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  1. Name: Mark Brown Nationality: Scottish Height: 195 cm Weight: 80 kg Club: Crawley Town Foot: Left Attributes to start at 15 2 Goalkeeper Attributes: Reflexes, Handling 2 Mental Attributes: Anticipation, Decisions 2 Physical Attributes: Agility, Jumping One Preferred Move: Avoids using weaker foot
  2. Think i need a move away from Man Utd for first team football if i'm going to have any chance in this! Great thread - KUTGW!
  3. Woop! First goal finally! I'm thinking last minute screamer of a freekick in the Manchester derby...
  4. Quite disappointed to get transferred to Man Utd, I was hoping to bang in a few for Boro before moving on to bigger and better things. Hopefully i wont rot in the reserves for too long!
  5. Name: Mark Brown Nationality: English Height: 172 Weight: 65 Club: Middlesbrough Foot: Left Position: AML Attributes to start at 15 2 Technical Attributes: Free Kick Taking, Penalty Taking 2 Mental Attributes: Influence, Composure 2 Physical Attributes: Acceleration, Pace One Preferred Move: Shoots With Power
  6. Your biggest bargain?

    I'll second that - absolute legend.
  7. This sign-up is excellent - KUTGW!
  8. Moldovan Monopoly

    Glad to see Marek Známka is becoming a bit of a regular in the Moldovan squad, still no impact on any awards Could probably do with a move away from Yeovil to bigger and better things. KUTGW!
  9. I'll give this a go please Club form Name: Goalscoring Superstar Heroes Short Name: Heroes 6 letter name (spaces count): GSH 2 Colours of Home kit: Red & White 2 Colours of Away kit: Blue & Black Manager form Name: Aginocchio Moraglio Day/Month of Birth (all born in 1980): 22/11 Star-Player form Name: Marchio Marrone Day/Month of Birth (all born in 1992): 22/10 1 Personal Attribute at 20: Loyalty Left/Right/Both footed: Left Position (check availability): ML 2nd Position (if not GK): - ST 2 Mental Attributes at 15: Creativity, Composure 1 Physical Attribute at 18: Acceleration 2 Techinical Attributes at 15 (if not GK): - Dribbling, Technique 2 Goalkeeping Attributes at 15 (if GK): 2 Preffered Moves (if not GK): - Shoots With Power, Runs With Ball Down Left
  10. Top 34 - Game Thread

    Bring on the updates! Looking forward to seeing how my boy has progressed - hopefully a bit more first time action and some stats improvement!
  11. Top 34 - Game Thread

    Even though I didn't manage a competative game I'm quite happy with my move up the leagues, and with a 7.59 average in non-competative games hopefully I can make a push for the first team next season. Excellent updates - KUTGW!
  12. Top 34 - Game Thread

    Excellent stuff, looking forward to the first update
  13. The Top 34 - Sign-up Thread

    Can you change my name to the more Spanish sounding Marcos Marrón, thanks.
  14. The Top 34 - Sign-up Thread

    Sign-up Form: Name: Mark Brown Day/Month of Birth (all born in 1995): 22nd October 1 Personal Attribute at 20: Pressure Left/Right foot: Left Position: AML 2nd Position (if not GK): AMC 2 Mental Attributes at 12: Creativity, Flair 1 Physical Attribute at 14: Pace 2 Techinical Attributes at 12 (if not GK): Crossing, Dribbling 2 Goalkeeping Attributes at 12 (if GK): 2 Preffered Moves (if not GK): Runs With Ball Often, Gets Forward Whenever Possible
  15. Your most prolific striker?

    Have to give my pride and joy a little shoutout... His stats probably don't live up to some others on here but his goalscoring record is immense.