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  1. Barcelona relegated once in my CM0304 game mainly due to financial problems. Almost all their players at one point were greyed out players. They were mid-table in the Segunda Division for a few seasons before returning to the highest level.
  2. [FM11] dafuge on tour

    LOL @ HSV for finishing 16th as reigning champions...
  3. Unfortunately there's also a bit of a bug in it. I didn't change the tactics in the match preparation setting for quite some time. I had all levels of all tactics fluid. Then I took my "3rd tactic" for a cup match against a top tier team and put my common tactic in 3rd place and the familiarity levels of both tactics dropped considerably. Now in the new season after being promoted I often switch between tactics, but this way I'll never get either tactic fluid. While if I would leave the tactics as it is and change them let's say in the 1st minute of the game, it would, which sounds a bit odd to me. If you train a team 3 different tactics for 2 seasons, the familiarity shouldn't drop if you swap tactic 2 and 3 for instance.
  4. Do we have to take reserve/youth leagues into account when it comes to the amount of leagues you can run? Or do they have a significant effect on the game speed?
  5. Editor: Dutch "Topklasse".

    Only the topklasse ones, but they aren't included in the file I uploaded. I didn't do the eredivisie ones, so yours is quite handy.
  6. Editor: Dutch "Topklasse".

    I've been working on those kits for my own Topklasse-file...
  7. Editor: Dutch "Topklasse".

    Tnx... I found a source online stating that BVV Barendrecht has 150k total to spend. So I'm setting the total budgets between 75k to 175k, I'll leave transfer and salary budgets empty. A few teams a bit higher, like Rijnsburgse Boys, I know they are pretty rich...
  8. Editor: Dutch "Topklasse".

    A few notes to my Topklasse minimal release... It's still pretty basic. Some things haven't been set like budgets. Other points: - No price money is set - a few clubs are still set be with a reputation of 1, between 1000-1500 is reasonable for these clubs. - You might want to change a few clubs from amateur into semi-pro. - Clubs do enter the Dutch Cup, but you won't get board expectations/confidence level for it. - Promotion play-off is only one leg - It's possible that a few clubs will switch from the Zaterdag to Zondag division. Happened only once in a first 3 seison hollyday testrun, but in another run already two clubs switched after the first season. - And a few other things... But on the positive side you can get a bit creative and relegation/promotion to the Eerste Divisie works perfectly
  9. Editor: Dutch "Topklasse".

    I want to give the Topklasse clubs a budget (only FC Oss is set). What will be a reasonable ammount for these clubs? I reckon some teams will have a larger budget, like Rijnsburgse Boys and De Treffers.
  10. Editor: Dutch "Topklasse".

    Sure... I've already posted it on Managers United myself
  11. Editor: Dutch "Topklasse".

    BTW This is just very basic, haven't changed reputations or added price money and all that kind of stuff. Just added the topklasse to it. Clubs will have no budget (resulting a large number of takeovers). But it is playable.... I'm working on a much more detailed version for mainly myself...
  12. Editor: Dutch "Topklasse".

    yes... I've uploaded a basic version: http://www.sendspace.com/file/lst69q, including the altered xml-file. Still some minor issues though, but promotion/relegation between Eerste Divisie and Topklasse works and Topklasse clubs will enter the Dutch Cup.
  13. Editor: Dutch "Topklasse".

    Well I managed to solve the two big issues!!! You need to use the empty Hoofdklasse parent competition(ID=152048) in order to add the topklasse. You still need to remove the Hoofdklasse from the xml-file though, otherwise you cannot add other Subdivisions to it. The Dutch Cup will pick teams from the subdivisions from (ID=152048) and also relegate #18 from the Eerste Divisie to it. So if you change the subdivision to the Topklasse Zaterdag and Zondag it will be fine...
  14. Editor: Dutch "Topklasse".

    I was kinda hoping you could help us out here . The Dutch Cup thing isn't really a big issue, because the cup isn't hard coded and it's easy to let the TK-clubs enter. The Eerste Divisie relegation however is a big point. I tried several things in either the editor or the xml-file, but the only thing that works is completely recreating the Dutch league system (or at least from the Eerste Divisie onwards), but as you know, this also involves recreating Eerste divisie periods and European play-offs and such and I don't know how to do that. But there must be another way to change the relegation destination of the Eerste Divisie?
  15. Editor: Dutch "Topklasse".

    If you can wait for a while. I still need to sort some things out. I managed to make the Topklasse playable. But during my hollyday testing a few major issues occured. Here is my progress so far: Biggest Issues: - Regelation of teams from the Eerste Divisie isn't going the way it suppose to. Instead of regelating to the Topklasse, they are regelating to the amateurs straight away. Instead of the No 18 of the Eerste Divisie, the No 1 of the Eredivisie, plays both Topklasse and Eredivisie in the second season. - Topklasse teams don't enter the Dutch Cup, while lower tier amateur teams do. Minor Issues: - No reserve or youth fixtures - One legged play-off final instead of two-legged Good points: - Saturday and Sunday teams don't mix up after the first season. - Promotion to the Eerste Divisie worked fine - Promotion/Regelation to (inactive) Hoofdklasse works perfectly, saturday hoofdklasse teams promote to the Topklasse saturday league and the Sunday's HK teams to the Topklasse Sunday league.