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  1. I don't know if this is a bug or not but I've been unable to get my board to find me a feeder team for 6 seasons now. I'm playing as Zwolle in the Eredivisie and I ask the board to find me a feeder team several times a season but they search and ultimately return with nothing. I've been playing this save since the game's release and it's been an issue throughout every patch.
  2. I can't even sell my best players let alone dead wood. Selling players in FM12 and 13 was pretty easy but now it's gone back to how it used to be years ago which is pretty frustrating!
  3. It's only in recent years that FM has started to cost that much though.I seem to remember it being quite cheap (compared to other games) a few years ago.
  4. My favourite for the last few years has been the Dutch Eredivisie.
  5. Apologies if this has been brought up elsewhere but have there been any changes made with regards to buying and selling players? NVM seen the changelist!
  6. Not being able to sell players has really killed my save. I hope they fix the transfer issues soon...
  7. The same thing has happened to me. Except when the game downloaded for the second time it would not start due to a "disk read error" which is bizarre since I'm playing the digital version. I've tried verifying the cache and all that but it's not helped. ...and now it's inexplicably uninstalled itself once again and has started downloading for a third time. Lovely!
  8. Crazy scores are back. I've played four games post patch and they've ended 4-3, 3-2, 3-4 and the game I'm currently playing I'm losing 3-2 with the second half still to play.
  9. My players seem to hit it over very often from opportunities where they're stood inches away from goal.
  10. I want to enjoy FM14 but I just can't right now because of the awful defending. If/when they fix it I'm sure it'll be a great game.
  11. Without exaggeration, this is how I let in the majority of my goals. It's very frustrating and there's seemingly nothing I can do to stop it.
  12. Wenger wants him to commit to a new £70k a week deal before he'll play him.
  13. I agree that it's not as unrealistic as other examples in this thread, but to want to triple your wages without even trying to negotiate is unrealistic to me. The fact that he'll probably accept less money to go elsewhere just makes it worse.
  14. I took over at Cagliari and they had a pretty decent central midfielder on loan who is on 10k a week. He played well for me and as his club contract is coming to an end I thought I'd try to grab him on a free. Well...he wants 35k a week! Plus if he gets an international game he wants it bumped to 48k! I tried adding clauses and negotiating down as I really need him but his agent just will not budge like they used to in FM12. No doubt his club will release him and he'll end up at some Serie B team on 12k or something. This is just really frustrating.
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