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  1. I take nothing away from the quality of the product, it's a great read... I just like to offer some constructive feedback if I can. Please don't take my last post as a degrading message.
  2. I must say the content in the first edition is truelly amazing, some great reads... A suggestion I have got to improve the quality even more is try and break the text up a little. I am a decent reader but found the wall of text in front of me rather daunting. I cannot wait for issue 2.
  3. You have everything in place, the only thing I would change is a mixed focus passing. passing. I partly answered your question here:
  4. it'd be interesting to see the passing option on the analysis tool over a few games, that could give you a good indication as to where things are going wrong.
  5. With the full backs on Automatic they will naturally venture forward and take part in attacking phases of play. Your target man will look to lay the ball onto the nearest player iif he cannot create a shooting opportunity. With the wingers, assisted by full backs, and Nolan going forward you instantly have 5 breaking from deep. A box to box is exactly that, he will go from defense to attack along with the play, that makes 6. Tempo is how fast your players pick out a pass, at that level you're asking your players to effectively play one touch football, something I very much doubt they have to attributes to pull off. Decisions and passing would need to be above 15 for your midfield to stand a chance in those settings. The effect you're aiming for is simple to implement, play a more direct game and increase the wingers and AMC's mentality slider a little, just to give them a more attacking approach. Another thing I have found useful in my testing of the 4-4-1-1 is moving the wingers forward in games you are dominating, this effectively gives you a 4-2-3-1, a much more attacking option, in the tighter games though 4-4-1-1 should be quite solid.
  6. I myself am working on a 4-4-1-1 tactic, the key is central midfield. With the 2 wingers and the AMC advancing, supported by your full backs you have more then enough going forward to make the two CM's more defensive, my pairing being a box to box (s) and Ball winning (d). Instantly think your tempo is too high, players of that level will misplace a lot of passes, something you could get punished for. As a target man support Cole will look to play the ball onto onrushing midfielders, a la Nolan, so placing him on support as well means your front two have no real consistancy. One or the other would fair better on an attack duty. I will post up my setup later today for you, once I have finished work.
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