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  1. 30 minutes ago, SAF II said:

    Isn't the no nonsense centre back the same as defensive centre back 

    All the new roles seem to be old roles renamed but that isn't necessarily a bad thing, the old names were a little silly. DCB was a but weird because surely every CB is defensive, NCB gives a clearer idea of what it actually means. On the other hand it will be called NCB, which kind of seems like it means Nonsense Centre Back.


    From what we've seen I'm positive, I like that it seems much of the instructions you could have weaseled your way into with previous versions are now much more obvious and intuitive, got to see how it all interacts with the match engine first though because as is the engine just doesn't really seem to understand pressing at all.

  2. 3 hours ago, westmarsh7 said:

    So I’m in January 2nd season.....

    whats everyone’s views on Lukaku he has been terrible for me! 

    Misses so many chances and headers constantly game after game. 

    Is it me or my tactics that causing him to be so poor hahaa

    I sold him end of 2nd season to Chelsea for £65m. Probably could of got more for him but he was unhappy and moaning about not playing enough.


    He played okay for me in the first 2 seasons, but he wasn't clinical enough for my liking, I found that both Martial and Rashford were more reliable in front of goal and suited my tactic much better.


    On balance I don't regret selling him, was able to cope very easily without him and he didn't play all that well for Chelsea before being sold to Monaco for £26m 3 years later.

  3. Finished my first season, squeaked the league as I started playing u23s in the last 5 games.


    Finished the season with a ludicrous CL final against Liverpool. Had Matic sent off in the 40th minute after Pulisic put me ahead. Went behind to 2 Coutinho headers (!). Martial put me level before  rsaljko was sent off with 10 minutes to go, Clyne also sent off 2 minutes later before Martial went on a mad run from half way to win it with 3 minutes left. Insane game and a real fun way to round off the season.


    Martial played insane upfront all season, 32 goals and 7 assists in 29 games including 17 goals in 11 in the Champions League.


    2 hours ago, nextqprmanager said:

    Gunner86, thx for reply, but I should be able to `swap` them shouldn`t I?

    Because If I get rid, then the Staff I want don`t come - I`m stuffed

    If you're in July you have what, 8 weeks to get new staff in before the first international break at the end of August...


    Should be easily doable.

  5. Started a save with Lyon recently, was thinking about a French club as have had fun with a couple before in the past and them signing Memphis in real life tipped me over the edge as he is a personal favourite in FM.

    Seems I was right to place my trust in him as of April 1st in the 2nd season he and Lacazette have formed the basis of a deadly strike force. Memphis has 20 goals 15 assists and Lacazette has 25 goals and 6 assists. With support from Suso, Tolisso and Ferri (all double figures goals + assists) I am pretty happy with my side going forward, just got to get the defence really secure and add a bit of quality in depth and I should be able to put up a proper challenge to PSG.

  6. 1 hour ago, D_LO_ said:

    I noticed this, usually I distribute to full-backs but changed to centre-backs due the advanced wide-men. Naturally my back line seemed more spread so it worked ok. It sounds like you've got 3 at the back though? I'd imagine they are spread less and being more narrow it's easier for the opposition to cover them. Sounds like it's something which you will have to endure with the formation unless you change to a back four and distribution like I have. Clearly there's not enough width in your back-line to enable this versus some formations. Sometimes you can't 'shoe-horn' specific instructions versus some formations but nor should you necessarily want to. 

    Naturally one of the best ways to combat the press is by going more direct though so it does sound like your goal-keeper is actually being quite pro-active so I wouldn't necessary say I have a problem with it depending on what's happening with the first and in particular second balls.. It might be worth considering your options with these if you are getting consistently beaten in this aspect, if you're not willing to change your formation. 

    I actually play a sort of 3-2-3-2 with only 1 centre back. I was sort of frustrated with a previous 4-1-4-1 (had the same problem in that formation as well) that wasn't working so this evolved as sort of awhy-the-hell-not kinda thing but I have won 5 games in a row with an aggregate score of 14-3 and have played Man City, Dortmund, Liverpool and Chelsea in that run.

    What happens is that while the two FBs go wide (and are marked by AMR/L, the 2 DMs basically just stand next to the CB allowing all 3 to be marked by one striker. The DMs being in a relatively deep position then makes it quite difficult to consistently win 2nd balls in midfield after a long kick.



  7. Anyone got any tips for playing out from the back when the opposition play with AMr/l. I tend to find that my GK won't play short when their eis someone within about 15 yards of one of my defenders, even if I have a DM who drops back to add an extra man.

    With 5 players (3 defenders and 2 DMs) marked by only the front 3 of the opponent I regularly find it quite hard to build from the back and impose myself on the game.

  8. On 03/11/2016 at 12:40, _Daniel_ said:

    It will depend on their role and if they are Support or Attacking. Also, what is the team mentality? if it's attacking/control they'll be less likely to track back.

    Tried with wide players set to Winger (Support) and Defensive Winger (Support), did try Defensive Winger (Defend) but that didn't work at all.


    Team settings were set to Fluid Counter, did also try Fluid Control.

  9. Anyone having trouble playing a back three with wing backs in the MR/L position?

    I'm finding that players in that position don't defend at all, they don't track opponent midfielders and they don't get into good positions in attack.

    It does work much better if those players are positioned at WBR/L however they then fall back far too readily into positions level with the centre backs. Maybe its just a personal thing but I really don't like that, for me, it means they are too far away from their opponents, especially against 4-4-2 systems.

  10. Okay, so strated my first save, played a couple of games, initial thoughts on the game in general;

    -The UI is in no way near as jarring and ugly as I initially thought, having to get used to some things that moved, but it seems okay.

    -Player interaction feels a little more sensible

    -Transfers seem odd, seems quite a lot easier for the player to push bids up, but the NPC managers don't do the same. Was able to get Balanta for £6.5m, Romero for £7.5m. Also seen Sirigu and Motta leave PSG for £3.3 and £1m respectively. Obviously I'm not very far in, others seeing similar?

    -The new roles seem okay. I don't think Ramdeuter is playing differently enough to IF(A) from the little I have seen and why we can't have an Inverted Full Back on attack duty I don't know (yes, I might want my full back to be a direct goal threat, bite me!).

    -Central Defenders are total idiots. Both with and without the ball they continuously do stupid stuff, from ignoring the ball, to smacking it long for no reason, they are like a tutorial of exactly how NOT to be a CB at the moment.

    -Players don't react quick enough. Be it from set pieces, misplaced passes, deflections, whatever players take an age to change what they are doing. Had a good example just now where one of my players miss placed a raking ball out to the right, instead of getting the ball my players, and the opposition just ran straight back to their goal while the ball slowly trickled out of play.

  11. I'm fairly fluid with my numbering, normally just going with whatever seems 'right' for a player (I have been known to go on to the Man Utd store page to have a look what number feels right).

    That said certain numbers do go to certain players:

    Goalkeepers get numbers 1, 34, 51, 73

    12 and 13 normally stay unassigned

    5,15 normally go to CBs

    16 to a defensive midfielder

    number 92 (the number I have on the back of all my shirts irl) goes to a regen who comes through that I like, is then kept till they retire or someone I like more comes along.

    Seems like I am in the minority when it comes to large and 'stupid' numbers, in cup games it's mot unheard of to see my teams with no player wearing a shirt with a number under 50...

  12. If you look at the club the player is going to and check the other players in his position you can usually tell whether key player is a realistic promise or not

    Don't just believe the contract negotiations, Actually check

    I rarely get caught out by doing this, And always have the recall option so you can get them back in the next window if needed

    Also don't forget you can speak with loan team managers if they aren't fulfilling their contractual obligations. I recently loaned a keeper to Fulham, he played once before Christmas when I spoke to their manager, between then and now (March) he has played every game with an average rating of 7.29.

    In general though I think the loan system works fine for me. I NEVER loan out young prospects though, I don't see why you would, you lose control of their development and how much / what type of football they play; for me that's not an attractive prospect. What I do use loans for is increasing the value of players I don't want anymore, it works reasonably well and you can make decent profit on players that way. I also use loans to secure work permits.

  13. In the 2011-12 season.

    The problem with this sort of question is what point does it all stop.

    Yes, the Cypriot league has come on a lot in the past few years and the OP has a point in case when the likes of Iceland and Slovenia are already in the game but I guess it will come down to research availability as well.

    I'd like to see a couple of rogue nations myself. The likes of Kosovo or maybe Greenland. But now I'm beginning to dream, or go mad. :cool:

    Oh, and I voted for Yes. :)

    I'm not totally up on how SI recruit researchers but would it not be possible for the the OP in question to volunteer his services on that front. Would obviously need to be checked by someone else of course, but it's a start.

    Voted no cause more added leagues will inevitably just steal dev time and there are far more important matters for them to be doing, I feel we have enough leagues as it is.

    I personally won't be satisfied until we have ALL leagues playable, at least all professional leagues, including women's competitions also.

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