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  1. Not been about much, but figured now that I'm getting FM15 after two years away, and having enjoyed doing a thread before, I'd take up Norwich and try get it a bit more active than the current one.
  2. Aha, I suppose it's another case of technical specific language just like in different professions. I suppose a simple way to look at it is: A glyph being basically a symbol: a A ligature being two or more glyphs being connected to make one. Kerning is the letter spacing. So to make this work, you would need to create special ligatures with a set of properties that when X precedes Y, show Z.
  3. It can be done, but it is perhaps more complicated than you'd like. When designing a font, kerning and ligatures are important - ie the spacing and connections of letters. VA is a typical example, where the A is kerned to overlap the area of the V otherwise it would look like there was a large gap between the letters. You can design a font in a way that where a 1 precedes a 1,2,3,4 etc, then it should be joined to form a new character. So essentially, you would have substitute glyphs for when a 1 precedes a 0,1 and 2 for a whole new glyph, a substitute for when a 1 precedes a 3,4,5 and 6 etc. This is the way you would get around the problem above but obviously requires a little bit of understanding on font creation and the tools. edit; http://opentype.info/blog/2012/11/20/whats-a-ligature/ You can see in the Lamoore example how when the a came after the L, the double o and the RE, a whole new glyph replaced it to present the text in a whole different way. Apply this technique and you're onto a winner
  4. This is very true. Given the large number of regens, the chances are you will come across multiple copies of the same player face which is unfortunate. Like you suggest though, the more faces, the lower level of duplication that is going to happen so it would take a lot of work from a group of dedicated individuals to produce a big collection to decrease chances of mass duplication. I'm sure this is a feature many people would happily see, so I figure if this was to be taken on by an enthusiastic few, it would get a good reception. But it is a lot of work and hassle and like Row, I don't have the time to take this on properly.
  5. Just thought I would pop in here and give my view on things and just explain, there is a work around. Don't get me wrong, it's not exactly perfect, but it works. It is a case of utilising the hair files for the regens. The basics of the process is to generate a large database of hair files (think OLT hair expansion set) and fill them with player images as oppose to hair for regens. This will therefore allow the player image to simply overlay the regen face - (you can even match the players skin and hair colour appropriately to match what the match engine shows up, if you care so much to do so). This in essence means that the player images need to have backgrounds - which is fine if you have the default skin on as you can add a bg exactly the same colour as the skin to provide a cut out look. Or you can add generic backgrounds. I began working on a little experiment test type project to see how this worked out and frankly, it did exactly what it was intended to do. This is in no way an ongoing project for me, however, do take this method and utilise it for this project if you so desire. I should have the .psd still if you want it.
  6. @BarnsleyFan: Morison - what a beast he is for you! Decent sales and sounds like your doing well. Be good to hear and see how you get on by the end of the season. @LawlyBoi: I know what you mean about signing players - always happens to me, every FM, I end up signing the old players. For me, FM gets much more interesting and fun to play a couple years down the line when things progress with players. Be good to see how you get on without the usual suspects that are common purchases this year. Hope the career goes smoothly, stick it out and when the debts cleared, things at the club can really begin to progress quickly.
  7. Thanks, I do hope more people get involved. Unfortunately I can't be the most pro-active in doing this no thanks to my current laptop situation - didn't exactly expect that to be an issue until it was. Hope to see you enjoy your career and play it for some time. Mid season is a realistic aim in the first season, and with the debt clearing up and funds incoming fairly soon after you'll really have the ability to challenge. Adryan was/is great for me - took a fair bit of game time before he grew into the role I wanted him to play and has a fair way to go in terms of development but clear there is the quality there. Same goes for Nem, who I haven't signed, but have heard good things from other people around the forums. Nice to see Jackson doing well for you. I never really played him much, opting for a lone striker much of the time and utilising Holt so everyone else got shafted. As you say, keep beating the teams around you and you'll be fine. A little bit of patience over the first couple of years pays off, with considerable sized transfer budgets once the debt is gone and then things can really go from there. Good luck!
  8. Great job on avoiding the drop in the first season Joseba! Nice deal too with snatcing £5m from Newcastle for Tierney. Good bit of business, I say. Superb second season, and like you say, the debt is soon gone and the money than becomes very much your own to splash out on creating a team that can really challenge for some more trophies. As Lincoln says, Zaha should be able to give you a good profit if you sell him in the future, especially after that second season! - good buy I reckon. Funnily enough I never had any issues signing Garrido, admitedly he did want a few extra £££ than expected, but for the price it seemed sensible enough. Seems that there is a little way to go yet before the "little ol Norwich" tag is wiped away and the reputation is big enough to compete with some of the larger clubs. Good luck with your season, hope all goes well and hopefully, by the time the next season comes around, you'll be able to really challenge good and proper. Look forward to hearing about the progress. --- On another note, but one I've brought up in each post I've made recently (I use the word recently loosely), I think I've come to terms that I won't be playing FM so much for a wee while. My laptop and it's 100'c core temp doesn't play so nicely with FM (or anything for that matter, including Microsoft Word on its own) and coupled with the fact that my saves constantly wont load and I have to replay sections, I figure it's best I sort out a nice new machine. It's about time anyway.
  9. 4th! Now that is impressive for QPR. Looking good though for the new year with some new signings. A healthy budget, too. Good luck and I look forward to hearing more about it. A nice profit in the transfer window there. I like the look of them signings, too. Hopefully you'll have a good year and more success to follow. --- Me on the other hand, am struggling to get anywhere with my game. Yet to finish the second season after being driven absolutely mental by the game not allowing me to reload my last saves and having to play over bits time and time again has become hugely frustrating - so there is the contemplation of starting a new career. But for now, I will carry on trying with this save in the hope that I can keep it going. Hopefully the season will be over with soon and I'll be able to post a proper update on the progress.
  10. Heading towards the end of my second year (finally)... its taken forever given the little time I've played of late. Things have gone well in the league and I'm expecting a good final finish now, which shows very promising signs of money for next year with the finances in a very good condition. Looking forward to new updates from people or a few new people getting involved with Norwich! Hopefully there'll be a few takers
  11. Aye, I know, their terrible for it! Thanks, big thanks to Sing Up The River End for that mainly. Looking forward to hearing more about your new career at Norwich in this years game too, nice to have another on board.
  12. Nice job on the consolodation. Funny how Chamakh is being linked to us now by the Daily Mail (I think its them) in real life. Great to hear that Vaughan stayed and played well for you - I do sometimes regret selling him. I think the striker issue is a big one for anyone playing as Norwich, and it's hard to find some as similar to Grant with such quality that isn't so expensive for the budgets we are given in the early stages of the game. Clearly, the third season, with the debt gone, that looks like it has seen some significant improvements! £25m sounds like a healthy sum you can do a fair chunk with. That midfield issue is one that resonates with me too - it's good going forward (but weak at the very top due to the striker issues), and too weak going backwards. Look forward to seeing how the cash is spent and it's nice to know that there will be plenty for me to work with once I finish this season - just hoping I can manage a top ten place that I was occupying until recently. I'm only in February of season 2 - a slow one for me at the moment with the level of work at, well, work. But in the gametime that I have had, we managed to hammer Man City 4v2 in the League Cup final - Holt and Fortounis were superb. But it's the league form that is of real concern having won just 1 in about 9 or so games, losing heavily to Man City (80% | 20% possession and we had like 1 shot on goal - revenge, much?) It's seen us drop off and become adrift to the teams around 4th-9th. Hoping something will change soon so we can snatch those places. But with our position in the EC after winning the league cup, I'm hoping we can attract a decent striker and some good defensive units.
  13. To quote myself, this happened again. Strange, but again, autosave saves the day and this time, I've not missed a thing In other news, whilst I can't seem to get any offers for Hoolahan at the moment, West Brom have come in with a big £5m offer for Tettey. As third choice DM, it was an offer I could not refuse. I cancelled my summer loan signings having had them either not perform or not been part of the team. In place, since I'm just getting out of January, I've managed to sign two strikers on loan with Holt (32) and Bakos (30) ageing, I needed to get some fresh talent. The first, Kevin Gameiro, from PSG, is a fast paced striker with a good finish and some half decent other stats. Valued at £13.5m, I don't see him as a player I expect to be playing here next year as he is too pricey. The other player is a sort of try-before-you-buy option, who I have a future fee set to £2.5m. AC Milan striker Alberto Paloschi. I've been having a scout watch him recently after he has managed to bag 7 goals in 8 appearances for AC Milan in Serie A. A good stat, I think you'll agree. So potentially, for £2.5m, he could work out to be a bargain. But whilst mentally very talented, I'm still not wholly convinced on him and nor's my scouts, so loaning him for the rest of the season will be a good test. edit: Tettey only went and rejected West Brom on the basis that their league standing was rubbish. That £5m would have been really quite handy.
  14. I know the feeling of not wanting to start a City game for similar reasons! Good shouts on those guys, I was looking at Pacheco - bringing back a player I really liked when he was at the club. Having not played my save for a while, I've not done anything more than compile a list of about 10 strikers that I'm seriously considering. Youth is the way I'm leaning at the moment. Thanks Ty! Had to laugh about that! A good transfer window - kept the net spend down with some good sales that I completely endorse myself. And you've also made what looks like some great signings! Pitty Drenthe cost you £3.1m when at the start of the game he is available on a free, but he has been quality for me since the start, so I hope he provides the goods for you too, especially since he was bought on recommendation He's played well for me as an AML when he's cut inside, bagged a fair few goals and assists. Glad to see the loans coming good, too. The small transfer budget feels harsh, doesn't it? In January I was given a boost of extra funds when they asked about change of expectations, so you might get the same if your doing well too. On the plus side, the bank loans will be paid off pretty soon and with better finishes and huge amounts of TV money, you can expect bigger budgets to come I'm sure. Talking of TV rights, I think I got similar, and looking at the fixtures, it's as those we are on TV soooo often it's crazy.
  15. Great job! Good finish in the end and hopefully you'll have a chunk more money to play with in the new window, especially after the sales of said players. It's strange, because Bennett did ok for me in the first season, and I considered letting him go if I could get someone else in. No one came and to my surprise, Bennett has put in some awesome performances so far this one. One of my best players - Couple of goals and plenty of assists. In terms of strikers, I'm still scratching my head and I'm heading past January and keen to find one prior to the summer window, so can't personally offer any advice in that deptartment, but those guys sound and look like they could possibly take the step up and for a price that should be cheaper than most. Though foreign strikers are tempting. It's looking as though I might end up with someone with potential, but young, inexperienced and not currently that great. But it all depends on the money I get in the next window as I need to sort out the FB's and and a striker. Initially I was expecting issues with central defence, but Bennett and Bassong have been a great pairing, Ayala covering just as well, with Turner very much an unhappy backup.
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