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  1. The main thing i would like to see developed on FM2012 is the personal interaction, i know it took a big move forward in 2011, but its got a long way to move forward: Ideas: Player Interaction: as well as being able to tell a player that i want him to join me or say that he is a big threat in the next match, id like to be able to play mind games with them, for example rooney and tevez locked at the top of the goal scorers tally, id want to put pressure on tevez in a match against blackpool or someone to try and make him selfish, both harming his form and the clubs result, or telling him that he is rubbish and wouldnt get in your team and stuff like that. Manager Interaction: Sometimes you look down the league and see a team that are struggling that should really be doing better than they are (birmingham), id like to offer the manager or that club a small helping hand, to tell them why they arent getting the result, this advice would be best taken if you are friends with the manager of that club, (darren and alex ferguson, good example), or offer a smaller club one of your players to improve them, macheda to ipswich who are struggling (also managed by roy keane, close friend of alex ferguson) improving both your player, and that team, plus your relationship with the manager National Manager Interaction: I think we all know where this comes from, Capello (rubbish manager) id want to offer him advice, or abuse him as i see fit for his team choices, formation etc, offering a helping hand/slating him, also if i went for the England job and found somebody else (Carlo Ancelotti) had been offered the job and doing a rubbish job (Italians cant do English football) id want to abuse the decision to appoint him, like you can with other managers, not the right man for the job, and so on. Thanks
  2. i think its been very well documented by all of us here and even our friends that play the game, the player/club/board interaction was a great step forward, but it has a long way to go before we are completely satisfied. in addition, i would love to see a player interaction or a manager interaction being less than kind so to speak about the last match or next match or something like that. example being, my man utd side beating man city on the first game of the season, i want to tell mancini he is a joke of a manager with no idea how to manage in England if his team play that style of football - any one else think that in real life?? haha apart from that, im very happy with the game! awesome! bring on 2012
  3. with the consistency thing, can we get an assistant/scouts view on how consistent a player is? it is a hidden stat which could be brought into the game, aswell as things like ambition, adaptability and other hidden stats, maybe put into a different section of the player profile, that way you can build a team that are similar in their personality
  4. hey, can we please get a player interaction section which allows you to put a player dow, for instance the form of torres and rooney in the premiership, be able to say that hes jsut not the player he was or something like that, to put them down and ruin their confidence that little bit more, i hate trying to get in the head of the other teams most dangerous player by saying that he is their most dangerous player, its just not very exciting, i want to be able to abuse him, make him hate me, and get into his head to make him doubt how good he is. i think it would be a good addition to the player communication section, and wouldnt take my game space to add it due to the other interaction things.
  5. just a small thing for those out there like me that love the FM editor i noticed when creating a new player or editing an existing player that all of the physical attributes start of shocking and rocket up as he improves, however attibutes like pace and stamina are pretty much, you either have them or you done attributes, you will never see david bentley with 20 pace, unlike theo walcott, its a natural ability, on FM10, it was possible to have 20 pace without having to be at 200 current ability, just feel its a part that has been lost on this game, also when creating a player to have 20 on an attribute he often starts with only about 11 in his career, now if its a striker his finishing would be alot better, and maybe for bigger (taller and well built) players, should have better heading and strength attributes and one other little thing that would go hand in hand with my last point is, players have natural ways of playing which they curb to play in a different style, micheal owen is an out and out poacher but newcastle transformed him into more of a complete striker, same with wayne rooney, was a deep lying forward and is now a complete striker, just a thing to think about
  6. I think that its the photos that take up space in the game, either have them all or dont have them, thats my thinking to be honest, and can we please get germany, im fed up of buying german players and then never seeing them in international duty, at least have their namesake in the german side collect caps and stuff for your player. we all know that the fake players have the same stats as the real player
  7. and can the press conferences stop going on about players playing against their former club (players youve sold obviously) like 4 seasons after you sold them??? would be much better
  8. Couple More Suggestions: Tactics: Id love to see a new tactics arena inside the fm2011/12/13 games where we can create our own set pieces, that would be pretty cool, also a second kicker needs to be added for when in-direct set pieces are won, you suddenly have your centre back shooting for 40yards like your main free kick taker would Players: I would also like to see a new development tool particularly used by scouts to see if a player could step up to a higher league, Adam Johnson for example was a good player at Middlesborough, but is now an exceptional one for Man City as he has moved up, attributes being more league friendly, great goal scorers in the championship are almost always average in the premier league, this should be reflected in the attributes Attribute: For the attributes themselves, i would like to see some more incorporated into the system, such as shot power for outfielder, and shot stopping for goalkeepers and other little additions to help you pick the right players, Buffon for example and european goal keepers are great shot stoppers but cant handle toffee, some more to think about
  9. if this is aimed at my comment, then i have seen the video and look forward to the changes, but just want to emphasis the kind of changes to the training that we want to see, thats all that im saying, and the same with the interaction, i know they have updated and revamped it, hopefully improving it a long way from 2010, but again just making sure they understand the level of interaction we are looking for, well i am looking for.
  10. not at all, that is my point, the amount of players that complain on FM for not playing when its simply ridiculous, Steve never complained about not playing, yet a back up will want to transfer after just 3 months of not playing, it just doesnt happen when you know your the second keeper, or ever if your second to like messi or something, the player will want to leave, its not that real
  11. Ok, Ive been doing alot of thinking about all the threads ive been reading on here and what i want to see from the new FM games, 2011,2012,1013 etc. I think we all agree that the actualy football side (ie matches) are pretty good, the 3d pitches, the actual game play, just need tweaks to introduce more skills, player movements and minor stuff that will come together, lets be honest, we all want to complete the season and win more than watch the little men run around, but as we can see the little men, lets add the detail. So we are all pretty much agreed that we want to see the off-field improved, even if it is just progressionally, so my advice on little things. Training: This has to be improved, we need to get more in-depth with the training schedules, as well as making sure that players actual improve, the best coaches in the world only having to coach one aspect of the game (shooting for example) should be able to lift a young strikers finishing from 10 to 15 inside 2/3 seasons, especially if they are also recieving advice from a mentor. I also feel that coaches from foreign countries should use different techniques to help train the players, for example a coach from brazil would encourage flair to improve from the nature of his coaching, where as an italian coach would improve concentration, or something along those lines to reflect a coaches knowledge and personal skills Interaction: As managers we should be able to play better mind games with opposition managers and players, i hate not being able to tell the oppositions best centre backs that he is a weakness because hes old and slow, putting doubt in the back of a players head, also picking my own players up by telling them they are better than their opposite number, torres vs vidic springs to mind. Transfers: This has to change, i had to offer £44M for aaron lennon to be allowed to find a contract, then a day later Shaktar have a bit of £9m accepted, what is that all about? every player has their price, but how can it be such a massive difference? some consistentcy is needed, just because your a new manager doesnt mean your a complete idiot with transfers, thats the way i see it. Tactics: Lots of threads comment on the tactics of both the players and the team itself, definately needs the on ball and off ball tactics, for example the wide 4141 to 4 3 2 1 formation that almost every team in the premier league seem to play. Also with the players tactics, its all well and good telling a player how you want him to play, but micheal owen is a poacher, nothing more, nothing less, so why should i be able to tell him to be a target man? it wouldnt happen, players have their own styles and i think that should be included, so you can select the way you want a player to play out of 2/3 options that best suit that players attributes. Non season: Lower league clubs need money, but us (as the manager) have no say in how to get that money other than selling players, why not be able to open the club up for tours for the fans to get closer to the club, and also lowering ticket prices for small matches, man utd vs barnet at old trafford wouldnt bring a 75000 crowd, unless the price of a ticket was maybe £5? something to think about The Manager: We, As managers, need to be more involved, in my opinion, we have massive contracts for doing well, but no life to spend the money on, why not let us learn languages, have a life away from football, allow us to have coaching stats like every other manager does, why cant we be great motivators and have excellent technique coaching skills? i do believe these 2 things are desperately needed in the newer releases. Backroom Staff: I think that FM also needs to introduce more backroom staff, finance managers, construction managers, secretaries, psychologists and nutritionists, we all know that finance, psychology and food has huge effects on players and everyone else, so lets get them more involved, plus physios? what is their purpose, they are either very good physios, that reduce injuries, or they are useless, unfortunatly its the later, maybe changing their role to club doctor, chief medical adviser, on pitch physio, back room physio, would be better, as well as letting them recommend players with constant injury problems to go off for surgery. Plus i would like to see constructions managers that work closely with the scouts and you as the manager to build sports academies/youth camps/centres of excellents, whatever you want to call them, up and down the country you are in, as well as abroad to help introduce the best young talent to your team to help benfit you in the future I will say, i know alot of people that have lost interest in the football manager games because they are getting too in-depth and have alot of friends that prefer the original game that is cm01-02, arguably a great game, so maybe the game does need to divide between a simple game and an in-depth game for those that prefer football, and those that prefer all the managing side of things, Feel free to reply to this thread with other ideas or criticism. These are just little things that i personally, as a total managing player of football manager would like to see.
  12. al i can say is, steve harper, at newcastle for what, 13 seasons now, only just made his 125th appearance (if hes made that yet) never complaining about it in his life, hero? money grabber? or would he demand a request for transfer after not playing for 10 games in the season?? think about it?
  13. I think there does need to be a new youth team set up, just the other day i was watching the manchester united premier cup, (under 15 tournament in which clubs all around the world compete with each other for a spot at entering the competition at old trafford) why not allow a major club like man utd, chelsea, barcelona etc. to have their own academies, with schools and safe training areas (ie not the syringe needles of argentina's playgrounds) to help improve scouting, club image, and the development of youngsters Just another suggestion
  14. 100% agree with most of that, you as a manger should actually have to do something, and have your own in-game life, a family, outside football hobbies, house, etc, its called football manager, so add some stuff about the manager to make it more life-like, the sliding bars annoy me, got to have set training schedules so that you can actually see what the players are doing, (idea - have the sliding bar to show how your home made schedule improves, lots of shooting practise for example, the shooting slider goes up, etc) and yes, bust ups, player communication, club/agent/manager communication is all needed, plus can we get some more backroom staff, rather than have 6 pointless physios, get nutrionists, physiologist, psychologists involved, we all know they work in football, lets introduce them
  15. Football manager has quite depressingly been my life for about 5 years now, literally cant get enough of any of them i seriously hope that the team training is much better than the simple sliding of the bars, because, im sure like most others, i like to define my side down the microscope and watch my little gems improve into world beaters another thing i want to see come in is more off field activity for you as a manager, after all it is football manager, so lets actually give the manager a life, and our own training levels, why does every other manager in the world have attacking and defending and tactical training attributes that we dont get? always wondered about that?! more backroom staff, i might be getting a bit insane and into far too much detail about the game now, but shouldnt we have psychologists and nutritionists and physiologists that constantly help your team out, and whats the point in the physios on the game? man utd have 6 physios and still have players out for the same length of time as fleetwood who have 1 part time physio?? anyway, love football manager, cant wait for november, fifa in october aswell, you can tell its football season now