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  1. I have deleted them as you said but the bug persists.
  2. As you can see in the image attached the colors on some teams clash with the text where it is unbarable to read any of the text that is there. Thanks
  3. lol forgot about -1 I will try that though no other numbers in the whole chairman's profile had a minus (-) so not sure if it will work or not. I have included an image to show where it is, you can get to it using the game editor or FMRTE
  4. Just noticed a Regen who has no face but just hair lol. Image attached to show what I mean
  5. Em,.. so there is no way to disable it altogether then?
  6. What do you mean clear the preferences? you mean show a picture of them as they are now?
  7. As the title states "how to stop the board from interfering with my transfers" ? It's getting annoying now, I sell a play for 14 million and the board refuse it and want 20 million though no one will accept that lol. Not only that but when I bid a few million on a top youth prospect they refuse it saying its too much for a player of his worth. I have made the (interfering) in the editor to '0' on my director and it still is doing it. Please how to stop this annoying game feature? thanks
  8. It seems the (Improve Facilities) is bugged as I keep getting it even after I have improved it, it just constantly is there which is weird. It should only come up once it is below (Superb) right? at least that is how its always been in all the FM games I have played over the years. Images attached to show what I mean. Thanks EDIT: I think with playing for a while now that it is not a bug but more like it has to renew much quicker than normal?!? such as it would take just a few months for it to go down again so you need to renew it. Pretty quick if you ask me, not as it
  9. Not very gamebreaking etc but I was just wondering why are the freekick lines which are put down by the ref disappearing instantly when before in FM19 they disappeared overtime as they would do in real life. I would say its a bug unless I doubt you guys have made it do that which is very unrealistic and not as it was before. Thanks
  10. LOL wow, sorry for being off topic but what tactic have you been using to get that many goals in a season? :P
  11. As shown in the attached image, not sure what that is called but you can change the area to what you want yes? well I have it always on my Ass-Man's feedback but for some reason it is showing a bugged out league table behind it. It isnt like this on all matches strangely, just sometimes. It was like this is the Public Beta and now yesterdays official patch. I am also using no custom skin, its the official FM Dark skin. Yes I have cleared my cache to see if that fixes it and no its still the same. Thanks
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