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  1. i7-6700k 4.0GHz overclocked, 16GB DDR4 RAM, game is installed on an M.2 SSD - it's well equipped for some time still. A 125,000 player database isn't really a normal size though is it? Even my other save, where I'm 13 years in with a large database and about 15 countries, only has around 67,000 players in it. The extra 80,000 newgens generated at first creation would definitely cause issues for even the best of machines.
  2. I've tried troubleshooting this. At game creation, it suggests a player count of around 46,000 with France, Germany, Italy and Spain leagues loaded as well. When I go to 'Add/Remove Leagues' in game afterwards, the game tells me that it has a player count of 125,000. I believe this is the cause of the problem. When you tick 'Add players to playable teams', if you have any other leagues loaded it is creating newgens for every playable club that doesn't have players. If you have any other countries loaded, you are creating thousands of newgens for clubs in those countries. I think the solution is to limit the number of playable teams by removing other countries completely from the database when creating the game, or set them to view only. Or untick 'Add players to playable teams'. Edit: unticking 'Add players to playable teams' solves it, at the expense of immersion experience. Setting leagues to view only doesn't work or removing them doesn't work. Reddit reply that sort of confirms my hypothesis:
  3. Thanks for this, Dan. I've just started a new save in tier 12 and am really enjoying it. The only annoyance I have is how slow the game is running for me. I've tried 2 different saves, the second which is completely stripped down to the bare minimum, and I'm still having to wait quite a bit to move between days. My last save is 12 years in on a large database with most big nations loaded, and that save game seems to be more responsive. Is it just me, or is this to be expected?
  4. I've given it a thorough play through, and the ratio of crosses to goals is still ridiculous and has made the game unplayable for me. Played the same game twice to test the theory, a winger with 9 crossing gets 6 crossing assists (perfect crosses) across 2 matches with different tactics/pressing instructions. Complete garbage, and this is somebody who sunk 960 hours into FM14. I wish I hadn't bothered with this one. I'll be chucking a penny in a wishing well for this.
  5. This lad must have had a hard time at school:
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