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    A happy go lucky, kind mentally warped Serbian-Canadian

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  1. Board taking control of tranfers.

    Cool good to know this....cheers
  2. Board taking control of tranfers.

    Is asking the board tom negotiate a deal a new feature justnadded to fm11 or an old one that I have never seen before???
  3. Managerial sabatical

    The idea is all well and good, but how many managers go on a sabbatical for a a month let alone a year unless it's medically related??
  4. advice needed on a loan signing

    I'd go with Borja, had him on a LLM game and he tore it apart in league one as a poacher
  5. FM2011 Career game

    Yeah the prospect of taken AFC Wimbledon back to the top tier is to strong for me I thinks,after I've done that if it's not already been done in game I will break up the old firms dominance.....
  6. FM2011 Career game

    I was really thinking of managing AFC Wimbledon for my start but now i see your little write up about Hearts I think I might go down the same path!!
  7. Pre-Games Rituals

    Lol I have a tendency to get pen and paper and write up my squad before every game lol
  8. Heya all, was just wondering if anybody had and weird, funny or ridiculus pre-game rituals?? Me for example, before a big Derby game, Title Decider or Cup Game I have a knack of playing Edwin Starr's War...just for a lil adrenalin rush!
  9. FK PARTIZAN BEOGRAD 4-3 Hoffenheim Champs League 2nd Leg Semi Final
  10. Somehow I don't think that FM would still cost £30 if we got this kinda tech, but I would still buy it no matter!!!
  11. Yeah the guy has only played 30+ games a season twice in his career, and nothing over in 7 years...although even if he scored half the goals he has been averaging in the games he has played I would take a chance on him, he could be a beast of an impact paler if he didn't last a full 90 too.....
  12. Lol yeah instead of getting me to ten ER she suggested counciling lol, beautiful girlie I have there lol
  13. Lol yeh the missus freaked out, when she asked how/why, I told her and she suggested counciling, lmao
  14. Haha my hat off to you sir, you have me by 1 year!