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  1. Maybe reply to this one and fix it too also as it's been going on now for too long (was reported in November 2022) and is still not fixed!
  2. Any fix for this then or what? the game IS broken and unplayable right now because of it! This is ridiculous, it was fine before the last update.
  3. Yup! happening for me now too. Was working fine before the 23.4.0 update
  4. Yup sorry, like the one attached. Ooo I just noticed you do have one, the Kashmir 4-3-3 but no other 4-3-3's tactics? Also the higher the ME like this one (ME 23.1) for example is the better one to choose?
  5. It is this one (Si Forums) your post. Also it seems to be better now using (Stay On Feet), it could have just been luck as you said too. 15 games in, 13 won 2 draws and no losses, thank you While I am here, do you happen to have a 4-3-3 tactic for Ajax please? @LVercettiSorry mate, removed what?
  6. Hey mate, its definately not a bug/problem with ME as the tactic I used before was almost perfect with near to no red cards at all per season. The tactic I am using of yours is all set to (Tackle Harder) so I will play around with it some more then, just wondering if you knew that by not having Tackle Harder would it effect the tactic at all?
  7. Hey @knap I am using your (HolyGhostFire 4-5-1) and having some awesome results but I am wondering if the "Tackle Harder - on Player Instructions" is a must for the tactic to work right? reason I am asking is because within my first 5 games I have had 2 red cards and a lot of yellow cards. Anyone else experienced such with the tactic? any way to combat it? TIA
  8. Maybe add this to the starting post then so others could know of the release dates? would stop a lot of the confusion, and def be more self-explantory then too I assumed last friday as you clearly did say (always on a Friday), though which Friday was that?!? so, it's why I asked again. But replying with and in all capitals F.R.I.D.A.Y is talking down to me in an attitude as if I were dumb. And I am sorry, but (your rules) on a forum where people are MEANT to comment, post, and ASK such questions? come on dude, you can't expect that on a public community forum!! questions, feedback, general comments etc are going to be common, expect it, or why are you even a member on a forum?! Not everyone is against your personality either, at least not me, my best friend has autism and he can be a di*k sometimes but still it doesn't give him right to speak to me or anyone else like sh*t. He also taught me that facing your condition head-on is the better way, not by hiding it and letting others see you as weak. Anyways, it is what it is, thanks for your reply, and just a word of advice - don't think were all against you, and those who are, they are clearly just losers with nothing better to do.
  9. Is Femi Onouaga fixed? it was saying he was born in November 2022
  10. Look man, please do NOT speak to me as if I am DUMB! understand? I asked you nicely, in which you replied with a WRONG answer saying (Releases, no matter if alpha, beta, early-access or public release are always on a Friday) and I asked further because since your last public release on the 9th of December you have released NO MORE public releases on either 16, 23, or the 30th of December (all fridays). You may have autism as you point out, but that gives you no right to treat other members like crap! I have seen the way you speak with members before on Sortitoutsi where I was even one to step in and stand up for you, so how about speaking with me and others with a little respect and less of the attitude! Anyway, have a nice day, looking forward to the F.R.I.D.A.Y release! thx
  11. Yea I understand that mate, I mean (public) to those who do not have the means to pay via Patreon.
  12. This says last updated on the 9th of December though, so where is the 30th December (friday) release?
  13. Why are you asking here? this isn't the kits thread, if you are having a problem with kits FROM (fm-base) then ask there where you downloaded it.
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