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  1. Just about to start my 2nd season after winning the League and the FA cup in the first season. Went out in the CL quaters to Lyon (had a lot of suspensions :( ) and in the fourth round of the League Cup when Birmingham managed to beat my youth/reserves in extra time. Currengt squad is as follows

    GK: Adler, VDS, Amos

    DR: Rafael, Vrskaljo

    DL: Evra, Fabio

    DC: Vidic, Otamendi, Ferdinand

    DC: Subotic, Evans, Smalling

    MC(DLP): Eikrem, Carrick, Ananidze, Kevin, Poli

    MC(B2B): Fletcher, Anderson, Poli, Cleverley (change the role here depending on opponent/player)

    AMR: Valencia, Nani, Lucas, Cleverley

    AML: Nani, Ananidze, Lucas, Cleverley

    ST: Rooney, Berbatov, Hernandez, Macheda, Welbeck

  2. A number of us have PC's that will run anywhere from 30 to all leagues comfortably (ie i7's, 6 cores etc) but will we experience the big lag times 20-30 years into the game? Will the lags be significant & what's the best way to combat these lags? Or if we have a fast enough pc, we won't experience much lag even witha lot of leagues?

    I'd like to know the same really, my laptop is easily running FM10 with around 35 leagues loaded (15 years is the furthest ive got before my file was corrupted so its not fully regens) will i still be able to run similair amounts of leagues.

    Also a kind of related issue, In FM10 it said there was a 125000 person limit on the database, is this to do with PC spec??? If not is it still present in FM11 and if so can i remove it???

  3. I used to use 4-4-2 exscusively but i recently started a new game and wanted to try and manage my tactics alot more to suit how i like to play in rel life and on the game, currently I thinkI have got this tactic working preety well for me I think on fm '09 although thier are some things i'd like to get working better. This is the formation I play normally; (I'm Man Utd btw)


    Opare Vidic Fazio Evra

    Veloso Camacho

    Ronaldo Anderson Fleck


    The main change I make when I play one of the other very dominant forces in my game, basically just Arsenal or Barcelona, I will swap out Camacho for Sandro and Laurito goes out for Rooney. Also Left Wing is currently in a bit of limbo as I have both Assulin and Fleck who are both very good, I normally chose Fleck though because he tends to cut in a bit more and get behind full backs o set upn chances for himself and others.

    Was trying to get a formation to dominate possesion which isn't really working however my formation is preety solid

    and opponents rarely create chances.

    Goalkeeper; Curently set as just basi keeper instructions, nothing special. Toying with setting his passing to short though.

    Full Backs; Need high Stamina, set them as reasonably attacking, cross often from byline and run with ball medium

    Centre Backs; Set quite defensively (the most defensive level of normal on the slider if that makes sense), short passing, ver low cretive freedom

    Veloso/Sandro; Quite Defensive mentality, passing slightly towards short, high creative freedom, Closing down all over the pitch. Sandro has lower creative freedom though.

    Camacho; Plays as a more box-to-box player, Mentallity more attacking than the other CM with more direct passing.

    AMC; I use this player as a link up man; my 2 AMC's Anderson and Kroos also play in CM unlike some other AMC's and this keeps them, in my experience from drifting to high up the pitch. Keep his mentality very attacking (the highest on the pitch), reasonably high creative freedom, through balls often + PPM for killer balls often, run with ball medium, forward runs often, long shots medium

    Wingers; Preety regular wingers tbh, Ronaldo gets more freedom than my other wingers. Im not sure why but my wingers do tend to get back preety well.

    Striker; Also preety regular centre forward, works better with a bigger forward but i didn't find that using him as a target man made much difference.


    My team although sometimes may not have, a high percentage of possesion but they limit the opposition to few attempts on goal by wining the ball back in midfield, They also use the possesion they do have well. I tend to keep alot of clean sheets and weaker teams, I really hit them hard at times (I beat Hoffenheim 8-0 in the Champions League). I score alot of goals(100+ in the league last year without corner cheat) and thier are alot of players getting these goals, had I think 9 players who had scored more than 15 goals last season and at least 6 more had more than ten.

    Negatives; (maybe someone could offer some advice on how to fix these)

    I'd like to have more possesion, Is it realistic to get 60%ish possesion (at home) without turning into Spain, having huge amounts of sideways passes and not really going anywhere.

    My strikers don't tend to score as many as they did when i played a 4-4-2. It may be to do with the tactic or that I tend to rotate them alot (Laurito; 24 Rooney; 21 Cardozo; 22), I would like them to get more but not sure how with out abusing corners...

    My goalkeepr tends to give the ball away to easily, has anyone tried having him pass short to CB/FB's all the time, does this cause more problems than it prevents with on rushing opposing forwards??

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