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  1. I'm enjoying the beta so far, but for me there seem to be a few odd things this year that are small things, but easily changeable I imagine. Some will have been mentioned, no doubt. I'll bold the main idea of the point if no-one can be bothered reading. First of all, the number of off the ball fouls that lead to penalties is ridiculous and by contrast the number of regular fouls leading to penalties is probably too low. I have played one and a half seasons and so far every penalty I've seen (admittedly I don't always watch the game, but I do most of the time) has been a random off ball incident. Of course these do happen in real life, but 10+ a season for one team? I don't think so. This isn't even something that works to my disadvantage really, it's both for and against me that these penalties occur. Secondly, some player values seem to have just risen astronomically during my save and it makes some parts of the game look unrealistic. For example, I looked at Sunderland's squad at the beginning of the 16/17 season and found Fabio Borini was worth £30m. This would maybe more acceptable if all players rose like that, but Diego Costa and Mata were only £34m and £38m by comparison. Borini wasn't the only case, various Newcastle players (Ayoze, Sissoko, Thauvin) had also risen near £30m along with some Leicester players (which is actually fairly realistic at the moment). Finally, players seem to become favoured personnel/icons/legends too easily. For example, I am running a Middlesbrough save were Seb Hines has became favoured personnel despite the fact that he starts the game at Orlando on loan and I released him as soon as I returned. Albert Adomah has very quickly became a legend in less than two season as well and while he has played well, I don't think he would be anywhere near legend status if it were real life. So that's all I have in terms of issues so far. The rest of the game seems great and an improvement on 15 which seemed a bit ball breaking at times. tl;dr - The amount of off the ball incidents leading to penalties is too high. - Some average player's values balloon for no apparent reason. - It's too easy for players to achieve icon/legend status at a club.
  2. I recently installed a face pack and was pretty disappointed by the quality of some of the faces included in the pack, what made it worse was that it replaced the pictures of those already with pictures in the game (BBVA players for example). Unfortunately when I delete it, it just makes everyone blank with no faces again. Does anyone know how to restore the player pictures back to the default?
  3. I've tried, but it's still the same scenario as before. For example I have Carvajal worth 25m with first team role and I had no intention of selling, but just for the sake of testing it I negotiated Juventus' £10m bid. That bid is obviously horrible and even worse than that 8 of it was in monthly installments, but anyway I negotiated 18 and they instantly withdrew even though 18 would still be a very unacceptable offer imo. The only way to get a fair price is to offer to clubs for the price you want unfortunately.
  4. I'd love to, but for some reason that triggers the players' thinking their asking price is too high so then they get unhappy. It would still be a problem even if I could reject them that easily though, I should be receiving realistic bids only.
  5. The idiotic offers under my players' valuations are still going on. Seriously this is the biggest issue in the game imo and it hasn't been addressed yet. It's unbearable if your players are on good form getting ten offers a turn you have to reject for 0.5x their value when you wouldn't even sell them for double their value really. Still the other changes are a welcome thing for me.
  6. Despite this, I've launched the game and online mode is available, 'beta' is no longer in the bottom right corner of the main menu. It appears updated yet the install is still supposedly stuck.
  7. I've had the beta since it was released and today received my full copy from Amazon, but after typing the code in to Steam it is stuck on 'preparing football manager 2014 files to install' which is the first part of the installation. I'm a bit wary of cancelling it since my code will count as used now. How do I solve this? Thanks in advance for any response and sorry if it has been a common question (a quick search suggests it hasn't though).
  8. It's probably easier said than done, but please fix whatever causes crash dumps. Ruins so many saves it's ridiculous.
  9. Please god fix the preliminary squad cut down dates for international tournament. It's so annoying selecting 30 players only to send 7 of them back home before you've even played the first friendly. Pretty happy that you can loan players back where you bought them from now though.
  10. Don't make it classify as being 'Sacked' by a club you leave at the end of the contract. I don't like seeing that I've been sacked when in truth I rejected their contract offer. And for that matter, allow people to be 'Interim' or 'Caretaker' Managers when accepting a short term deal, I only wanted to manage Celtic for four months and boost my rep by winning them a title, it would be nice if my job was described as that type of role.
  11. I said this in the old thread a long time ago, but it would be nice to have a player instruction to tell a player to stay on his feet or go down in the box. There could also be a player trait for this (if there isn't already).
  12. I'd like to see an option in team instructions to tell players whether to go down easily in the box or stay on their feet.
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