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  1. I have to say, for me, it just doesn't have enough 'fat' to sink my teeth into... I like having to do things like micro-manage training, making desicions about feeder clubs, team talks etc and FMC just doesn' have that. The fact I couldn't find a way to add editor files to the FMC database annoyed me also ( I have a big edit of proper league / award names ).

    Personally I doubt FMC will fit into the way I play the game, speed is not a particularly big concern of mine as I tend to only have 2 or 3 serious saves over the course of a whole year.

  2. I'm not great at this kind of thing but would it not be possible to have two seperate clients, one 32bit, the other 64bit which can download depending on your computer spec and/or preference. It's a pretty unwieldy way of doing things but might be a decent way to keep everyone happy until a more significant section of the player base is able to use the 64bit client.

  3. Just a couple of things I noticed

    Rafael Toloi has joined Sao Paulo on a 5 year deal.

    Emiliano Viviano is no lomger co-owned by Inter, Palermo now own 100% of him. He was then loaned to Fiorentina.

    A nuumber of the managerial changes have the new managers set as 'Assistant Manager' rather than that 'Manager'. The ones I've noticed are Fiorentina (Montella), Genoa (Di Canio), Sochaux (Hély), PSV (Advocaat).

    Sampdoria and Torino both have 1 point deductions in Serie A, Atalanta have a 2 point deduction (not 6) and Siena have 6 point deduction, all to do with match fixing.

    Real Madrid and Spurs are now 'affiliated clubs' as part of the Modric transfer.

    Also, I'm not sure if there is an official link between Watford and Udinese but I guess it's the best way to describe the ownership thing in game.

  4. I think I had that message when I won the Carling Cup with West Brom, at the time I saw of it as more of a 'look there's still a significant amount of the season left, don't get carried away' kind of thing, which I thought was pretty sensible, I mean look a Birmingham who won the Carling Cup in 2011 and then for the next two months were awful and ended up being relegated.

    In general though I agree with you, a lot of the writing could be improved but, for me improvements to the match engine and AI in general are much more important.

  5. I normally keep 3 keepers in my squad,

    1. First choice goalkeeper, plays all league games, all European games and most finals. I normally pick up a young goalkeeper in the first season or two to keep for the next 10+ years for this role.

    2. Second choice keeper, plays all cup games, may play in Europe if I draw a particularly weak team or in the league if I have won it before the end of the season.

    3. Youth keeper, Plays most of his games for the reserves, may play cup games if against very weak opposition or if 2nd choice keeper is injured.

    This system has worked really well for me over the last few years.

  6. It's going to be interesting to see how Prandelli sets his team up in the final, will he stick to the 4-4-2 diamond that has done well in the knockout rounds or return to the 3-5-2 which caused Spain problems in their first game?

    Personally I'd be tempted to go back to the 3-5-2 shape, in the first game the Italian wing-backs high positioning caused Arbeloa and Alba to be much more conservative with their forays forward making Spain narrow, playing into the hands of Italy's back three.

  7. I'm sure we've all felt the pain of a full back shooting from 40 yards.

    Indeed. Cannot put into words the joy though when Rafael spanked one into the top corner from 40 yards to win me the FA cup final against Man City on one of my FM11 saves though... absolute magic.

    Yeah, that does sound a bit BS hehe. Didn't RVN never score for United from outside the box?

    Pretty rubbish at thios sort of thing but I THINK he managed to get one about a month before he left :p.

  8. It's definetly one way of learning as you'll get to know the shape you play very well and how it plays against the same formation. So bascially you'll be learning the strengths and weaknesses of each formation you use in every single game. Do you make notes of them?

    Yes, but only very rough kind of 'hmmm... thats interesting' notes, what I don't want to do is draw up a set of rigid rules for dealing with the AI's tactics, partly because of the amount of variables between two different games on two seperate saves etc, but also because it would kind of defeat the object of what I'm trying to do with this save.

  9. Interesting that you feel the need to change shape to match them. Is there a specific reason you do this rather than adapt a tactic you use every game? Using a different tactics every game (shape) is disruptive to the team.

    The main reason is ideological tbh, I know it's more than possible to keep the same shape and move the roles around but I just wanted to go one step further if you see what I mean. With this save I wanted to achieve two main things a) see how far being reactionary will get you/how far can a club go without ever having a defined footballing identity and b) learn more about the match engine and how I can exploit it in my other saves.

    Im not very far into the season yet but I've had some positive things and am starting to get to grips with anticipating and solving any issues I may have

  10. Do you do this for every game?

    I'm basically using this save to be a completely reactive manager tactically, Adjusting not just my formation but also how high the team presses, direct/short passing etc... For instance I probably wouldnt have done the same thing against a team with a particularly good passer of the ball at CB and someone who would have been abe to compete in the air against my CB. In that situation I probably would have chosen to press the CB forcing him to play a quick and hence less accurate pass forward.

    Before a game I will take a look at how the opponent played in thier last few games to try get an idea of what threat I will face, then during the game I will fine tune the system as it becomes more apparent what is and isn't working. So far I'm having a lot of fun with it, though playing against lower league teams in the cup where I have to be more proactive is proving a little tricky.

  11. You mean you get your amc to man mark their dmc? I did that with Spurs, getting Rafa VdV to man mark the opposition's dmc, who was a ball player. Sometime I try to get my CF to drop deeper and man mark their DLP, if against very tough opposition.

    I just did this on my new West Brom save against Swansea and it worked a treat. Swansea played a 4-5-1/4-1-2-2-1 and I decide to match it and use Odemwingie to man mark Bodde, their holding player. I basically wanted to give lots of time to the Swanea centre backs, not allowing them to play short passes out and forcing them to play long balls to Danny Graham.

    My plan worked perfectly, thier 2 centre backs finsihed the game with around 55% pass completion between them and Danny Graham ended the game having won 0/14 headers...

  12. Just finished my 2nd season, here's the round up of how the squad performed:

    ManchesterUnitedSquad_Players.png(Eduardo and Giraud are regens)

    Griezmann cost me £19m and has been really good for me, definately worth the relatively big fee. Hernandez ended up with a decent amount of goals but really performed in fits and starts and was quite frustrating at times...

    Ended up safely winning the league, FA Cup and Club World Cup, however I was knocked out in the semi-final of the Champions League to Real Madrid (who were beaten in the final by Shaktar) when I had a lot of players out either injured or suspended and my younger players managed to get to the final of the League Cup but eventually lost to Blackpool. Overall a decent season, hoping to do better next year though.

  13. Struggling to get any of my strikers in a rich vein of goal scoring form in this save but it doesn't really seem to be making too much of an impact on my team as we are solid defensively. It's now the second week of November and I've only conceded 3 goals this season, none in the League and De Gea has just passed 1000 mins without conceding, again :p.

    And then this happens :p


  14. I've started playing a save with a new formation which I guess qualifies as 'unusual'. It;s loosely a 3-4-3 influenced loosely by Sampoali's tactics at 'La U'.

    Looks kind of like:






    The front 3 basically stay very high up the pitch and look to hit the opponent on the counter, it's pretty fluid with the left sided DC moving forward into midfield if he gets the oppurtunity.

  15. I think I'm getting too many goals against because of simple passes that go right through my defense. This is what the goal analysis page says:


    What do you think? Maybe I should change my marking system (currently man marking) or put less pressure on the opponent (currently default)?

    You are conceeding a lot of goals from the middle of the park.What formation are you using? How does that compare to the opposition's formation? For example when a man marking 4-4-2 comes up against a 4-3-3/4-5-1/4-2-3-1 type formation there is likely to be an opposition time with lots of time and space on the ball.

    Changing to zonal marking may help, as may lowerin ght eclosing down on your central midfielders so they don't push up too far leaving gaps btween them and the defense.

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