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  1. Was wondering if someone could help me with some issues I am having with regards to passing out from the back;

    1. Goalkeeper too hasty to get rid of the ball: This is a really annoying problem, will be playing it around nicely, run out of forward passes so look to go back to the keeper (good, I want that to happen), but when the keeper gets it he too often plays a pass back to the defenders straight away, or hoofs it long because there isn't a short passing option. What I want him to do is hold on to it for 4-5 seconds to allow my outfield players to reset their positioning and offer an easy pass for the goalkeeper. [Was an easy fix in FM13 by ticking 'Hold Ball Up' on keeper, but can't find that option , if it exists on FM14].

    2. Defensive midfielders and defenders standing on top of each other at goal kicks... this used to happen in FM13 as well and I find it incredibly annoying, it makes playing with DMr/DMl a lot less attractive imo.

  2. Does anyone else find the way of denoting new formations as 4-2DM-3-1 instead of 4-2-3-1 DM a little jarring, to me it just looks odd. Likewise for 4-1-2-2-1, I really don't understand why it needs to be 4-1DM-2-2-1.

    Other than that I have to say I'm flabergasted by how much faster FM14 is than FM13, hopefully that'll stick all the way through long saves where the numbers of plaers increases quite substantially.

  3. I'm kind of annoyed that it looks like I won't be able to re-create my ludicrously good tactic from FM13 (as it had a defender with RFD/RWB set to sometimes over rarely) but in all honesty I haven't had a proper play with the new system yet so I can't say that's not definitely true.

    At the moment I'm a bit lost with the shouts, struggling a bit to apply them to different situations and which do what exactly but that's something I'll pick up relatively quickly after I get a good save going I reckon. All in all I'm pretty positive about the new system as a whole.

  4. Another great piece llama3, looking forward to the next two :D.

    One thing I would mention though is in your section on back-3's you didn't mention the Defend-Cover-Defend combination. For me at least this has been a very successful set up with the central CB playing as you'd expect from a cover duty but the two outside players playing slightly more conservative than they would on stopper. For me I found them a little less likely to be caught out of position and so more able to deal with wide players when they came into play. This was more pronounced against 1 striker where I found them a little prone to go chasing the striker leaving a big gap down the side of my defence.

  5. Probably too late to request this so I hope FM 14 adds DOF's to the "add all staff" option upon game creation for all clubs. I found it was hard and took a lot of game-time to sign any DOF especially at lower league levels, and I see the DOF not as just a staff member but as an essential game tool. After all you can sack them on day 1 if they are not required.

    In all honesty while so many English teams (even at higher levels) don't appoint them in real life I don't think we will see DoF's though of as vital staff members to have.

  6. Does anyone do this? They're unique positions in that they're basically more advanced versions of AML/AMR which do not have their own position ratings. I always noticed that the AI never seems to use these, so I never did either, but I'm curious as to whether others have, and whether they've been successful with it. I'd assume they'd mostly be used in 4-3-3 variants.

    The only time I've ever seen the AI use these positions was in FM2012 when the manager of the US national team, whose name escapes me, decided to use a flat 4-2-4 for the 2026 World Cup... they did pretty well, basically out scoring teams til they were beaten by Italy in the semi-final who essentially just didn't let them have the ball.

    I've used them a couple of times, usually only in one off games when I think I can get in behind a particularly attacking full back, did briefly use it as part of a 4-4-2 diamond with the two strikers move out to the wide positions though that didn't work well enough for me to stick with it very long.

  7. For real players would be Javier Hernandez, he was a beast for me on FM12, regularly scoring 40+ goals a season and ending his international career with over 100 goals for Mexico (!!!).

    That said I did have another striker, a Brazilian regen called Daniel Silva (on the same save) who was also ludicrously prolific and when I got bored of that save he did have at least a 1:1 goals:games ratio. Interestingly I also had a German regen on that save who I signed when he was 15, he went on to score over 90 goals for the youth team that season (about 50 were assisted by the same player) and had 12 in 8 apps when he broke in to the first team the next season (that January was when I finished the save).

  8. I've played some strange tactics but the only one I've used for any length of time is a 3-3-4 I developed as an all out attack alternative to my 3-1-4-2 formation, essentially as a way to just bulldozer through stubborn defences.

    Lines Up as:

    DC - DC - DC

    - DM -

    MC - MC

    AMR - AML

    ST - ST

    It's pretty vulnerable to counter attacks in wide positions but it's a risk worth taking for the added attacking threat vs the controlled possession of my other 2 tactics.

  9. Some of the new roles look interesting and I'm interested to know how they will integrate with the already existing roles, for example the descriptions of the Limited Full back and Complete Wing Back seem quite similar to how I would interpret the Full Back (Defend) and Wing Back (Attack) respectively, likewise with the potential similarities and differences between Advanced Playmaker (Support) and Enganche.

    Also it looks like the Ball-Winning Midfielder can be deployed in the DM position... will be interesting to see how that fits.

    As for the personal shouts, I just hope that we won't be limited by what shouts we can use for what position, because I have become rather fond of having both DM's and DC's with RFD mixed or often.

    Think it is more aggressive, in comparison to a deep lying playmaker, reading the description, it sounds like Xavi to me, who does play a little higher up the pitch than somebody like pirlo.

    I interpreted aggressive as passing style and would say Pirlo was the more 'aggressive' of the two because he is more likely to look for long passes and through balls whereas Xavi is more likely to play safer and keep possession of the ball.

  10. When taking throw-ins in the defensive third of the pitch players just aimlessly lob it up the pitch instead of throwing it to an unmarked team-mate, gifting the ball back to the opposition 20 yards from your own goal.

    Players getting caught offside at throw-ins... possibly one of the most infuriating things in football in general, not just on FM.

    Players preventing a throw-in so they can head it out for a corner.

  11. Not so much interested in the specific role, but the DC splitting is something that would be nice and has also been discussed on these forums probably as long as Barca have been using it with Busquets dropping in between.


    I think what I most want to see in FM14 is more lateral movement, not just from CB's but from all central players (especially AMC's because I'm desperate to get Valbuena to play the way he does in real life), with increased lateral movement and a little tinkering of the Anchor-Man role I think you could make a pretty reasonable imitation of Busquets' role.

  12. In a past Man Utd save I 'loaded' Antwerp full of African, Asian and South American regens who were waiting to get work-permits and I was pretty impressed with the results. The first season I did it I sent 9 players there, all of them were in their team of the season and they completely ran away with the league (Belgian 2nd tier). I didn't get to see the full extent of it though as in mid-April the next season (when Antwerp were looking good for European qualification with my players help) my laptop had a boo-boo and I lost the save :(.

    The ultimate goal was to get Antwerp into the Champions League so that I knew that by sending players out on loan they would still see high quality football.

  13. C. It can only do the things you can do. Actually that's a lie, it can do far less than you can. The AI see's tactics and roles and can't identify any manual changes you've made. So a DLP will always be seen as a DLP by the AI even if you've manually changed every single slider to reflect a BWM etc. It uses the TC so sees things as roles.

    Out of interest has anyone deliberatley tried to manipulate the ME by manually setting all the sliders to something else, maybe by editing a DLF(S) to use all a Poacher's slider settings to trick the opponents defence into coming higher up the pitch and allowing more chances in behind?

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