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  1. I normally go for DLP(D) DM(S) if both are in the DM position. I find the the DLP, even on support duty will sit quite deep and not make many forward runs, if placed alongside a DM(D), who won't make many forward runs either then the a split can form between the defence and attack.
  2. Another good season for me, winning the league, league cup and champions league. Defence was brilliant yet again but my strike force failed to live up to it's potential, Jovetic got injured early on and struggled afterwards, Hernandez, Kagawa and van Persie were generally disappointing, Welbeck, Henriquez and Holmberg (Finnish regen I signed for about £6k) did well when they came in though. I got a massive budget of £431 million pounds at the start of this season and I feel a bit bad not spending any of it, Neymar has become available to me for a pretty reasonable £31m though so that should placate any fans desperate for investment we don't particularly need, in fact I think I'm going have to drop a midfielder and go 3-4-3 to try and accommodate him .
  3. Just had a tycoon takeover from Chinese businessman Lu Wen on December 19th 2014. He's ploughed over £330m and my new transfer budget is a MASSIVE £270m!!! There is a loan taken out against the club of £180m but I have until 2035 to pay it off so I don't see it being a massive issue for my finances. The thing is I really don't know what to spend money on, I'm pretty committed to signing young players and as such I'm not paying very much for them, my wage bill is also stupidly under budget (£1.9m / £3.3m a week)... Think I'm just going to hire loads and loads of staff.
  4. Name: Étienne Capoue Nationality: French Age at the start of the game: 24 Position(s): Defender (Centre) / Defensive Midfielder / Midfielder (Centre) - Toulouse FC Value: £5.25m Sale Value: £13m (Release Clause) Étienne Capoue (born 11/7/1988) is a French Defensive Midfielder currently playing for Toulouse in Ligue 1. Étienne joined Toulouse's youth set up in 2006 and made his début for the club in a 1-0 win over Lille, with his first start coming the following week away to PSG, a game Toulouse won 2-1. He went on to make his début in European competition on the 19th of December against Spartak Moscow. He scored his first goal for the club on the 18 of October 2008 in a 2-1 defeat to Bordeaux. He has played at U18, U19, U21 and senior level for the French national team, with his senior début coming against Uruguay on the 15th of August 2012 and his first goal coming against Belarus on the 11th of September, as of writing he has 5 caps. During the 2008 season his consistent performances alongside Étienne Didot and fellow youth team graduate Moussa Sissoko saw him nominated for Ligue 1 Young Player of the Year award, which he lost out on to Eden Hazard, he was also named in the UNFP Ligue 1 team of the Year in the 11-12 season. In Football Manager: This is his profile at the start of the game: as well as his Information tab: He's perfectly capable of playing any of the roles as a defensive midfielder and has been a very capable performer for me as both a Centre Back and Ball Playing Defender as well as filling in capably higher up the pitch as a Ball-Winning midfielder. Although he does have the 'Gets Forward Whenever Possible' PPM, which may cause certain people to run a mile, I have in the past had no trouble getting rid of it, in my most recent save though I played to it as a strength and it's worked pretty nicely.
  5. @ILuvManUforeva How high is your closing down? From what your describing it sounds you have it set very high and are making it too easy for the opposition to pass it around you. Maybe try lowering closing down, see if that helps.
  6. It's not going to happen. I think SI have taken the right course in ignoring issues like this in the footballing world, yes they exist but they really have no place in the game in my opinion.
  7. Hey guys, just wondered if anyone else has experimented with Fabio as a central midfielder in the long term? I'm currently using him as a bit of a utility player but he has put in some wonderful performances and scored a couple of great goals when he has played in central midfield for me (as a box-to-box mid), his powerful running and decent finishing ability have proven pretty useful against weaker opponents who try to sit deep against me.
  8. In previous saves I've had success using him as an IF(S) from the left wing but in my most recent save I've been playing without wingers and he has done well filling in for Rooney and van Persie as a DLF(A).
  9. This is similar to the way I've set up my Man Utd team and it really is working wonders for me, especially defensively ( It's mid-November and have only conceded 3 times so far this season ) I set up like this: SK(S) BPD(D) - CD© - CD(D) DLP(D) W(S) - DLP(S) - B2B(S) - W(S) CF(S) - DLF(A) The BPD is set to have RFD and RWB to 'sometimes', other than that the roles are pretty simple. I use Phil Jones in this position normally ansd when combined with his PPM's he advances with the ball reasonably often offering a different angle to my attack, he has chipped in with a few goals and assists by doing so. I did try to use a DLF/AF partnership upfront but I found they got too isolated and struggled to bring my onrushing midfielders into play, switching to a Complete Forward allowed me to keep the positional flexibility of the strike partnership but meant that I found it easier to hold up the ball when necessary. The combination of two deep-lying playmakers may seem odd at first, but was a pretty important part of how I wanted to play. When I have the ball the two of them create a double pivot at the base of the attack, allowing me to easily move the ball from side to side, as well as mopping up any attacks that break down. Again though the players used are quite important. In the CM position I use a more conservative player (Carrick/Powell) whereas in the DM position is use the more combative player (Capoue/Ekdal - both have 'Get Forward Whenver Possible' PPM). It works pretty well and the late runs of Capoue/Ekdal into the box has given me a decent number of goals over the last 18 months I've been using this system. There's a couple of things I need to work on. Away from home I can struggle to keep the ball in advanced positions and so am a little prone to 0-0 draws (not been a massive issue though as my strikers have been in good form this season), I did find that switching to 'Counter' from 'Control' did help. Last season I did have some trouble with srikers scoring goals (apart from Rooney who got 26 goals van Persie only managed 12, Hernandez and Welbeck 9) but this was helped by the fact that my midfield and defence contributed a lot of goals (Carrick and Scholes were the only first team outfielders not to contribute). This season that hasn't been a problem though so I don't think I'm going to worry about trying to fiddle with it.
  10. Won it twice on FM12 with England (in 2018) and Brazil (in 2022); both times my squads were build around players I had in my Manchester United team at the time.
  11. Out of curiosity does it change lots of S's to Z's... in criticise for example. That would drive me absolutely nuts.
  12. Just started a new save with an eye to preparing a tactic for the new patch, decided on 3-4-3 shape, pre-season went well and my first league game was brilliant; a 7-0 win against West Ham. Also with both Rafael and Valencia injured, I took a gamble and played Nick Powell on the right-hand side of midfield, he did really well, ending with a rating of 7.9.
  13. Yeh, I found it. The option is called Youth contract minimum age .
  14. So I've edited the database to allow me to take control of RUOR in the Belarussian 4th tier (They have one of the best academy systems in the world) but I'm having a bit of an issue with the youth intake in the country. Despite having u18 teams and good youth recruitment most of the teams in Belarus are only recruiting 'youth' or are 18/19/20 years old. Is there a way to fix this so that they jopin at the age of 15/16/17 instead? P.S. I had to rebuild the nation rules, if that makes any difference.
  15. This please I'd also like to see; The ability to change shirt names in game and have different shirt names for club / national side, obviously limited to the same period in which you can assign squad numbers. A filter by time option on the Analysis page. Sometimes I might move a player from AMR to ST and want to compare the stats he had there to those another player had, at the moment it can be hard to work out which passes / interceptions / etc were made before/after the change in position.
  16. Morgan de Sanctis did pretty much exactly the same thing last week against Fiorentina...
  17. On FM12 I had KV Kjortik (sp?) win the top division in Belgium anda team from CFA 2 winning the French Cup (beating Lille, Marseille, PSG and St Ettiene on the way) in the same season. Nothing particularly wierd has happened for me on FM13 yet, though Evra joining Everton because he wasn't getting enough football after United signed Baines made me giggle
  18. I always assumed it was based on your club's scouting knowledge... oh well
  19. So I just finished my first season in charge of Southampton and it was pretty successful overall. I got to the 5th and 6th rounds of the league/FA Cup and managed to finish 8th in the league. I feel I could have don better in the league but I struggled towards the end of the season, only picking up 10 points from my final 11 games, with poor performances from players who had been previously very reliable (Boruc and Cork in particular). Tactics wise I went for a pretty standard 4-2-3-1 aiming to get most out of Lallana and Ramirez in particular, I struggled to get Lambert to fit but Jay Rodriguez came in and did well, ending up as top scorer in the league (with 27 goals). I scored a lot of goals this season but I do need to look towards becoming a bit more solid at the back and hopefully a little more consistent before next season. I was initially going to look to sign more players in January but I decided against it as my current (rather small) squad was performing well. Danny Fox ended the season as one of my best players, Richardson did well even when asked to cover at CB when both Yoshida and Fonte were injured in December, also the encouraging development of both Luke Shaw and Ward-Prowse meant I didn't feel desperate for new additions. Transfers In: Royston Drenthe (free) Paul Pogba (loan) Andreu Fontas (loan for the 2nd half of the season) Bressan (free) I also managed to arrange transfers for Jan Kirchoff (£8.5m), David Ospina (free), Matheus Diovany (free), Ryan Guald (free) and Cristopher Drazan (free). Out: de Ridder, do Prado, Chaplow, Puncheon, Seaborne, Forte, Robinson Plan is to sort out the backroom staff over the summer and keep an eye out for a defensive midfielder, then to do my best not to succumb to 'second season syndrome'. Also I think I need to learn to trust my squad players more, there were times when my first 11 were getting tired but I couldn't rely on my squad becuase they were lacking in match fitness.
  20. Apart from assigning keepers to numbers; 1, 34, 51 and 67, I don't have a great deal of numbering conventions. I normally give #13 to a utility player, #16 to a holding midfielder, #77, #88 and #99 to young attacking players and #92 to my favourite youth player (who'll keep it till they leave). Charni Ekangamene gets #54 when I manage United (he scored a hat-trick on his debut wearing that number on an FM12 save). On my last save I've taken to the habit of giving every single player a squad number, I don't like giving out numbers mid season and considering I normally use 50 odd players in a season I just gave everyone I might possibly use a number, I only had like 20 players left over so I thoughtt I may as well give them numbers too .
  21. Not really playing FM13 at the moment, I just can't seem to get myself moivated to play past the first few months. I'm not blaming the game at all, I think it's just my disillusionment with the Man Utd team and English football in general which has kept me from commiting to a save. Hopefully I'll either get over it or find someone else to manage soon. :/
  22. I had some success getting Nani to play in a similair role in a lopsided 3-4-1-2 back in FM12. I basically put him in the STL position, set as an IF (support), only change I made was to set him to man mark the oppositions DCr which stopped him staying too wide for too long, both with and without the ball.
  23. Surely scoring goals is the most important aspect of football (up for debate fo course, but I doubt many people would go for dribbling as the number one most important thing in football)
  24. I did quite enjoy doing training schedules, although it was one of things you just did at the start of the game and then ignored... The old system was a bit to formulaic (not quite the word I'm looking for but close), in that you just set it up in a certain way according to how a bunch of equations interact with each other, the new system feels less like that which is nice, it's also much more realistic...
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