!
  2. I don't remember exactly what, but I seem to remember changing it a little but from the original one. But not a lot. Anyway, consider it a vote for the original tactic. Thanks and good job op!
  3. I dont want to give it a new thread since it isn't "original".... But here it is: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=342759903 My all conquering lineup was: Lloris DC: Shawcross /Balanta (Kaboul and Fazio arent bad at all!) WB: Corchia and Digne (although Walker and Davies does fine) AP's: Eriksen and Pereyra (Paulinho does fine) mc/d:Dembele IF's: Lamela and Depay S: Kane did surprisingly well, Soldado and Giovinco. I bought Bacca for a ton of money, but he lost the space to first Kane, then when he slowed down, Giovinco took it. You are going to need plenty of cover for the stars, since they run like maniacs for 90 minutes. Most players can do 25-30 games a season.¨ Expect tons of shots, not a whole lot of CCC's but goals galore! Good luck!
  4. A version of this - It has 2x AP's in the midfield and a MC, and is very hig pressing, high tempo, just won me 5 trophies in season 2 of my Spurs game. I basically won everything i was in! Which was fun! I havent dont that since way back when Diablo was a thing. In season won I struggled to beat the best teams, but in seaon 2, after a some good signings I blew teams away. I might upload it later on, if its any good with other teams, since I think I did change a few things around.
  5. I'll be following this. Always liked the 4-4-2 better. I'm looking to create a "defense first" system, and counter using speed on the wings. Haven't had time to play a lot on the beta yet, though.
  6. Don't know why, really, but this tactic works for my Paris FC team
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