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  1. ilCuoreDiRoma

    Default database or latest

    no wonder. everytime i holiday using the default database, the richest clubs by year 2100 are always English/German/Spanish/French, but never Italian
  2. force to him on loan to your siberian feeder club he'll be spending hours chopping through the ice in the toilet everytime he has to poop haha just kidding he'll be 600 miles from a toilet
  3. I used to play a lot of video games like COD, BF, CS etc, as well as FIFA, PES etc. But now that i'm working full time, FM is the only game I play now when I get off work. With commute time, I work 730-1930, so when I get home, I'm usually tired and stressed out. The last thing I want to do is test my mental reflexes on shooting games or football games. FM is a very slow paced game that doesn't require a lot of attention. Not true for most other games unless it's a turn-based game. However, out of all turn-based games out there, I like FM the most because of the continuity. Unlike games like Civ and X-COM, you can't "beat" FM. It's an endless game.
  4. ilCuoreDiRoma

    How addicted are you ?

    lol at all you guys with single digits for days 62 days 9 hours 3 minutes Nothing to see here, move along....... i've only done one save since FM13 came out. i haven't started a second save
  5. The best part is playing against those same players. I sent 10+ players on loan to my Rosenborg (I'm Blackburn). At the end of the season, both Blackburn and Roseborg makes the Europa League final. I told my players to go easy on the tackle lol. Don't want to injure any of my players. A similar thing happened when I loaned 4 strong upandcoming players (Fierro, Erick Torres, Pogba, and a regen) to Middlesbrough and they met me at the Carling Cup final. But the players were cup tied so they couldn't use them. I still lost :o
  6. regen from China, centerback, but i converted him to a wingback because he was short and speedy he had 195 potential ability
  7. ilCuoreDiRoma

    Your best "worst" player?

    centerbacks always do well in FM13. if you check the best player by "avg rating" in the EPL every season, it'll always be a centerback for this reason i never buy 4-5 star centerbacks anymore. they're overpriced and you can get decent performances out of 2 or 3 star centerbacks
  8. when your My Documents folder starts to become looking like mine or when your Photobucket/Dropbox account is full of nothing but screenshots of your FM results, achievements, starting XI, and regen profile
  9. ilCuoreDiRoma

    FM13 Blackburn Rovers Team Guide

    yes, him and Grant Hanley. but Lowe was much worse than Hanley in discipline. i played Lowe as a right wingback so his job was to basically run up and down the flank tackling the living * out of the opponent. i played Hanley as center back. during bigger games against strong opponents, i would played Hanley as a right fullback. Dann/Givet as centerbacks, with Lowe in midfield as a destroyer. i'm always guaranteed a red card in these matches with both Hanley and Lowe starting together. eventually i sold Lowe to Wolves for €12m and Hanley to Spurs for €24m
  10. ilCuoreDiRoma

    FM13 Blackburn Rovers Team Guide

    i'm the Thomas Schaaf of Blackburn. i've had FM13 since game release November 2012 and i have not managed any other team but Blackburn. nor have i ever started a 2nd save i'm currently in Spring 2017. never won the quadruple yet but i've won the league a few times, won the CL back to back, and won a few domestic cups here and there. my greatest feat was winning the league undefeated in 2015/16 my project was to make Blackburn all-English, and to make the English national team all-Blackburn i succeeded in doing so by 2016 now i'm selling all the non club homegrown players like Barkley and Ox and trying to build a team of English/homegrown players only the board is building a new stadium, capacity about 55,000, to be completed in 2018 the only players i've kept since the start of the game are Urwin, Cotton, and Rittenberg. i've retrained Cotton to right wingback where he's been class. i've made Cotton Blackburn's vice captain because he's been a one-club man (Phil Jones is captain)
  11. ilCuoreDiRoma

    FM save 4/29/2036

    i used Genie Scout and used player search throughout my holiday to look for ONLY non-regen players i stopped in February 2036 and saw there was only one player left i looked him up in-game and it said he was retiring on 4/28/2036. so i holidayed the rest of the way until 4/29/2036 and saved the game then i can't remember his name but it was a GK who originated at Padova at the start of the game Genie Scout doesn't edit any data so it won't cause any save glitches like some other softwares out there
  12. yes England 2018 Butland Jones Chalobah regen Shaw McEachran Ox Barkley Ward Powell Campbell super-subs: Sterling, Green, Cotton, Rittenberg, Urwin and these are all my club players too lol
  13. ilCuoreDiRoma

    FM save 4/29/2036

    most of the ones i've seen have only England as playable. this one is more balanced by having 4 countries as playable for the past ~15 years. someone actually made the request to me on another forum. i just thought i'd share on this forum as well since there's more viewers/members here
  14. i holidayed a new save unemployed to 4/29/2036 (the day the last non-regen player retired). as of now, the entire gameworld is composed of regen players (staff most still non-regen) anyone interested? i made Italy, Germany, England, and Spain playable since game start so there's a lot of relevant data and a lot of detailed player development across these 4 countries. the file size is 712 MB http://bitshare.com/files/fo4vwt8g/future.fm.html