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  1. SI is fixing the most reported ME issues pretty darn fast. Good work, keep it up!
  2. I'm not speaking from experience, because I don't have FM15 yet (don't want to get burnt like I did with FM14), but I'm pretty sure Maribor (Slovenia) is always a good career start. This is why: - Easily the best team in the country, with the most money and the best facilities, - A lot of young talent, just waiting to get grabbed by bigger clubs - A great learning experience into the game, since you have to be REALLY bad not to get good results with that team in their domestic league - You get a nice reputation managing that club after some years, and it usually gets you a job in a pretty decent club in one of the stronger european leagues (Bundesliga, Eredivisie...)
  3. So as I understand, in FM15 you go with a tactic that combines "exploit the flanks" and "shoot from distance", give wing players order "cross often", and you destroy your competition and dominate the um....football...world.
  4. This was always a fantasy of mine, and to take it up a notch, I was always kind of "dreaming" of not only completely random players, but also completely "fake"/random/new clubs (even if without any history, because I'd imagine that would be hard to randomize). It would be crazy to start a career in a completely alternate universe, where you don't know the clubs, let alone their players.
  5. Wow. I can't remember any manager ever being sack due to selling a player. By this logic the likes of Ancelotti, Koeman, Rogers should be thrown to the wolves this summer. And Wenger should be sacked like 10 times by now...
  6. Really? As a Man Utd fan I don't remember a crisis within the club whey they've let Pogba go. One could make a case that the opposite happened.
  7. I don't care about the reviews, last year FM14 was getting an average 9/10, and that's way more than I would give it. I was never actually active on any FM forums, until FM14, mainly because I was so into FM games before FM14 that I actually played it instead of scrolling through the forums. And as I did, I saw that I'm not the only one having issues in FM14, because there was a ton of players posting about the same issues on a daily basis. So I will be waiting for those, I'll see what they say, and then decide.
  8. No need to be confused there, RTHerringBone, of course I was refering to the wingers with the IF role. You know, just like a central midfielder isn't necessarily playing the central midfielder role? I'm sure you understand. The ME looks kind of promising though...
  9. It's still a mystery if the wingers understand what the term "cut inside" means...
  10. fm14 was a major disappointment for me, fm15 will be the first version in which I'll first wait for the feedback of fellow FM players, and then decide when to go for it...
  11. You have to realize that ME improvements are made patch to patch, not only version to version. So announced or not, it has been worked on 100%. With that being said, they couldn't do the job expected from them in the last few version (patches) of the ME, I sure hope that they've made major improvements, so that I can enjoy fm15 like I enjoyed previous versions.
  12. This is one of the annoying problems one can stumble upon in FM games (a sweet problem, but a problem nonetheless). I had a lot of saves, where I'm able to put my club in a good competitive position, developing youth players, and selling them for 30-50 millions when they're 20-23. I really enjoy playing like that. But I always get to a point when I have top training/youth facilities, and a big stadium, and then I have 800.000.000€ just sitting on my bank account, not having an option at all to do something with it. Buy top players? Why? I got the best youth academy in the whole football world.
  13. I hope that in FM15 Bosnia and Herzegovina finally gets the youth rating it deserves...
  14. I never found sliders to have much sense to be honest. Had problems imagining how those conversations would go down in real life:"Look, last three games I told you to cut inside 76%, I'm not satisfied, so I'm ordering you to cut inside 78% from now on". The problem however is that SI apparently didn't make the transition from the sliders to the new system a successful one (yet).
  15. Looks like I'm the only one who can't stand his goalkeepers having any other numbers than 1, 12 and 23. Seeing a player wearing 23 or especially 12 makes me cringe, feels like the whole universe is out of balance because of that. I give the defenders numbers from 2 to 5, 6, strikers get the 9,10,11, a great winger, midfielder gets the number 7. But that's pretty much it, don't really care that much about others numbers, just 1, 12, 23 have to be on goalkeepers backs.
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