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  1. Started up with Carlisle, my nearest professional team. Target was a mid table finish, a slow start saw us in the bottom third, then went on a tear. End of season Carlisle were champions by a clear margin. Had to rely on loan strikers during the season, Carlisle start with a number of loanees and terminated some early. Sorenson (Newcastle) played well until he got himself injured for 4/5 months, brought in Scrimshaw from Bournemouth and he scored 12 in 14 games. Brought in midfielder Mathias Nicolaisen (from Mjolner) who convinced us to sign him for the 2020/2021
  2. Can not manage at National B level, so messing about with the nearest professional team to me, Carlisle. Leaning to 'pick for me' when the official release comes out
  3. Thanks for getting back too me so quickly Freddie. Appreciate it
  4. Don't know if this is an issue because we are at the beta stage, also apologies if I have posted in the wrong thread. Started new game, selected 'French National League 2 and above' and 'playable' in the mode column Unable to select a team at the French National League 2 level, drills down to the French National League level and no further. Thanks
  5. Ordered this years version after missing a year. Going to try and stay away from the top teams/obvious choices. Hoping to manage Saint Malo in the French league, only because that was the first place in Europe I ever visited!
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