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  1. Thanks mate. I used an asymettrical midfield to use DMS in front of the defence to clog up space there like a normal cmd but I also wanted him to extend his passing range and risk to unlock the sides more quickly or be a deep passing option and play like a dlp to change the point of attacks. You can't properly do these with a defend-duty player. Furthermore, I also instructed DMS to close down more to have a more compact pressing in front of the defensive line. It works perfectly for me as long as I have a player with good Bravery, Passing, Decisions, Positioning, Vision, Work Rate and some Ac
  2. Looks pretty logical in terms of TIs and some roles but I have a few questions to understand the system better: How do you find the interaction between WA,WBS and DLFS on the right flank? Don't WA and WBS occupy the same space. How does that help you move your opponent? Doesn't using a defend duty midfielder slow down your fast transitions or do you find you lack passing options on the left flank?
  3. That's great to hear that even amateur clubs try to behave like professional ones to give themselves the upper hand against opposition but eventually I believe money should be the limiting factor when it comes to going beyond your boundaries. By the way, I'm interested in your 442. Can you share your system and give us some info about how you set them up because 442 is also a relatively flexible shape to get what you want in terms of tactical philosophy?
  4. Honestly, I never saw it increase and I didn't need such players because when it's combined with dirtiness it could sometimes mean trouble on the pitch, which is something I don't want.
  5. Have a large squad for rotation and a moderately intense tactical system. Personally speaking, I never care about training when I manage part-timers-it isn't worth time and effort.
  6. It's trained in Programs-->Technical-->Transition-Press. On the other hand, it can also be reduced when you punish a player for a violent behaviour on the pitch.
  7. I couldn't agree more. I am in favour of interacting with players proactively and individually.. It lets me keep them happy and mentally sharp. As you know morale is one of the most important factors in FM with regard to player performance. Everyone capable of playing in the first squad should take their fair share in matches(only six players aren't match-fit). This reduces injury risk dramatically and allows you to play key players in important and tough matches. 23 different players played in the matches and only two players in the first team have picked up serious injuries so far
  8. These are the stats with the new tactic against a deep 4-2-3-1 in a European cup match. I have to say it's impressive and looks promising for the future of the club. 11 shots on target out of 20(one of them is a penalty kick) Nearly none of them are from long range despite the fact that we don't have Work Ball into Box active. We limited their chances successfully to a single header- a natural result of a deep block. Sometimes you have to accept it.
  9. This is the plan I had in mind when creating the first tactic: "Have a squad of hardworking physical players and then get the ball around the first or the area close to the second third(this was why he was a CMA) and then keep sending balls to the front two against an unorganized defence due to their failed transitions to attacks and support these attacks with two more advanced players(CMA and WMA) to overwhelm a stretched defence further. It greatly worked against most of the teams and I also probably got the other things right, too, such as team talks, press conferences and individual intera
  10. It's a very direct style giving immediate support to the striker duo via the cm and right wm. However, some of the teams started to play more cautiously against me and I found my transitions weren't ideal. Most of the time until we reach the final third space becomes limited for my poacher to operate so I switched to this as I have to create space on my own when opposition sits deep. My new system born out of necessity aims to control the left flank and attack on the other side with a quite direct approach and looks promising although defensively we leaked three goals in a goal bonanza(5-3) bu
  11. OUR TRANSITIONS Throughout the season we played with an upperlow block and we gave up on the flanks-remember my backline is slow but tall and able to deal with most of the crosses coming into the area- and restricted them to speculative long shot opportunities. The image above shows how deep my defensive line is and ready for any balls over the top so Klinga decides to pass the ball to their advanced striker drifting wide and has no other choice to advance with the ball so he has to pass backwards to keep possession. Seconds later, their winger sends in a floated cross which P
  12. Of course: Two strikers are told to close down more WBS: Stay Wider-someone should stretch opponents on the right flank Anyone good at playing creative passes(passing, vision, decisions, balance) are told to play more risky passes. In that season, Virtanen, Wander Luiz, Jakonen and Balic were told to do so to create our magic. I also always closed down their fullbacks/wingbacks after they enter our defensive third to win the ball there earlier and start our deadly fast transitions. Thanks, mate and please feel free to share your own systems if you don't mind and a
  13. Teams around the world used a number of different formations but none of them became as popular as a 4-4-2. The main reason behind this was its realtively balanced distribution of players to areas of the pitch. It lost its old glory due to the popularity of one striker formations(4-3-3, 4-2-3-1, etc.) which allowed three midfielders to control the most vital area of the pitch, the midfield after Barca's phenomenal performance in Europe and Spain's dominance during 2012 World Cup, a strikerless 4-3-3-0. However, Diego Simeone believed in the power of two strikers while still maintaining the ba
  14. I'm still doubtful of it especially when we consider there aren't many players who can both keep the ball efficiently and attack with guile and creativity which requires attributes like first touch, passing, composure, anticipation, off the ball, vision, teamwork, work-rate, agility, balance, acceleration +standard role requirements in the bottom tiers. Of course, playing a defensive possession style is an option but still I think keeping it simple is the best way, especially in LLM.
  15. This last sentence sums it up. Instead, I'd use a simple PFS or any other support roles who can drop deep who can combine with the roles around.
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