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  1. Instead of this, let’s say: Create an effective and balanced tactic and tweak it against your opposition which cannot adapt itself to your changes as effectively as you can.
  2. I direct you to @Experienced Defender‘s article: By the way, if you post your system, tactics guys and I could help you create a better tactic. Please also include the style of play you prefer with the ways you envisage scoring goals with your intended scorers.
  3. I personally like to create a standard tactic. Then, I tweak it a little bit on a match-to-match basis depending on the opposition just like a RL manager. I also like to give team-talks according to the context I am in. Then, at full time generally I either praise deserved ones or criticize underperforming player. This is also applied to training performances. So, to put it short, it’s kind of an enjoyable simulation game for me.
  4. Please post your tactic. Tactics guys and I could be of some help to you to sort out your problems.
  5. If you are happy with the end product I’m glad to hear that, mate:) By the way, get your liberos to learn the traits of run with ball in the center, switch to other flank, bring ball out of defence, arrive later in the box and find out his final pos on the pitch. I think these will get you close to what you want.
  6. 5-3-2 is easy to exploit with pacy, skillful players in the wings. When I see a high-pressing one, I remove Distribute to CBs and shorter passing to get rid of the pressure in the defensive thirds using at least two players between the lines.
  7. Good idea, I don’t use Bernardo in the wings. He’s an engine with great attacking capabilities, better to be used as BBM in this set-up but remove RFP from Mahrez if you have any. I found he is not hardworking enough.
  8. I found defend-duty midfielders don’t take risk much and press at the border of defensive third, allowing the opposition stretch the game to the wings. Unless you are confident of dealing with crosses you don’t want any crosses to your penalty area. Another benefit is if you win the ball near the wings, your players’ pace and skill allow you to hit the opposition without letting them to settle. This is definitely what you would want with this kind of a set-up.
  9. It is a disruptive strategy which prevents the other team from moving the play from middle third to your defensive third. I would use Positive Mentality with Higher DL, Standard LOE, Get Stuck In, Higher Pressing Intensity, Defend Wider with the role DMS with Hold Position. You need to assign Tighter Marking to all of the midfielders, forwards and the striker. The attributes needed are Work-Rate, Stamina, Anticipation, Decisions, Composure, Bravery, Aggression, Concentration, Teamwork, Acceleration, Positioning, Marking and Tackling for CDs and DM.
  10. You need a role keeping central backs in check. Maybe you can try a F9 running at them at pace delivering the ball to IFA, FBA or MEZA. Other than that, it looks good in terms of roles and duties. Maybe an WBS to exploit the space left by IFA. With regard to instructions, gun for an effective middle-press because you have pace and skill in the front line. Do you want to control the game or look for counterattacking opportunities? Both are viable options.
  11. I know City well. I love some elements of Guardiola’s play. I try to play a save at least once. If you want to stick to wing-backs you can try BBM-CAR partnership in the middle with regard to roles. I think these roles would better protect the area in front of the defence. Libero is a playmaker so removing AP ahead of him will make him the focal point of attacking plays by through-balls to wing-backs in the final third and this could stretch the defences better with cutbacks to AP and BBM. So IFS, or a IWS, a better option. For the libero, I would use Stones or Laporte. Proposed changes: Standard tempo(to destabilise stubborn defences better) Work Ball into Box(to encourage cutbacks and decrease long-shots) No counter-press only split press by BBM, IFA IFS DLFA(you don’t want to use a defend-duty role in the middle as far as I see.) Higher DL, Get Stuck In, Standard LOE with tight marking assigned to the midfielders, forwards and striker ( for an efficient middle-press to increase the space for DLFA and IFA to work with because most of the teams could stay deeper because you manage a top team)
  12. @Kakidaniel I also echo everyone here. They all have good points. Change your mentality to Balanced and start with a clean slate and tweak as you go. This way, you can read what each instruction does and how they interact with each other by watching matches in full detail. Generally, if you want Vardy to be the focal point of attacks you need to support him in as many ways as possible. Actually, for a good tactic you need three and a half goalscoring ways. For example, 1) could be any kind of passes by an any AM on attack duty who are going to join the striker in the attacking phase as soon as possible 2) byline crosses from a right winger who will join the striker as soon as possible to create space horizontally by drawing one or two players 3) through-balls and crosses from a left inside forward who are going to join him later in the attack 4) crosses from left and right full backs 5) precise through balls from one of your capable CDs. 6) set-pieces 7) penalties As you see the kind of support is mostly direct which generally requires space in the final third. By lowering the LOE and playing at least a medium tempo you can increase the space your striker are going to work with. The reason is the fact that AF, P or PF(A) strikers shine with space in the final third.
  13. Who do you want to be the scorers and assist makers in the team because I can’t see any striking movement between players? What kind of style do you prefer?
  14. You can believe whatever you want, mate. If you are pleased with your results, then good luck!
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