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  1. It depends how the opponent decides to play when they lose a man. If they go to a 4-3-2 or other narrow formation I'll try to play wider and at a faster pace to try and expose thier weakness in wide areas, if they go to a 4-4-1or similair then I'll try to keep the ball and tire the opponent out before going to an attacking style late on if I'm not already ahead.
  2. I've started playing a save with a new formation which I guess qualifies as 'unusual'. It;s loosely a 3-4-3 influenced loosely by Sampoali's tactics at 'La U'. Looks kind of like: --------------STR AML---AMC----- ----MC-------MR WBL----DM---- ---DC--DC--DC The front 3 basically stay very high up the pitch and look to hit the opponent on the counter, it's pretty fluid with the left sided DC moving forward into midfield if he gets the oppurtunity.
  3. Rooney's injuries have been awful in my save, it's the middle of January and he has played 8, yes EIGHT games for me so far this season.
  4. Bought him on FM10 and he was brilliant, wasn't as great on FM11 but this year he has been really good for me so far. Managed to pick him up for £8.25m for Man Utd at the end of the first transfer window and have been using him on the left wing as either an Inside Forward(A) or Advanced Playmaker(S) but he has played most of his games for me from an attacking midfield position as a slightly modfied Trequarista. Half way through the first season he has 7 goals and 9 assists in about 19 games (Can't remember exactly). His shoting from long range can be a bit annoying at times but you get used to it after he starts to score a couole
  5. You are conceeding a lot of goals from the middle of the park.What formation are you using? How does that compare to the opposition's formation? For example when a man marking 4-4-2 comes up against a 4-3-3/4-5-1/4-2-3-1 type formation there is likely to be an opposition time with lots of time and space on the ball. Changing to zonal marking may help, as may lowerin ght eclosing down on your central midfielders so they don't push up too far leaving gaps btween them and the defense.
  6. Finally started a save I', going to stick with so I thought why not post a bit of an update on my first few months of the season. Transfers In: Sime Vrsaljko - Dinamo - £4.3m Gabriel Araújo - Cruzerio - £2.8m Lucas Digne - Lille - £2.2m Lorenzo Crisetig - Inter - £675k Yaya Sanogo - Auxerre - £1.9m Oliver Markoutz - Bayern - £1.7m Adam Campbell - Newcastle - £1.5m Iuri Madeiros - Sporting - £275k James Rodriguez - Porto - £8.75m Transfers Out: Park Ji-Sung - PSG - £5.5m Mame Biram Diouf - Napoli - £3.6m Dimitar Berbatov - PSG - £8m Tomasz Kuszczack - Malaga - £500k Larnell Cole - MK Dons - loan Sam Johnstone - Shrewsbury - loan Reece Brown - Southend - loan Tom Thorpe - Exeter - loan I bought in quite a lot of young players and dealt with a lack of quality in depth in the left wing position with the addition of Rodriguez who can also play in attack midfield. Tactics: I'm using the 4-2-3-1 tactic I was developing on FM11 and so far it's working pretty well. GK: David De Gea - Sweeper Keeper - Support DR: Rafael - Wing Back - Attack DC: Nemanja Vidic - Centre Back - Defend DC: Rio Ferdinand - Centre Back - Defend DL: Patrice Evra - Wing Back - Attack MCr: Darren Fletcher - Ball-Winning Midfielder - Defend (slightly adapted) MCl: Anderson - Deep-lying Playmaker - Support (With added Runs from Deep) AMR: Nani - Iniside Forward - Attack AMC: Wayne Rooney - Trequarista - Attack (modifed to have increased run from deep and close down more) AML: Ashley Young - Inside Forward - Attack STC: Javier Hernandez - Poacher - Attack Early season injuries to Rooney and Patrice Evra have meant that Rodriguez, Morrison and Araújo have got more games so far than I expected them to but they are coping really well, so well in fact that I'm dreading the return of Rooney and Evra as it means it will be harder to choose :/. Hernandez has been a beast up front as usual, netting 12 goals in 10 games so far however my other strikers are struggling a bit. Pogba has had a few games but has not been to great as of yet and Fabio has made a couple of decent performances for me in as a central midfielder (although his PM's aren't the best for that position). Had some good results so far including a 5-2 win over Leverkusenand a 3-1 win over City in the Community Shield however I did lose 2-0 to Chelsea at Stamford Bridge . I'm currently sitting top of the league (2 points ahead of Everton) and fully intend to stay here for the rest of the season.
  7. Name: Gabriel Araújo Age: 19 Nationality: Brazil Club: Cruzerio Position: DL/WBL Value: Approx £1.6m at the start of the game (can't remember exactly) Sale Value: I got him for £2.6m Work Permit Needed?: Yes.
  8. It is an exploit in my opinion. You are using a part of the game for something it's not intented to be used for and are benefitting from it, however it's not 'breaking' the game like some of the old corner cheats did. Either way it's your save, play it however you like.
  9. I swear Ravel Morrsion is a beast, even in the first season. His stats aren't great but so far for me this season he has made 1(3) appearences and got 2 assists and an average rating of 7.53 which included an absolutely brilliant performance against leverkusen in the Champions League (rating 9.30) where he was unluck not to score and could have had, If Hernandez/Nani's finishing was slightly better another couple of assists.
  10. I pretty much only use it for changing the names of competitions to what they are in real life eg. EURO CUP --> Europa League.
  11. When your seriously debating whether staying up all night playing FM when you have lectures from 9am til 7pm the following day...
  12. For me it's still to hard to get centre-backs to move wider, too many times for my liking all 3 centre backs are all within 10 yards of each other and wide players are still to keen to drop back level with the centre-backs. Tbh I'm slightly dissapointed SI haven't tried to make the 3-man defence work a little harder but I guess it will take some quite complex programing to allow the centre backs to 'roam' in a defensive sense.
  13. This is a really good change (hopefully) as in my 2020 game there are 4 members of the Brazil first 11 all called Da Silva, some more variation would be more than welcome. It's nice to see national 'traits' aswell as this is something that I think will add to the game. However I hope that there maybe some way to change and modify those traits through the actions of the national teams and/or the big clubs in the countries leagues otherwise I fear that the game, especially at international level, may become quite stale with countries like Spain and Germany dominating with thier higher technical ability over other nations.
  14. Porto: Alex Sandro has moved to Porto from Santos for €9.6million. Danilo will move from Santos to Porto for €13 million and will join the Portuguese club after the FIFA Club World Cup.
  15. Hey MinisterMan cheers for all your hard work, I just had a quick look through the Premier League clubs and found these 'errors'; 'Solved' apart from these two, (The Reece Brown loan is an odd one as is it such a short duration) Asamoah Gyan loaned to Al-Ain for the season Reece Brown loaned to Doncaster till Spetember 16th
  16. @BigHairyAndy: That to me is a perfectly legitimate formation, I can't think of any examples of teams in 'real-life' but I'd be pretty confident that at least one team would play something resembling that. A formation is essentially a representation of the average positions you want your players to take up, in 'real-life' such a formation would be pretty easy to put ino practice just by telling your strikers to stay wide and then cut inside late-on, if the said formation is the only way to express that in terms of the FM match engine then so be it. @pauly1616: I don't understand what your problem in with the 4-2-3-1 deep formation, it's quite a regularly used formation in real life, especially in Germany (the national team, Bayern)
  17. It's for all teams competing in UEFA competions (The Champions League and Europa League).
  18. I had the same thing as well once but one was a cup competition, as a Man Utd fan, beating Liverpool twice in two days was very enjoyable though
  19. I've done it mainly by accident on my long term save, mainly because I tend to buy any promising youngster when they are like 15/16 so by the time they have to be registered for squads they are all homegrown. I can't remeber the first season I had all homegrown players, I think it was around 2022.
  20. I think in real life my favorite formation/system would probably be Tabarez's 4-4-1-1 / 5-3-1-1 that he uses with the Uruguay national team. I love it's fluidity and ability to adapt to any change in the oppositions formation to make sure they are competitve in every are of the pitch. On FM I generally try and use a 4-3-3 variant, I very rarely use a narrow formation although I probably would play a formation with 3 CB's if the wide players weren't pushed back as easily.
  21. I don't think its as much an issue of too many goals but too many shots, my Man Utd team regualrly has more than 30 shots a game (in year 2022) against the top 5 or 6 EPL teams, yet in Man Utd's 8-2 win over Arsenal today Man Utd only took 25 shots... In my opinion this also creates an environment where lots of people complain how about strikers miss seemingly very easy chances very regularly.
  22. I played a similair set up with Bayern once which I got to work quite well, Used Schweinstieger on Deep Playmaker (Defend), Tymoshuck as Defensive Midfielder (Defend) and Kroos as as an Advanced Playmaker (Support + Roaming On). However the idea was basically to build up play very slowly in deep positions and then, when the chance arose play a quick killer ball through to one of the front (Ribery, Robben, Klose).
  23. Finally started my game with the 11.3 patch, took me ages to convince myself that it would be interesting to try and play without using FMRTE and FMScout to ensure I get the best youth players every year. Start of the season is going pretty well, had some good results (6-0 win away at Debrecen, 4-2- win over City), aswell as some dissapointing ones (lost CS on penalties and lost 1-0 to West Ham after they scored on the counter in the 91st minute). I think the most positive thing though is I seem to have got Rooney playing in a similair role to real life and performing well to boot ( 10 goals and 2 assists in 10 games with 7.75 avg rating). I'm not far into the season yet but already thinking about who is going to replace Scholes next year, I'm going to follow Andrea Poli, Ever Banega and Toni Kroos through the season and see what kind of deals I can magic up for them in the summer.
  24. Woud probably use Randri or Claudio depending on what kind of mood I was in. Considering he's from Madagascar though I might even give him a 'nickname' on his shirt from some kind of limur.
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