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  1. larryman24

    Martins FM Whizzkids Summer Update

    You need to sort the leagues out - Scotland, Spain and Czech Republic won't load.
  2. larryman24


    Watch the match in 'full game' mode on highlights and see where the tactic is going wrong.
  3. I've had a lot of success with playing 3 CMs with the middle one on a slightly more defensive mentality and 'no forward runs'. The player drops into pockets of space and sprays the ball around very effectively. Worth a go...
  4. When you have a free kick just outside the area, with only a couple of minutes to go and your top free kick taker runs up, strikes it, only to hit his team mate who has wandered two yards in front of the ball :mad:
  5. larryman24

    Solution for crossing

    I've found crossing to work well. I've got a left back with great attacking stats who regularly gets 10+ assists a season. I've found that a lot of attacking regens coming through on my game have 15+ jumping, even if they are wingers. To take advantage of this, I play a front 3 and set crossing to 'far post' to take advantage of my attackers running in from out wide and dominate small full backs. This isn't just limited to FM, players like Cristiano Ronaldo do this well in real life. Another trick is to have crossing to 'near post' if you have a short striker with pace. This means that the striker, instead of trying to outjump the centre back, will try to use their pace to get in front of their marker and get a glancing header/shot away.
  6. larryman24

    Bogey Players

    Sanli Tuncay and Agbonlahor
  7. larryman24

    Heart vs head dilemma

    The West Ham situation sounds so much more interesting. Chuck the Real job, head down to the Boleyn Ground and get stuck in. In the Championship you will win loads of games, so what's the problem? You've won the league with Real, its going to get boring doing the same thing over and over again. I did the opposite and started with West Ham. We won the Championship, slowly progressed up the Premiership and are now perennial title contenders. I made a separate save when Barca came in offering a £200m transfer budget, don't think I'll go back to it... There's nothing better than building a club up, give it a go
  8. larryman24

    Why play with just one team?

    How do you decide the tactics for the matches against each other? Do you have favourites and let them win? Absolute madness!
  9. larryman24

    Tactical Consistency

    Exactly. No matter how good your team is, you always need to tweak your tactics dependant on the opponents approach. If you play the same way against a 4-4-2 diamond as you would 5-4-1 then you're not getting the best out of your team.
  10. CM 01/02 was pretty easy - just set up a 4-1-3-2 formation, sign some Swedish players and you could win the league. Which FM was it that you could score outrageous goals from distance? I think there was a glitch in one of the patches. Must have been FM05 or 06
  11. To the original post - watch the match in either 'Full Match' or 'Extended' mode and see if your Inside forwards are struggling to get on the ball. If they are, try tweaking the width and passing style settings until you start seeing more of the ball.
  12. larryman24

    Training help?

    check out the youth development thread
  13. Cracking result, how did you do it? I always look to draw their centre backs out of position and have runners from deep exploit the gaps.
  14. larryman24

    Wasteful strikers

    Yeah, put them up. What are your width/tempo settings like? And for the striker, what are his composure and weaker foot attributes?
  15. Smac, Re the training, I had read the same on here. However, looking at my training screen, I don't know how true it is: Pinatares is on that routine and look at his attribute improvements - pretty even across the board: Regarding position training, that could well be the case. I was talking about the 'Workload' section of player's training stats. If a player spends time learning a new position it takes up a chunk of the time that he would have spent training his attributes. I don't think they are mutually exclusive points - both suggest that learning a new position can harm the player's attribute development. The notion that some attributes cost more CA points than others is an interesting one. If it is the case, then surely you could give a young striker nothing but defensive and tactics training until they had incredible stats for a CB and then at 21/22 get them to learn a new position? I might give it a try...