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  1. Hey, I might have encountered a bug and I am looking for a way to fix this with the editor. You probably know: there are some nations in the database that players can't be declared for. Martinique is an example for that. And the reason behind it is that they aren't a member of the FIFA and will not be able to compete in a World Cup (and qualifier) and therefore their players can still be capped by France. Even if they played games for Martinique. However I found that the game treats Comoros the same way and I think this is wrong. All Newgen players from Comoros are still elegtible for france even when they've played for Comoros. The game also shows french as first nationality, there is no player with comorian as first nationality (only the real players that are already in the database but not newgens). And I think it is wrong because Comoros competes in the World Cup-competition, the Africa Cup (and so on) and therefore is an full member of the FIFA. So people should be declared for Comoros if they pick up a game in an offical competition. Is there a way to edit that?
  2. I want to set a minimum loan age to prevent U-18 players from going on loan. There are some leagues in the game who have such a restriction. But I can't find the option under transfer rules and neither under loan rules. Can you tell me where to find it?
  3. This is my file. I tried to create a reserves league for germany. It is not appearing in the game. Thank you for your help! germany_test_58FE7654-0D86-487A-8240-370B5FC3A3DA.fmf
  4. Hey everyone, over the past few years I learned a lot about the FM-editor but I still can't figure out everything by myself. I have huge problems when editing Germany. All other nations work fine,,,but if I do the same steps in Germany I have no success. For example under advanced nation rules I open the "reserve rules" tab and choose that the game creates a reserve team and a U19 squad. And I create create leagues for them. Under transfer rules I choose that the mininum youth age is 16 (so no players that are younger than 16 should be created). I verify the file and create a new game. But there is no effect! Everything is still default (no reserve league, younger newgens). But I am pretty sure that I don't do anything wrong. I actually tried exactly the same steps in other nations and it works there. What is wrong with Germany? I seems that Germany is not completely editable. Can someone help me?
  5. I really like the IGE and think that the tool is already powerful and useful. I mainly use it for renaming players but sometimes also for other stuff. However there is one thing that I find pretty annoying: You have to click many times until you can edit anything. If you want to edit a player you have to search the player (loading time), open his profile (loading time), open the IGE window and make another click to either start editing or to open his personal info. If you do it for only 1 or 2 players it is still very fast but editing a whole squad or ever more players is pretty anoying. As I already said: I mainly use the IGE to rename players and if I want to rename a whole generation of newgens it takes a lot of time. So I was wondering if there would be the possibility to make persons editable directly from a "table view" (like the squad screen or when viewing your shortlist) instead of having to open the player profile? If I open my shortlist or my squad I see (based on my overview method) many players and their information that I want to see: Their names, attributes, height, weight and so on. Wouldn't it be possible to add an option that allows me to make this stuff editable directly from the overview screen instead of having to open the player profile? I would be like editing an Excel-table and editing would be so much faster and easier. At least simple stuff like names, attributes and so on should be editable this way. This would be amazing!
  6. Hey, I like the fact that we are able to modify some parts of the game by using the .edt files unter C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 20xx\data\db\1730\edt\permanent Would it be possible to give us a file like that to make additions to the name pool? The pool is pretty small for some nations since it is based on existing players/personnel and it becomes pretty repetitive in long term saves. In the file there could be a section for every language and we could add a list of names where the game takes the newgen names from and adds them to the pool for the language/nation. I think it would be a very easy but helpful possibility and a cool addition to the game. Renaming players via IGE or nickname takes much more time because you have to do it by yourself for one player at a time.
  7. [Edit: I forgot to mention that I am using FM17. Maybe that is important even though the editor is pretty much the same every year.] Hey, I have encoutered a problem while editing the german league system and I am so frustrated right now. I've tried to solve the issue by myself for 1,5 days now but I can't solve it, so maybe you can help me. What am I trying to do? I want to remove the relegation games from the german league system (they are called "Stage 1 - rele (cup") between Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga and also between 2. Bundesliga and 3. Liga. But everytime I do this I can't verify the 2. Bundesliga because the editor says "2. Bundesliga has not finished in time for season update day". I have actually tried everything or at least very much: The season update day for Germany is set on 19. June just as it is by default I have deleted "Stage 1 - rele (cup)" from both Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga and I have changed promotion rules under "stages -> league" settings. I set the value for promotion and relegation places to 3 and unchecked the boxed for top and bottom playoffs. I deleted the entries for "Stages from other comps" for 2. Bundesliga and 3. Liga because the are no playoffs anymore. The date range for in every league is set to "Start Month: July, End Month: June" (in the competition tab) I tried to set a date for "Last fixture date" under league settings and it is a day in May (20th or 27th of may) . I deleted all entries under "fixture dates" that have something to do with the relegation cup. It's not working: It always says "2. Bundesliga has not finished in time for season update day" when I try to verify the file (I can verify the Bundesliga but not the 2. Bundesliga even though I deleted the relegation there too). I have tried so many options and I am so frustrated. What have I done wrong? Or is it a bug in the editor? To prove myself that I am not that stupid I tried to delete the relegation cup for the french league system and it worked out by using the same steps! Why does it not work for Germany? #
  8. I like creating a new manager and give him a great career. But sometimes I wish I could play as Guardiola, Mourinho or other real managers. It would give the game a nice touch of immersion since we can already overtake all existing clubs and playing as real managers would feel even more "real". Playing as real managers would give us players nice new challenges like bringing a "forgotten" manager back to the top or i.e. trying to play as Guardiola like he does in real life. So I was wondering if there is any chance to play as an existing manager in a future game instead of always creating our own manager profile? Using the new manager option as a workaround to create a real life manager is not the same thing since the game will not connect me to the history of the person I want to play as. We also need to delete the person in the editor first or there will be 2 Guardiolas in game at the same time. If some license issues prevent you from implementing this feature: Maybe you can give us this option for "newgen managers"? As someone who prefers long-term-savegames, I see many beloved newgens becoming managers and it would be awesome to play them. After a few years in game also many of our staff members are newgens and how cool would it be to retire and give my long-year assistant manager the chance to continue my legacy?
  9. I couldn't agree more! I am really annoyed by the look of Player History and I have been for many years. When we look at your screenshot and the year spend on loan at Dijon it actually looks more like a bug than design decision. And in every savegame there are thousands of player histories like that. It happens when season update day is earlier than the start of the transfer window. Many AI-controlled clubs tend to put players, who'll leave the club (especially players on loan), in their reserve squad and in i.e. in Germany or France the game will often create an "empty" history entry for the Reserve/1st Team when season update day comes. I even saw players with 2 wrong entries in a row (These loan players have been put in reserve right before update day -> 1st entry & then fter season update day they come back to the first team -> 2nd entry, then they return to their real club at the end of their loan a few weeks later). It looks really messy right now. I actually deleted all France/Germany reserves in my savegame just to avoid this because I hate it so much and I would be the happiest person on earth if this would be fixed! Or give us at least some kind of workaround solution via In-Game-Editor (edit player history). And I would also like to see the exact date of club movement in player history. Right now we can only see the exact date on a second screen but it would be a lot easier if this would be shown in the season career stats-window. It is important because: If a player moves in the winter window and does not play for this new club, the game will not give him an entry for this reason and it will look like he transfered during the next summer which is simply wrong. It works also the other way around: If a player does not play for a team until winter window and then he moves to a new club and picks up a few games, his entry in player history for the old club will be overwritten and it will look like he already moved at the start of the season!
  10. Hello, I've downloaded a file that includes several new competitions for a specific country and hundreds of new clubs that were created for this purpose. For my newest savegame I dont want to use the changed competitions but I would like to include the new clubs as lower league teams into the original database league structure. Is it possible to copy clubs from one database to another? Thank you very much!
  11. Edit: I found out the reason but still can't solve the matter. When I put Huddersfield to extinct, ManCity's First Team randomly replaces Huddersfield Reserves in U23-League. If I activate Huddersfield again, Huddersfield Reserves takes back the place and everything is okay with ManCity. But it's still wrong since Huddersfield has no players, no league and no reputation in my file. Is it a bug? Shouldn't the Editor replace Huddersfield Reserves with a fitting team (For example the New Team that I replaced them with in Sky Bet Championship?) < Original Post > Hello! My FM is doing something really weird when I try to load my edited files. It is not possible to manage Manchester City at the beginning of a new career as they are greyed out. When I click on the club, they are shows as a youth team. You can see it on the screenshots. I don't know why this is happening. I never edited or even opened Manchester City or the Premier League in pre-game-editor. The only thing I did (in England) was replacing Huddersfield Town in Sky Bet Championship with a new club and transferring some players to the new club. I did the same thing in some lower leagues in other countries. But nothing more. As I said, I never even touched Manchester City, the PL oder the rules. Is this a known issue? Can someone help me solve the situation? Thank you very much <3
  12. I know that this is not possible with the current version of the IGE, but I think this would be a nice feature for next year: Choose the promoted teams from non-simulated leagues. We can already play around with "club reputation" to increase the possibility of a promotion yet - but I guess it is only working for some clubs (If the team is part of a league system in the used database). But there are so many domestic clubs in every country and I think it would be very cool to choose them as new entries for the lowest activated league in a county.
  13. I agree with dannykillar. It would be cool to change heights because it seems there a many very small players in the game this year. I've seen guys with 154 playing in the german national team and many good players are only ~160cm. "Move staff" would also be a nice feature.
  14. I agree with you. I am in 2022 now and most big european clubs have long time managers even though they are not successfull. Ancelotti ist still at Real, Mourinho manages Chelsea, Bielsa is at City for 8 years now and so on...
  15. It has nothing to do with the skin. There are also no subs used during holiday-mode (normal skin).
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