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  1. Much the same for me. Alioski and Saiz both on fire. Lasogga got injured and Grot is just not doing anything for me. Signed Michael Lindeman as Ass Man. Top of table after 5 matches and would be much more comfortable if I could have got a good lone Striker. Signed Rossi after reading the 2017 thread but waiting for his injury to clear up too.
  2. Yes I remember. But some other firm has taken the job on. How good it will be remains to be seen.
  3. Noticed yesterday a football management game on Steam where you can manage any English team in history. I remember a mock up of the first Football League season from SI? Many said they would buy it. I think SI have dropped the ball by not looking into this idea.
  4. Not having a photo breaks the immersion factor. Bring it back......please.
  5. Drakestone. Great skin, but I keep getting the ver 1 when I download from the link provided. According to the read me in the zip file anyway.
  6. Didnt realise that mate, about instructions. Trust me, it works and i appreciate it. Did it as a test thing. Just went with assistants reccomended team and were winning. Bit loathe to give it up and go to the full game really. I suppose this means overall its quite a sound tactic in all the positional parts then? Edit, im refering to your first tactics MTM. And i do think you should make your own thread. People in the other parts of the forum have been too quick to jump on downloaded tactics this year. mr Rosler , Chrissy and now youself arent claiming to be plug and play. The tactics are be
  7. To be fair Stretford, Mr Rosler said it would happen. Lol I have used the MTM one with some success with York. Unbeaten in 6 matches in league iirc. No transfers imFMC He should make his own thread. Seems pretty good. Hes already credited Rosler so....
  8. Yes. Dont delete them though. Just move them and save them in case you want to go back.
  9. Err,,, he will be able to play original database. They will be put out together though.
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