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  1. It depends on your style. I personally don’t like to see my full-backs advance further early taking risks in the build-up so I prefer to have a player in front of defence who can easily distribute to the playmaker ahead of him in the early build-up and from there I can start my attacks to wherever I please. I’m not a fan of direct wing-based play. I am already disappointed to see how much players prioritize to distribute the ball to wide areas of the pitch, resulting in deep and wide freekicks or crosses to a nimble attacker waiting at the far post but that’s already been discussed a lot.
  2. Personally, I only use low mentalities to see out a close game by reducing the risk I take. It is risk/reward balance in the end, after all.
  3. BBM or RPM or CMS with roaming instructions? But I made MEZ+Winger work in one of my tactic creating space for my aggressive wingback on the other side.
  4. As long as they have different responsibilities on the pitch by making them have different traits, it should be fine. There are infinite number of choices while creating a tactic and deciding how much risk one can take should be completely up to the couch manager as they know their team best. One of them could have, for example, traits of switches ball to other flank, comes deep, dictates tempo and arrive late and the other could be endowed with attacking traits(gets forward and/or gets into opp area, run with the ball, etc.)
  5. A is a great role for disciplined defences and if you train some playmaking traits for the player there, you ll have a great combo of defensive solidity and attacking power. With regard to HB, it is a holding playmaking role advised to be used if you have two aggressive wingbacks but the drawback is you lose your number advantage in the midfield as he'll become the third defender during build-up play. It is really important for a high-press possession style. Focusing play to the middle increases the mentalities of defend duties in the middle. If you are willing to take the risk, who am I to argue? If it works for you, it works. It's your choice, mate;)
  6. Mate, when the season kicks in, you need to rotate a lot and these two players do their jobs on the pitch perfectly if they need rotation ahead of a big match. I agree with you on the need for another forward. For example, Martinez could be the perfect false nine after you trained some traits for him. Anyway, these are personal choices. This is the beauty of this game:)
  7. Offside trap is more likely to work with defenders with the same duty(defend) rather than different duties. By the way, is your team capable of playing in the final third constantly(supporting and attacking players with good first touch, passing, technique, anticipation, composure, off the ball, work rate, acceleration, agility and balance)? If you plan to camp in the final third, how do you plan to find space for your AFA?
  8. 1. Question: CM(A), IF(A) will move into the same space. It is the first problem. Your left flank would be open without anyone staying behind. 2. No, AMA will distract defenders from AFA creating space for him and by staying forward during transition from defence to attack he would be another passing option for AFA. Yes, IFA and CMA will attack the same space on the same flank. 3. A holder is a player staying behind to create depth for the attack to prevent any counterattacks through his channel and a passing option for recycling possession when no one is available for a pass in the final third. 4. No, I didn’t suggest anything like that. Just look at the example tactic and try to understand where the team is attacking, controlling and aims to defend the space. Football is a space game after all.
  9. The team plays more than 50 matches during the season. So a capable spare left and right wingback will help TAA and Robertson keep their top condition during the season to avoid jadedness. For example, Gaya and Max Aarons.
  10. OK, I’ll analyze your tactic on your request, mate:) You only have one holder which is really risky during your transition from attack to defence phase and your holder is a BWM(D) known for his lack of restraint. Another problem is your risky left flank. Two attack duties on the same flank could rip you apart in case of a potential turnover. Lastly, if you want your striker to be the focus of the attack, he needs space to operate but by putting another attacker to the same space you will limit his output. My example tactic aims to exploit space left by the attacking team aiming to win the ball in your half using direct passes for AF with a high tempo controlling and overloading the left side of the pitch to unlock the right winger for a cross or a shooting opportunity. Another attacking way is to use WBA for a cross to AMA, AFA and WMA as well as set-piece opportunities.
  11. Vinay, that’s a really good starting point but I’d swap IW-IF and put a DLPS. He would have six options ahead of him. Put an A behind MEZA because it’s a really risky role and you need a real holder role there. By the way, you can increase the risk as you have lots of support duties and put only Slightly Shorter Passing with WBIB and get rid of focusing play to center of the pitch. If you have Take Short Kick, let SK decide on who to distribute the ball. Furthermore, if you want to defend in a high block, you’d want to tick Counter because you want to exploit any opportunities after a turnover in their half.
  12. Ok, then. I would play this tactic like this according to the style you want. GK(D) FB(S) NCB(D) CD(C) REG WB(A) WM(A) CM(D) AM(A) IW(S)-W(S) AF(A) Balanced Mentality Pass Into Space(optional), More Direct Passing, Higher Tempo(need to tweak it during matches), Play for Setpieces, Hit Early Crosses, Distribute to FBs, Roll it Out, Distribute Quickly, Regroup, Counter, Lower LOE, Higher Pressing Intensity, Get Stuck In, Defend Narrower
  13. So you want to low-press fast and direct cross-heavy counterattacking play? However, as you are close to the top of the league, you need another controlling tactic against underdog teams. This is important. By the way, You need to lift pressure from your players during press conferences and you need to keep track of your team’s general morale. As to your tactic, I would say your distribution of roles and team instructions may not be correct and you have too many team instructions.
  14. Your tactic is designed and suitable for high-press but your distribution of roles is problematic as well as risky team instructions. Maybe something like this could work: SK(S) FB(A)-WB(A) CD(D) CD(D) WB(S) CAR-BWM(S) CM(D) MEZ(S) SS(A) AP(S) F9-DLF(S) Positive Mentality Shorter Passing, Higher Tempo(tweak it during matches), Overlap Left, Hit Early Crosses, Regroup, Counter, Take Short Kicks, Distribute Quickly, Higher DL, Standard LOE, Use Offside Trap Wingbacks: Close Down More
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