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  1. It's already been 7 hours and you haven't won the Premier League? What's happened to you maaan? Jokes aside, will be following! What formation are you using? Good ol' 4-3-3?
  2. Really enjoying this save and your style of play. I can imagine it would be nice to get your own players in and decide more in the future. Are you looking to change team after the season?
  3. Following this and liking it! Could we perhaps see some screenshots of your best players and how the younger products have developed now that we are 3 seasons in?
  4. Definitely go for Caldara. He and Rugani has been my center backs of choice the last 4 years and have won the league all those times and CL twice. He makes the occasional error, but he is definitely worth it! Current worth is 55million EUR
  5. Won't be able to get in the game for a while, but I play three different formations depending on opponent. It is either a classic 4-2-3-1 with Wingers running down the lings and the whole formation pushing forward in attacking mode. Then I have the 3-5-2 for tougher games (like United, Real Madrid, Napoli, Inter etc) where I need to have more control. I now play the middle three CM(A) DLP (D) CM(A) after acquiring Verratti in the latest transfer window, with Paredes and Torreira bursting foward to support Dybala and Higuain. Final formation is a narrow one with 4-3-1-2 with either Correa or Dybala occupying the AM role and Higuain or Keane, a god-like regen I have, or an Italian Target Man I can't really remember the name of but he resides in a mid-table club in the beginning, depending on the opposition. I usually start with "standard" and then change depending on how the match looks like. My wingbacks are incredibly important and Alex Sandro has been one of my best player the last few years together with Zappacosta.
  6. I've had lots of fun with my Juventus save recently. Won the Serie A 4 times in a row and just managed to defend the CL against United. We lost to them in second season on penalties but won it the following year (against United) in the 90th minute when Martial scored the winner (had bought him in the winter transfer the same season, with him having not played for 2 years). Won it again against United this year on penalties after having equalised in the 117th minute. United has just been insanely good on my FM-save. Been trying to keep it Italian and have had some nice regens coming through Im looking to give more and more playtime. This is my first italian save in years, really enjoying it!
  7. I g ot this badboy from my last intake. He's Albanian but went Italian after being called up to U-21. Looks godly. Even came with the Perfectionist personality! Did score on his debut as well.
  8. Will be following! Although I have spent quite some time in the city I know barely anything about the football clubs operating there. Best of luck!
  9. Been a true pleasure to read it. I came in when you started with Rennes and have been enjoying it ever since. Well done!
  10. Has interest in Griffiths dropped? Noticed earlier that there were some clubs after him. Is he willing to sign a longer contract when able, or will you be forced to sell him?
  11. I can recommend Felix Beijmo, Kerim Mrabti, and Jacob Une Larsson from Djurgårdens IF. I managed to sell Beijmo for £11million two seasons in. Also, Hugo Vetlesen, Markus Solbakken, and Jacob Rinne. They can be acquired relatively cheap and sold for a massive profit if you're looking at the financial sides. Sold Vetlesenfor £13million, Solbakken for £6million and have had bids for Rinne around the £2,5-3million mark.
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