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  1. I've decided to create new "stars" for this, seeing I love this skin, but hate the default stars. This way is easier to see who's got the right potential. Download here: (hopefully Opz won't be offended and can forgive me for slightly changing this) http://www.sendspace.com/file/d9z3dy
  2. Hi everyone, I've got a few little questions, ... things I can't wrap my head around ... Basicly, I've been playin' with Ajax in FM13 ... like ... all the time. Yet I've been wanting to play a lower club (possible relegation candidate like Willem II (the Netherlands)... But here's my problem, I'm horrible at settings up a decent defensive formation. Let alone creating chances from counters ... the opponent are laughing their ***** off by my terrible attempt to stop the oppnnent from entering my box. I've bought quite a few decent free signings (5 stars) and should be able to at least keep the mid-strong opponents off my goal... but no! ... getting my bum kicked by every single team. I've been a huge fan of the Ajax style of play (433) with Zonal marking and a lot of roaming into free space... but seeing I've been a fan of one of the most attacking styles in the last 50-100 years I'm having a lot of trouble setting up a strong (boring) style... Please help me out, especially with the mentality, creative freedom and closing down/marking ... Thanks from a Dutch, desperate, all out attack manager !
  3. Yeah, thought I saw something about "bugs" in the ME aswell... hopefully it'll be fixed soon ... In the mean time I'm trying everything to fix the problem without letting go of my 433 formation, as I really dont wanna use a DMC...
  4. Well, I've been trying to get offensive fullbacks, just like the "real Ajax"... which seems to work just fine (they get a lot of assists) ... yet they're either never back fast enough, or let their man just go when defending... I see one of my central defenders close down one of the opponents wingers a lot of the times... when my fullback just stands there... On the other hand, when I ask him to mark the opponent, he just follows him, not tackling and still makes my CV attack the opponent-player ... It cant be the Teamwork, Decisions or Work-ethic of the backs, cause they're really good ... It must be my tactical error...
  5. Ive just finished my first season with AFC Ajax Amsterdam, won the national title and be a weird freak of events I've won the Champions League! But here's the problem, my defense is shockingly awful! I've signed strong, fast pased central defenders and fullbacks, yet in season 2 I get even more goals against me. Especially the fullbacks have a rating below 5.5 during half-time and mostly end up 6.5 at best if we manage to win the game. I also get a lot of comments by my assistent Johan Cruyff about our back four. He keeps saying they get skinned a lot, or whatever the english translation in FM13 is. (I play in Dutch) So my question is how can I create a more solid defense, besides the obvious tight marking (which seems wrong, cause speedy gonzales-type strikers just run by them) and they cant seem to tackle at all (I keep setting it too hard tackling otherwise they just stand there...) Please help me trying to defend the CL-title by using me brilliant defenders better!
  6. It is my understanding that ... option 1 = Trying to learn both Mental + PPM skills option 2 = Trying to learn PPM's option 3 = Trying to learn Mental skills option 4 = ???? not a clue Also, what I try to do most of the time is: 1. Ask your youngster to learn a trick (PPM) 2. Ask your Tutor to learn a trick 3. Ask you Tutor to Tutor the youngster with Option 1 (if he accepted to learn the asked PPM, otherwise Option 2) After this the tutoring seems to improve aswell as the Youngster straight away learn the same trick that the Tutor was learning too....
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