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  1. Arutha

    Strugling with Tactics

    Your midfield and Attack is disjointed. Get one of your wide players to play support, get your roaming playmaker to play advanced playmaker with an attack duty, play with a lower tempo, exploit the flanks, also get one of your central midfielders (one with a better passing range, obviously) to play a direct passing game, with risky passes allowed. See if this does it. Also, no need to start the game off with an attacking strategy. Though that is just my opinion. Let me know how it goes!
  2. Just for kicks I made a board request for a new stadium, just 2 weeks into my job. Got them to agree after arguing about how great the revenue streams would be. Was pleasantly surprised they agreed without me needing to prove myself.
  3. A genuine question from people who have bought the game and are playing it. I played the demo and absolutely hated the Match Engine. Pretty much every goal (by me or the opposition, so its not limited to my tactics alone) was being scored in a similar way. Cross in from a corner, which is volleyed/headed by the striker/winger on the opposite flank. And half the times the GK makes the save only to let the rebound fall directly in the path of an opposition player, who then scores the goal. 90% of goals were coming in this fashion and the rest from corners. Its why the demo didn't convinve me to buy the game. So I just needed to know, if there is still such an issue in the game or has it been corrected? Any views negative/positive on the match engine would be welcome and the more specific the better.
  4. My feedback from the 5 hours I've played the Demo so far. In general I love the look and the feel of the game. So I will be concentrating mainly on things that have irked/disappointed me. Everything else is ok/good/great/awesome. Save started with Chelsea. 1. As many have said, Tactics screen needs to get better. Takes too long to get things done there. 2. Also as many have said, way way way too many injuries, pretty much more than one per week, until now. And it's happening across the board, not just with my team, so clearly looks like some tech fault. 3. My greatest complaints are with the Match Engine, just like every year. I understand you guys put in a lot of effort into it, yet the simulation never really appears to be as close to real life as possible. Please consider the following points. Oh and I am winning games, so this is not a rant coming from someone who is frustrated by losing. 3.1 - Too many goals are coming from crosses. Way too many, like some of the previous FM games. 60-70% of my goals have come in this fashion, which is honestly ridiculous and as far away from real life as can be. Match Engine needs more creativity and AI, at the moment, its just uninspiring. 3.2 - FM says Eden Hazard is selfish, which in reality is incorrect. But be that as it may, FM treats selfish players more like stupid players. Does being selfish mean your player has no semblance of sensibility, and will take shots from pretty much any angle, all the time? I've seen Hazard taking shots at the sidenetting 5-6 times in some games, while he is in a position from where it's impossible to score (on the touchline, a position from where, every player, selfish or otherwise, would square a pass into the 6-yard box nearly 8 times out of 10). It's like the player cannot grasp the basic laws of physics and/or football. It's stupid and immersion breaking. And the worst thing is, such things have been in the game forever and still not ironed out completely. 3.3 - Wingers are crossing into the box and wingers on the opposite flank are scoring headers and volleys, on a regular basis. I've had Hazard score more headers in 2 months on FM than he has done in his 2 and a half years at Chelsea (which is once). 3.4 - This could be just my save, but been witnessing more own goals than is believable. I believe the ME has definitely improved in some sections, but at the same time, it appears to have degraded/not improved in others. Animations are a definite and welcome upgrade, though. In my opinion, ME and Media are the two areas, where SI still has a lot of work to do. Having said that, game definitely has the makings of being the best ever edition in the series. I hope some of the things I have said get looked into and improved. Cheers, folks.
  5. Arutha

    Why cant players Tackle? EVER

    Bravery ? Aggression ??? Composure to get the timing of the tackle right ? Positioning ? Are they lethargic ? Phaps you can set a higher defensive line.
  6. Arutha

    Big game failures?

    If your the best team out there, or the best team in the league at least, then it may well be complacency. Use press conferences to say that the players cant go into the game thinking its won already and do everything that you think might bring down the complacency. And as everyone here says...make sure your players are motivated enough.
  7. I saw that the potential ability of Phil Jones has been reduced in the new patch. But he still looks very good. Anyone tried him ? How good is he ? Out of him, Hummels, Subotic, Sakho, Zapata, Varane, Kjaer, Otamendi, who should i buy ?
  8. Ive played with neither. Pastores attributes seem better. But Ganso's potential ability is higher. My advice...go for the one whos demanding less wages !
  9. Arutha

    Suggestion forum?

    You can also tag individual posts in the wishlist thread ? I mean...not all of us would be creating threads for suggesting right ?
  10. 1. The enquiry feature MUST be changed. Because as good as 99% of the times the clubs reject your enquiry. Whats the point of having that feature in the game if its that useless/unusable. Let the clubs quote their price and then bargaining would be fun ! Rejecting enquiries for Indispensable or First team players makes sense. But others ? Most clubs would quote some sort of a price. 2. I firmly believe that the game depends a LOT on the news items. And in my opinion the current state of news items is poor at best. We need to have some larger news items. And a lot more variety as well. Also, when some player is playing extraordinarily good, perhaps there could be an article on him and his form, etc ? Same for a manager ? And more of the opinion-centric news items would be great. For eg, when you comment on some player, the opinion of other players/fan/any party involved therein could be told ? Apart from this, if SI find some way to keep the news items from getting stale, like they do in a season or 2, i would say the game would be near perfect. Because IMO, the news items screen is easily the most important screen in the game, most important as well as one on which we all spend the most time on. And theres not much atmosphere being built around the important games. And also there should be some articles on tactics being employed by the teams. For eg, if your team is not doing well, maybe some famous columnist on some famous website, has something to say on your tactics employed in your recent matches ? And they need not necessarily be correct yes, since all they are doing is voice their opinion. Things like these would make FM much much more interesting. 3. Players asking permission for PPMs they think would improve their game. But not getting upset if they are denied. 4. More team talk options. Its a field that desperately needs improving. 5. Manager-team meeting once in a while. Not as often as backroom advice meeting. More like once in 3-6 months. So as to discuss where the season is heading, etc. 6. Board inviting the manager to discuss some issue. I mean is it just the job of the manager to approach the board every single time ? And even the Board can decide on linking with another club, feeder or parent. In such case you as manager could be invited to have your say on the matter. Its not always the manager who would feel the need for a feeder/parent club. 7. I do not know if its there in the game, but shouldnt there be an increase in the amount of winnings in the league/cup competitions from time to time ? Ive played 7 seasons, but still the amount awarded to the winner of the EPL, ECC, etc are all the same, while my wages would surely increase with time. The only thing balancing it is the increase in sponsor money, but wouldnt it be realistic to slightly increase the amount of winnings after say 5-6 years or so ? 8. Better AI team building and more consistency for AI teams. I mean i do not see ManU not being able to qualify for Europe after 3 seasons....just ridiculous ! 9. More interaction with managers. Not just when you are about to play them but even in the general scheme of things.
  11. Arutha

    Corner exploit....

    Ask ur worst set piece taker to take corners
  12. Why r u hellbent on ruining our beloved FM ???? Better would be to go to some FIFA/PES forum and ask them to improve their AI. Which to be honest s**** on all levels.
  13. Why do you want a robot in a football game ?