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  1. do not try this pack for FM2011 it will not WORK you have bee warned
  2. Having sed all that . i do remenber Minimal_Fuss tactics to be very good from fm2007 and was one of the most downloaded tactics from that game .with his Minimal_Fuss v1, v2, v3, v4
  3. And also remenber there is a chance that he may never be happy with his work on the tactic there for the hole thread becomeing point less. So again i say once your happy then make the thread
  4. Well if you have a tactic ready then .. more can try it . better feed back on the tactic it self . helping in making a tactic better . the more teams its played with the better chance of building on it .
  5. How many times do we see a thread like this ie: I am making a tactic then they post all there pics of how good there doing only not to put any links to the tactic .. Why not make the thread when you have a tactic ready for others to try .
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