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  1. So it seems like there are 3 aleague squads per team.The senior squadThe NPL squadThe Youth Squad.Youth squad have a bunch of games and a comp and are the lowest tier of the 3 squadsSenior squad comp runs fineThe NPL one though, seems to not play matches at all. And the game keeps reccomending promoting promising young players to the NPL squad, but if they arent playing games isnt that bad.
  2. So a Marque contract is technically up to any amount you want. There are also 4 potential marquee spots you can sign players. I am playing as the jets, and am currently paying Heskey around 60k per month, and Taggart had a brilliant season and i had to keep him as a juniour australian marquee for 20k per month. There is no reason that if i have the money spare, and i do in the transfer budget, that i shouldnt be able to sign someone like Harry Kewell for 50k per month as my australian Marquee, or something like that. I also have a feeling that the board salary takes into account the Appearence fees (which is fair enough) wheras the A-league salary cap does not. This makes it much easier to hit the board cap before the a-league cap. Its just frustrating that i sold a good player for cash and cant use it. It doesnt make sense to me. Matt Mckay was on a free transfer for some reason, so i wanted to sign him as an australian Marquee as my 23rd player. Unforuntately i could only offer him like 6k per month despite the fact he is eligible for an Aus Marquee contract because of the board salary cap, regardless of the fact that i have 500k sitting in my transfer budget and an Aus Marquee contract open.
  3. Thought id just ask this once more, its really frustrating me, but if no one can help ill just chase it up on the bug forum
  4. Also, sorry if this is actually a bug, i just wanted to see if anyone had similar experiences or workarounds.
  5. Hey guys, Firstly, thanks for the help with the Marquee questions. I still think it isn't done in in an ideal way, where some players seems to just not want to sign a Marquee contract for some reason, and you aren't able to change their status later it later but i can work with it. So another question about salary's for the A-league, thanks for the help with the Marquee questions. I still think it isnt done in in an ideal way, where some players seems to just not want to sign a Marquee contract for some reason, but i can work with it. So the board have set me a board salary cap of 313k p/m The salary cap for the A-League is something like 200k p/m. In the A-League these are 2 different things. I have somehow used up all of my 313k p/m salary from the board. I sell one of my players for 600k. I now have a transfer budget of 450k. So the thing that is now annoying me. I have an Australian Marquee spot open, and 1 under 23 Australian Marquee spot open. I have 450k in my transfer budget but cant adjust my board salary cap, the option simply isnt there. I cant ask the board to change the board salary cap, the conversation option isn't available, it says they cant change it due to salary cap restrictions. So what am i supposed to do with the money? As i understand it, the A-league salary cap is like 208k, with a few other restrictions. The board salary cap should be able to be whatever the board wants it to be? Surely i should be able to adjust that budget? I have 2 spots left in my squad, 500k in my transfer budget, Marquee spots open, just won the Minor and Major premiers and i am still stuck with the 313k board salary cap, with no way of changing it. I want to be able to strengthen my team for the upcoming champions league game, and have room under the A-league salary cap to do so, and the board has made a ton of money of wins, but for some reason i cant adjust the Board salary from the money i got from the sale, or ask the board to increase it. Anyone else have any input, ideas or similar problems would be great as i really want to be able to strengthen my team here.
  6. Also, if this isnt the correct place to post this, or if there are other places i can get answers i would like to know that. Thanks
  7. This is driving me insane. So the game says that I am allowed to have one International Marquee, one Australian Marquee, and 3 under 23 Australian Marquees all of which dont count towards the salary cap. Currently i am playing as the Newcastle Jets, whom already have an International Marquee in Emile Heskey. However when i look at the squad registration screen, it says i am not using my Australian Marquee, or my 3 under 23 Australian Marquee. There is 2 players on my team i would like to use as Australian Marquee status, but i cant find any way of designating them, So i thought i must only be if i offered them a new contract, also cant see any option when i do that. So i tried siging completely new players to see if i could make them Marquees, still no luck. The game restricts me in 2 ways: I can only offer a maximum of 20 thousand per month for a player, despite the fact that my squad has 22 our of 23 players registered, so theoretically, i should be able to spend my remaining 30k p/m budget on another single player, but the option isnt there. Also, the fact that i cant sign any new or current players as Marquees means i only have 18k pm left under the wage restrictions for the competition. Surely i should be able to designate one of the 22 players as an Australian Marquee if they are australian. Or if not i should be able to sign an Australian as an Australian Marquee for the full 30k p/m i have in my budget, not the 20k p/m the game seems to be restricting me to. Any help would be appreciated, and if you need any clarification on any points let me know.
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