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  1. Do I need to wait the second part of the league for a healthy analysis of the stats? or if not, when?
  2. mate, try OI's for wide players, always closing down and weaker foot. I reduced my losses remarkably.
  3. Isn' there anyone to explain the interpretation of the analysis screen related to my earlier post? I am at a loss, especially with match stats, passing and heat map screen. What do I need to improve my tactic? Can someone please help me out with it?
  4. This is my simple tactic. These are the statistics for the match against Heerenveen. What can I infer from these statistics to improve my tactics? By the way, the team is still learning the tactic.
  5. I unticked everything and am keeping it simple, then. Other than this, do you have anything to recommend? By the way, I decided to watch the match in full to see the wrong-doings of mine. I'll keep you informed of how it will work:) Thanks.
  6. wwfan, I'm Galatasaray and using 4-4-2. In defence, I use DR-S, 2 CD-D, DL-D In midfield, I prefer DW-A on the right flank, IF-S on the left, CM-D and AP-S in the middle With regard to attack, a fast, balanced AF and DLF-S with good strength As for team instructions, I used custom settings like a deep defensive line, fast tempo, shorter passing, less time wasting and narrow width and I ticked counter-attacking button. Other settings are default, determined by Counter strategy and Rigid philosophy. My tactic was to create a well-organized defence by sitting deep to create space up front, then when I have the possession by moving the ball to final third with great urgency, I try to catch the opposition's defence out of position, cold and unprepared but I can't manage this and I continue to lose lots of matches. What could be the reason?
  7. What is a poacher?: Poacher is generally the quickest player to be among the favorites of his club by providing over at least 20 goals a year at the top level, up to 60 goals at the lowest level, thus being the carry of the team for all sides except for top-quality sides Player: Gregory Lefort Clubs played for: I do not remember but I bought him on free transfer Playing Strengths / Weaknesses: (+) An athletic player Great anticipation, off-the-ball movement Great dribbling, technique Low injury proneness, Fairly consistent Withstands pressure Professional (-) Low shot on target rate due to decent decisions, composure, finishing Fairly selfish but frequent moments of individual brilliance when appropriately motivated, supported A bit dirty, aggressive player Why he fits the role: He outthinks, outruns and outdoes any defenders playing for the sides up to nLeague 2. In short, he is my man:D
  8. maybe they lack mental attributes like anticipation, bravery, aggression, determination, decision, composure, concentration, positioning?
  9. Do not have full backs mark posts. Instead, have them go back if they cannot be relied on to man-mark, have a man at the edge of the area(to prevent long shots), have taller players with the ability to mark mark taller opposition players. If they do not have the ability to mark have them go back but only do it if the have the right mental attributes(anticipation, positioning, bravery, decisions). Have your poacher stay forward and even your wingers to counter-attack and have less attacking players when defending corners.
  10. Michael, like dribbler I am an avid gamer of FM2011 and reader of many FM sites and I also experienced your sorrows, then I started to think of where I was making mistakes and what I found is that I overlooked the power of mental attributes and hidden attributes, which you can see with FM Genie Scout(the latest version). If you like to play lower leagues like me(I manage AFC Telford and now I am in BS Premier and on the way to win it), always take a premium on mental attributes for CMs with low injury proneness, physical attributes and decent mental stats, technical attributes for full-backs, wingers, strikers. Always make sure you have a tower at the back. Mine is Liam Murray(jumping:16, str:13, bravery:13) saving me from conceding too many goals from set pieces although ass man tells me he is not good enough for Telford:). Do not forget to have a Ferrari type defender(anticipation above 10, pace/Acc above 12). If you have slow defenders, make your home pitch smaller than normal. It makes up for lack of speed at the back. A good GK is hard to find but even a decent GK concedes way too few goals when you have defensive stability so communication must be above 10. When you find suitable players, the only thing left is to remove pressure and complacency through getting the right option in press conferences and pep talks. Read Wolfsong's team talk guide, he is a genius:D With regard to training, no matter what you do, only few attributes will rise and the rest will drop when you buy players aged above 24 because of bad training facilities, coaching and lack of really good training schedules-I could not find any schedules which I could rely on confidently. Have a lot of friendly matches against high reputation teams. Do not worry about the results, just have a good physio like Steve Whitehall, Ian Rodgerson and rotate your players I had 16 friendlies and profited more than 200 k! Then, if you have a decent tactic, you must get a promotion. It works excellently for me. Hopefully for you, too.
  11. my humble opinion is: 1) I would first buy players suitable for the role of Defensive Wingers because I would also want them to be involved in defending more than what a usual Winger does. 2)Then, I would choose one of Balanced, Fluid, More Fluid philosophies to make my players involved in more than one phase of game. 3)I would set my more creative forwards as a Deep playing forward or Trequartista(preferably with the PPM of coming deep to get the ball) Then, I suppose I would have a pseudo 4-2-3-1 ready to take the shape of a bog standard 4-4-2:)
  12. Adam, you could also try 3-5-2(which turns into 5-3-2 while defending) if you want defensive stability. I only conceded fourteen goals in BSN, two draws, two defeats(caused by inability to remove complacency or pressure off my players). It works against a bog-standard 4-4-2 by exploiting the extra men(Trequartista) or 4-5-1 when you use your Ball Winning Midfielder as Support(not defend) and one of your CBs as Stopper(working like DMC). But be warned of teams using 3-5-2(like Gainsborough in BSN) you need to be cautious while making your wing-backs attack because you will leave a huge gap to be exploited by quick side midfielders or wing-backs if your wing-backs lacks good decision making, positioning, work rate, stamina, concentration, a bit of aggression and determination(effectively late in the game). If you are interested, I am happy to reveal the details of the tactic and key attributes for each position when you look to buy players for those positions and I strongly recommend you to read heathxx LLM approach;)
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