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  1. My general policy = more leagues available the better. Remember though, if for whatever reason SI don't add it there is always the editor, where you can fairly easily and quickly (usually takers me about 1 or 2 hours where clubs already exist) to set it up and add it to the game yourself.
  2. Will depend on what save I am playing as each of my teams plays a different way, but I'll use my Man Utd save where I play a possession based 3-1-4-2. In no particular order I keep an eye on; -Pass Completion: I want to keep my opponents below 75% and my own teams above 80% but preferably at 85% ish. -Particular passing stats for DM and CMr: these two are the most important players for me to keep the ball so I keep a particular eye out for their pass numbers. -Shots on Target: Look to get about half my shots on target, with the vast majority coming from inside the box. -How effective are my wing backs? Both offensively and defensively. Are they being exposed in behind (sometimes I will push everyone higher to counter this as it stops the long diagonals coming in the first place), are they offering enough going forward, etc. -How is my CMl playing; as the main link between midfield and attack how successful is he being and where is he being more successful; depending on that I will either try to get him to play with more/less width. -Are strikers making the right runs for that opponent, if not it can usually be fixed by a change in personnel if nothing more subtle works.
  3. Use him as a CM-A attack with Roam from position, Close Down More, Get Further Forward and Run Wide With Ball. This works really well for me. Credit should go to this article though, which is well worth a read.
  4. This. You could argue it's fairly realsitic though, I mean it's not like Carrick, Busquets, etc regularly get showered with praise is it? I tend to find DLP-D the worst for being underated. I recently had Daley Blind complete over 130 passes, 100% of 7 tackles, 8 interceptions and get a rating of 6.6.
  5. My usual set up once I have too much money is to get one of my feeder clubs to do well by buying up a load of young talent and then shipping them off there to play. In my last save I managed to get Antwerp from the Belgian second tier to Champions League qualification in 4 years which I was pretty happy with
  6. Pretty good performance by van Persie (assisted the other two goals and got a 9.8 rating) helped out by some stupid Hull defending.
  7. Using a transfer update am currently using a 3-1-4-2 with Di Maria rotating with Januzaj in central midfield. Mata is primarily playing as a CF and doing reasonably well (scored 4 against Huddersfield in the cup) but Rooney/Falcao is my first choice up top. Doing well-ish early on, only problem is players keep getting injured and Blind is getting horrible ratings when playing as a DM (he got a 6.3 rating despite completing over 100 passes against Hull and making a number of important tackles/interceptions).
  8. Obviously up for discussion but I think that it is more likely to be seen in real life than in the game (working anyway). I watched Atletico a number of time last year and I would say that the two istructions met fairly well with what they were doing; Sitting tight and compact, relatively deep when the opponents defenders had the ball, but as soon as the ball came into a forward/attacking midfielder they would pounce and harry them off the ball.
  9. I got Petr Cech to get a 1.1 rating when I was messing about once, he had to concede 25 goals for that though...
  10. In addition to what others have mentioned I also like to hire a DoF who has the same type of playing style as I have. Not really sure if it gives any benefit as I only use them to get rid off unneeded players but I do just prefer to have all my senior backroom staff singing from the same tactical hymn sheet as it were.
  11. Almost always, mainly name fixes, any transfers that SI missed and sometimes db's to activate lower/unplayable leagues.
  12. Saw De Gea do something similar for me once, only he dropped it onto the bottom of the post and then spent 15secs rolling around on the floor before the ball actually went in the goal.
  13. As llama said, it might be worth experimenting with the 2 midfield roles to add a bit more variety. Personally I'd change the left CM to a CM(s), he should sit a little deeper and it might help form a connection between your regista and 3 more attacking players which should help against deeper defenses, fits with Pogba/Marchiso's real life role to boot.
  14. Trained Ayew to be a wing back a number of times, Fabio as a central midfielder ( he played every position apart from gk in one season), Kyle Walker was my first choice CB for a while, various central and defensive midfielders as either CBs or STs depending on their attributes. As far as regens go, it's fair game as far as I'm concerned, the position they appear in my youth team is all but meaningless
  15. I tend to play as big clubs so I have a lot if scouts and tend to put a big emphasise that more so with further investment and expansion. I then use those scouts to primarily expand my scouting knowledge and scout the youth leagues of larger nations. I then use the attribute filters to find players I want with that expanded knowledge. Like sosasoser I also use the trick of checking for expiring contracts on january first as its normally a very good way to pick up new players at very low cost, even for the biggest of clubs. I also take a brief look at the same thing in August if I have the Brazilian leagues loaded.
  16. The way I've always combatted this is to save my 1st tactic, then save it to all three tactics slots. Then I put the players into the positions they will play before moving them into their new positions in the 2nd/3rd tactic, then I make any changes to fluidity/instructions/etc. I tend to find that this way means they don't all fly around and end up in all kinds of ridiculous positions as much.
  17. I'd be interested to know how others will use this information to alter how they approach player development. As I can see, you could either try to make use of the low CA cost of less favoured attributes, creating a more well rounded team or focus on high cost-high gain attributes to get players who may well be speciallists in their area of the pitch but are weaker when asked to do more complex things. Initially, as a kind of gut reaction type thing I am tempted by the former option, in an attempt to for instance create a full back with very high finishing/off the ball/technique who can offer a significant goal threat from an area of the pitch the oppositon would not be a expecting a direct goal threat t come from.
  18. I think he rarely gets injured because he tends to avoid tackles pretty well, both when his team has and doesn't have the ball...
  19. Great thread again Cleon, really looking forward to following it again after last years version Just as a follow up to this which has been on my mind for the last week or so. As you say a player needs 15 minutes to get a match rating, but will young players see a bigger benefit from playing more minutes or is it as simple as them just being in the squad and getting on the pitch which helps them to develop?
  20. I generally play with 'hassle opponents' on, mainly from an ideological stand point but in all honesty it's worked pretty well for so far. I think the key is being able to spot when it isn't working. For instance I turned it off when I played Arsenal away from home as I was pretty sure they would have been able to pick me apart if I had kept it on, as a result my team stayed more compact and despite having less possesion I won the game comfortably 2-0. On the other hand, a couple of weeks later I played a Spurs team that were all very tired for some reason (they started they game all about 85% or less condition), so I kept 'hassle opponents on and added 'much higher defensive line' and 'higher tempo', I absolutely demoolished them for 80 minutes, then when they were tired I picked them off easily, scoring 3 goals in the last 10 minutes (after the second goal I dropped the tempo down). The point is there is, in my opinion, a time when every instruction will be useful in some way, totally dismissing one won't help you.
  21. AFAIK non football costs covers things like travel / accomodation for away games, so it would make sense that they would go up significantly upon qualification for continental football. Also a vaugely related question, are the wages to administrative staff (secretaries, dinner ladies, etc) included in our finances in games? If so, would I be correct to assume they would be represented in a 'black hole' for staff wages?
  22. Name : Bressan Nationality : Bulgarian Position : MC/AMC Wage demand : Seems to vary but normally not that far away from about £15k p/w What level he's good for : Easily good enough for mid table Prem teams, could be useful back up for better teams. Anything else you can think of : Played him as a CF on FM13 but havent had a chance to do so yet this year. Does need a work permit but normally it will be granted. Name : Mayke Nationality : Brazilian Position : DR/WBR/MR (also competent in MC/AMR/AMC) Wage demand : <10k p/w What level he's good for : Was decent enough back up for my Man Utd team in the first season, should develop into a 'leading PL RB' apparently . Anything else you can think of : Not strictly a free agent but will join on a free when his contract with Cruzerio finishes (1/12/2013).
  23. This is my next project to do on FM14, I got it to work pretty well in FM13 (with Etienne Capoue) as part of a 3-1-4-2 system but haven't had the time to spend on adapting the role to FM14 yet, mainly 'cause when I have been playing I've been trying to get Rooney to play the way I want him to in partnership with either Kagawa or Hernandez. After that I think I'm going to try experimenting with getting a HB / Libero to play basically the same role, just with different starting positions.
  24. I think the only PPM's I don't use regularly are Dives into Tackles and Argues with Officials... pretty much everything else I use for most positions. NB. Teaching Fabio Cuts Inside, Places Shots, Arrives Late in Opposition Area in FM13, was a touch of genius if I do say so myself, he pretty regularly picked up 10+ goals a season from left back like that.
  25. Because that's what gamers do, they say they want something and then when they get it, say they actually wanted the complete opposite... I know of no game where this isn't the case...
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