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  1. Im looking to start a second version of the tactic to try and make it a bit more effective in attacking as I feel the defense and build up are fine but there just doesn't seem to be an end product with smaller teams.
  2. Has anyone managed to download the tactic I posted earlier in the thread?
  3. I was thinking of playing a 4-2-3-1, and only keeping Basham,Wilmot,Walcott,Barcelos and Jamie Cook and then just filling the rest with youth so that I can build up slowly without massive wages.
  4. Thanks jay I think im going to need it, just looking at the finances and the team im going to struggle in either making profit or promotion I guess it'll be one or the other.
  5. Just loaded a save up and looking to get stuck into it for the long haul
  6. Great few seasons in non-league jayare 6 seasons isnt bad I tend to spend around that possibly more but I enjoy lower league football, hopefully you show United how it's done.
  7. As you have started just use the add league option Belgium doesn't add a lot of slow down if any at all, if you do start again you can just add players from that country. With regards to finances they don't ask for stupid money like you would expect so may still be worth looking into and if need be get to league 2 and ask for scouting to be upgraded which then should include Europe.
  8. Hi guys, Sorry about not posting the screenshots yet im having a bit on trouble in the real world at the moment, also if you want some free and pretty amazing players for lower leagues check Belgium 2nd and 3rd division for the amateur teams the players are pretty good for championship and they are willing to drop really far down in England from what I have managed. Also I will be back with Oxford City soon as have just had a major crash on my save so will be looking at starting with City.
  9. Here is the tactic I will post shouts tomorrow for you. http://www.4shared.com/file/sMXvUpGj/4-3-3_Jojo.html
  10. Il put up the screenshots of mine for you with the link to the tactic.
  11. I would look into a slow build up play it'll take a little longer to get the goal but will also make it a bit easier to get through, if you would like I could attempt to upload mine? For shouts I have set up one for build up play as thats how I am trying to get my teams to play,attack for when I am behind and defend for holding on in the last few minutes.
  12. Welcome to the thread, City are one of those teams where you could sign a couple of good players and win the league or stick with the same team and finish anywhere its a very good team for beginners to LLM I find.
  13. Going really well hopefully a strong finish could see you top
  14. Good bit of money there jayare, how far are you off United now?
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