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  1. Hi, Oli Norwood from Sheffield United retired from international duty but on my save still got called up. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/49396878
  2. Really great read. Thank you very much. Being a United supporter it makes it so much more relate able. I've been doing a lot of thinking on how to implement our system which to me seems near enough impossible. The overlapping centre backs. The lateral movement of the Attacking midfield overloading the wide areas. I know your system isn't a full copy of the Wilder one but will be following with great interest. Keep up the good work. P.S Just promise me you'll never replace Coutts haha
  3. End of the first season report Just a quick end of the season update. After a slow start to the season my team seemed to slowly gain momentum. I think becoming familiar with my Wilder tactic helped. I seemed to pick up results away from home by changing the mentality. Something I may need to do permanently in the Championship. The biggest highlight for me was my strike partnership of Cummings and Sharp tearing the league apart. I used Cummings as an Advance forward and Sharp DF/S. Cummings found himself being called up to the Scotland Squad. Only a certain Ched Evans stopped them being 1 and 2 in the league scoring charts. A big mention to Jake Wright as well. Not sure how other people found him but he was a Rock, offered a new contract but I will need some better quality there to cope in the championship. I'm going to start assessing the squad for what I need to compete in the Championship. Defenders are a must. Any recommendations? How is Clough? He's tempting me. Also does anyone have any experience with developing Semple? He looks a decent prospect.
  4. Just a quick tip. I've noticed that towards the end of the first season the sell on clause for Calvert-Lewin is available to cash in. It's about 500k so its helpful. I hope everyone is enjoying their save.
  5. I've finally got my save up and running. I had a bit of a shaky start with a few unconvincing wins and a couple of close losses. As the Tactic familiarity started to rise and a few tweaks we are starting to pick up. I used the Walker money to sign Cummings and John Mcginn. It set me back about 1.5m but Cumming is on fire. Mcginn not so much. I'm going to move along with what I've got for now and assess in January. This is the tactic I've settled on so far. Reed is being kept out of the side by Coutts. The best result of the season so far when it just seemed like the tactic clicked, but we will see Time to start picking up consistent wins. I'll update when I hit January.
  6. Advanced forward for me. He leads the line and that's where you want him. He is struggling at the moment though for me. I'm trying to analyse the problems. It seems the lack of quality balls in from the full backs is affecting him. Going to try low crosses for a few games.
  7. Hi Reedy, Not far off of how I see it at all. Its difficult to interpret the midfield roles with both Coutts and Fleck used as deep lying play makers. This I believe is frowned upon in the tactics forum? I'm not sure. I've gone for Coutts DLP/Defend and Fleck DLP/Support. Often Fleck is pushed a little further forward. Something I will be keeping an eye out against Coventry tonight. Matty Done for me is a Defensive Forward support. He seems to be playing well for me 10 goals in 14. I'm not sure how to post screenshots but for team instructions I have a high defensive line. Max Team pressing. Get Stuck in and be more expressive. I'm uncomfortable with using work ball into the box because Wilder likes quick transitions. It's just when teams are sat on their own line at the Lane it dictates us playing this way.
  8. Brilliant thread so far. I'm a long time lurker on these forums so seeing this about my boyhood club I couldn't help but get involved. As a season ticket holder I've been mightily impressed since the team of Wilder and Knill took over. Slowly restoring the passion in the club with tactics that are a breath of fresh air compared to the Adkins Era. I'm going to try and emulate the Wilder approach, favouring the high press, quick tempo 3412 formation. I should be able to post screens of how I'm going replicate this later. I'll start with my opinions on the squad. How I feel about them and my opinions on their usage in game. Goalkeepers Simon Moore Currently Wilders No1 and totally deserves to be. Replacing a shaky George Long at the start of the season. His non stop communication which can be heard throughout Bramall Lane must surely Help Defenders. In terms of the game. Steady Goalkeeper who won't let you down. However in my opinion I think playing George Long would be a better choice. Especially if you can get the early promise he showed out of him. Simon Moore. Second Choice. George Long Not being able to access the game while typing this I can't see all his stats but if memory saves me right he has brilliant reflexes. Game time will only help him here. Potential to be a championship keeper I believe. George Long. First Choice. Aaron Ramsdale Recently made his full debut for us in the cups. A young England International. Has all the attributes to be a brilliant goalkeeper with bigger clubs reportedly sniffing around. Criminally underrated goalkeeper on FM so not totally sure what to do with him. You could either keep him as your number two to Long and move on Moore. Or simply let his contract expire at the end of the season. Aaron Ramsdale. Undecided. Defenders Keiron Freeman Keiron doesn't look to great to be honest. Going into this before seeing his in games I would have assumed he'd be an easy choice for right back but now i'm not too sure. This is an area you might want to improve. Personally I'm going to see what I can get out of him before the return of Brayford at the end of the season. Ethan Ebanks-Landell Becoming a cult hero this year at Bramall Lane with his no nonsense aggressive style of defending. This guy will tackle anything that moves. Should be your first choice CB at the side of Jack O'Connell. I will be playing him the right side of my three centre backs. I believe he could easily play in the championship so if he becomes available for a reasonable price. Go for it. Reece Brown Signed on a short term deal purely for cover. Not seen anything of him personally. In regards to the game. I think he will be useful back up. I will probably let his contract run down. Totally your choice what to do here. Danny Lafferty Signed on a season long loan from Burnley. Steady full back. Nothing spectacular. I will try to train him LWB to suit the Wilder formation. I will probably rotate between him and Chris Hussey. Keep until the end of the season then asses. Jake Wright Suprise of the year for me. Signed on a free due to Wilder thinking the dressing room was too quiet with not enough leadership. I can't speak highly enough of him, a calming influence in the team. My heart is telling me to play him in game but honestly I think he is probably best used as back up. Keep for the season then assess. Jack O'Connell Signed from Brentford at the start of the season. Showing glimpses of what I expected when he signed after a shaky start. Your first choice ball playing CB for me. Brilliant defensive stats and the rarity of a high passing stat for a league 1 defender. Still young. Keep him. Play him. Watch him grow into a high championship level defender. James Wilson Not sure what to make of this signing. Capped by Wales I believe but found himself without a club. I assume he was signed for a back up role. This is what he should be used as. Steady back up but seems like he can be confrontational so good luck keeping him happy. He may have more opportunities with my 3 Centre back set up but personally I'd use him as back up. Chris Hussey An early signing by Mr Wilder. Apparently a deadball specialist with a wicked left foot. The less said about his defending the better. He had a shocker at the start of the year and found himself warming the bench. In game I will be rotating him with Lafferty, the wing back role should suit him more. I'll see how he gets on. Overall you have two outstanding centre backs who are easily good enough to help mount a promotion charge. Steady back up. Would look to improve the fullback area if your budget allows Midfielders Chris Basham He divides opinion at Bramall Lane. His energy around the pitch is brilliant. The sliding tackles he makes are second to none to. But for what he has in energy he certainly lacks in technical ability. Wayward passes and slow thinking are enough stop him playing at an higher level. Personally I like Bash. He's a brilliant player to have. I would train him to play CB as another option. I'm undecided. He could be brilliant as a midfield destroyer alongside Fleck. Its a good problem to have. Keep Bash, for me he's a starter. James Wallace The enigma that is James Wallace. Oozes quality but unfortunately he's made of chocolate. Injuries have ruined his career at Sheffield United. He's not been involved in the first team under Wilder and I suspect he's free to go. On here however I find him quite a handy player to have. He offers vital back up with some decent looking attributes. He won't be needed to play week in week out which he basically cant do. He will be your last choice player in midfield but if the budget is tight, keep and release at the end of the season or sell as soon as possible. Louis Reed The Crown Jewel of Sheffield United on this game. He Debuted at 16 and to be honest under Clough he didn't look out of place. Technically gifted with great passing and Vision. He's gone off the boil recently with some question his physicality. He's small, really small, which doesn't help in a mans league. Build your team around him. Seriously do it. Tie him down to a contract as soon as possible and he will flourish. Just watch the interest in him grow. Sell in a few seasons for big money if you wish to. John Fleck Quite simply. I want this guys babies. An unbelievable free signing. Class on the ball. Tough in the tackle. He plays with wing mirrors on. He has to be your number one midfielder here. Play him alongside Reed or rotate with Reed to not overexpose the youngster. Easily championship standard. He has to start. Mark Duffy Another early signing by Tufty. He's been playing the number 10 role this season and although sometimes inconsistent he can produce brilliance. He has quick feet and his movement is brilliant. I will be playing him behind my strikers but if you're using wingers he is your man in an area Sheffield United lack. Useful member of the squad. Depending on where you strengthen he's got to play. Harry Chapman On loan from Middlesbrough. He's a quick tricky winger with great potential. A very nice player to have. He will only get better with games. If you play wingers, use him. Like I said previously there's not much in the wing department in this squad. He might struggle for a place in my 3412/5212 but i'm keeping him. Paul Coutts What has this man become this season? Fellow Blades will be as confused as me with his brilliant form at the moment. He's forming a brilliant partnership with Fleck. I will be using him as back up. I see no other use for him unfortunately. Maybe look to move him on in January. It's your choice but to me he's back up. Matty Done I feel uncomfortable including him in the midfielders. To me he's a striker despite his versatility and this is where I will be playing him. His energy is unbelievable. I will be playing him in a kind of Lower League cut price Jamie Vardy role. He's handy as a winger if you want, but for me. Use him to boost your striking options. Stefan Scougall I quite like Scougs but honestly I cant seem to fit him in. I will be looking for a better option for the number 10 role and don't think this lad will out any of my further back midfielders. Look to sell. David Brooks Another player to add to our midget list. Joking aside hes a decent young prospect. I don't see him breaking into your squad this year and if you rise quickly through the leagues this guy might get left behind. Loan him out and keep a track of his progress. Overall its quite an healthy midfield. Your crown Jewel is there with some handy players such as Fleck and Basham. You might want to look into buying wingers if your system needs them. I will be looking for someone to play behind my front two to challenge Duffy. Strikers Leon Clarke Signed this season because Wilder likes to have different options at the top of the pitch. I don't see him starting for me, but he could be useful late on when chasing games with a route one style. I recommend using him as ack up and looking to offload him sooner rather than later due to his age. Caolen Lavery Signed from the wrong side of the city after a stall in the early promised he showed. Like Clarke he will be back up for me. Decent technical ability and a useful option to have as back up. Billy Sharp Mr Sheffield United Himself. Passionate. Talented. Finisher. He will be my main man this season. I think it would be foolish not use him. Easily capable of helping you get out of League 1. I will be playing him as an Advanced Forward and watch him bag the goals. Keep as captain unless you favour and are going to play Jake Wright. Overall it's not a bad mix up top. Just a little light in terms of numbers. My plan is to use Done as a defensive forward and Sharp advanced forward. I would recommend signing Cummings from Hibernian. I picked him up for about 600k and is giving me a real headache in the team selection. My save is finally up and running so will post how I'm getting on later. If anyone wants to see my interpretation of Wilders tactics then feel free to ask.
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