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  1. You need to supply your AF properly in this tactic, which means they have to create space in different ways for your AF while he creates depth for them to do their thing in different phases of an attacking build-up without getting disconnected with the back four and the double pivot. That's the essence of a proper 4231 system.
  2. Two IFs and APS congest the middle making it harder for your AMC to operate. Your AF is also isolated up there. The right IF doesn't get proper support from his fb. Usually shorter passing is enough alone unless the opponent is a deep and narrow block. Your DMD might not have enough close passing options.
  3. Oh my bad:) I misunderstood it. P.S: Tight Marking OI is what the OP is looking for.
  4. Unfortunately, no. When it comes to your system, three attack duties in the front line may not work in a seemingly possession-based set-up as they are not going to be involved in the build-up.
  5. Use an offside trap works best when both of the CBs are on the defend duty. If you insist on using a stopper with the offside trap, it may cause gaps in the line. as he's going to leave the defensive line earlier than a flat one. Hence, consider removing playing the offside trap. Yes, your stopper will get into the area behind your DLP to close down any players there.
  6. MEZS and IFA occupies the same vertical channel. Personally, I'd prefer to leave IFA in isolation and overload the other side to release IF to do his thing. Short passing and playing wide don't go hand in hand, leave it at default. You have good passers, I'd remove Shorter passing too. If you want to keep F9 then the tactic must be built around him, for example(may need some specific traits): F9 IFA/RA WA DLPS MEZS DMD WBA CDD BPDD FBS
  7. Jambo, keep it up!A really nice post! Keeping it simple really helps when it comes to tactics.
  8. Looks good! Your system now turned into a fast-transition based attacking tactic:) (aggressive on and off the ball) Anyway, if you are happy rock'em!
  9. That DLPD may not cover the central channel well as his speed and anticipation are lower than it should be(around 13) I liked the former IWB more. This player is a jack of all trades. I wouldn't count on these two to cover my channels.
  10. If 4 and 23 is defensively capable, that's not a big problem. AFAIK, his IWB is pretty good but I don't know his DLPD.
  11. How do your CBs fare in terms of composure, first touch, balance and passing? or Do they run out of passing options because you instruct them to play short? You effectively reduce their passing options when they are on the ball. So up to Attacking! but -reduce to standard width(let them decide where to build-up the play) -reduce to Slightly Shorter Passing(you don't prefer too direct plays and that also reduces your tempo a bit) -Add Be More Disciplined or Work Ball Into Box(Risks are higher than normal-don't need too many long shots; we have to mitigate it in some wa
  12. Remember, you said you are not favorites in most of the games. Since you go for a low-risk possession tactic, when they press you high you lose the control of the game. Therefore, when you press in a high block it is not that effective and that may be the reason why you concede many goals at the far post. Your FBs probably step up early missing the interception or not getting stuck in for a hard tackle or, get skinned by a nimble dribbler and then basically your wide areas are like highways as you press you high. They leave their positions early too. As for the hoofing CBs, upping to Posi
  13. Remove Play out Defence. You already distribute to your backline. Remove Counterpress. I am now sure you can't press high effectively. You need a mid block. Higher DL+ More Urgent Pressing+Get Stuck In(be watchful!) Turn PFA to a PA. I love that role in a possession game because he keeps it really simple and play safe passes when no other option is available or goes wide for a crossing opportunity. By the way, you already have someone moving into channels(MEZA).
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