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  1. You could always download the latest version of the DB and do the changes yourself.. If you are that desperate.
  2. Has there been any update as to when 14.2.3 is coming? 14.2.2 is completely game breaking and unplayable, I have spent 92 hours playing one save game for SI to complete mess my game up in a patch. My team no longer remember the formation they have been playing for the last 5 seasons and doesn't improve ever and had to buy FMRTE to fix this only to find 2 weeks later it has gone back to 7% familiarity. The worse one though is after winning the Premier League, FA Cup and Champions League, all my players handed in transfer requests as they want to play for a club who have qualified for Europe. So now all my players are unhappy. The match engine complaints are always pretty much the same so won't really go into what is wrong with that as everyone knows the idea of FM is to exploit the match engine and most importantly exploit the corner bugs, but I wish I could get a refund for FM this year as it is truly the worst FM in history and I have been playing Championship Manager since the very beginning on Amiga.
  3. I bought a program called FMRTE, you just load the game and set your familiarisation to 100% then just keep doing that every 2-3 games, not ideal but least it kind of works now.
  4. Yes, the game is just bugged for me but found a hack solution on another forum where there is a whole thread on this topic.
  5. Yes nothing has changed since the last patch, tactics were 100% then the patch comes out and drops like a lead balloon.
  6. Both, it is just not going up or anything, it is completely bugged for me, ever since the patch came out it has just dropped and never goes up
  7. I am having massive issues at present with Tactic familiarisation ever since the patch was introduced all my tactics have gone down to having no blue bar, I am not sure if the patch has caused this but at present my training has now switched to nothing but Tactics only Very High intensity and nothing has happened in 3 months.
  8. Patches!

    Right click on the game - Select preferences - Click on updates tab and select automatically keep this game upto date.
  9. I have this problem too I have a defender who scored 43 goals last season, including 3 hat tricks all from corners.
  10. The reason the patch hasn't been released yet is because of a flaw in the game engine. SI are striving to get the game 100% accurate so are working really hard on the Howard Webb effect. If your Man U with Webb at Old Trafford then you should get 100% penalties everytime a player enters the box. They are working day and night but can only get it to 93% at the moment, but they are hoping to get the percentage up by the time the patch is released in March.
  11. I just tried the classice tactic and not the new one and so far very impressed with the results. I have done 2 holiday seasons with Exeter City to try it was not a fluke the first time. But with both holiday games I have finished 4 and 6th in league one, without signing any players at all just using the standard team. So your tactic seems to work whether your a good team or a ***** team. Very well done for this tactic.
  12. Congrats on creating a quality post with lots of well written insights on why you don't rate the new patch. Just cos your favourite player sucks according to the reseacher that does not justify you crying about it.
  13. I added a shortlist from MiniScout and bid on a couple of players and then deleted the shortlists so they are empty, but under manage subscriptions I have 13,000 players listed and all of them are ticked for contract and transfers. I am now getting around 50 new messages a day and it is really starting to pee me off, I unticked quite a few but everytime I move the screen down it freezes for about 30 seconds, this is really annoying and wondered if there is anything I can do about it or anything SI can comment on because on 09 as soon as you deleted the players from your shortlist they wouldnt appear in your transfer news again. Any Help?
  14. Try your local independent stores they are more likely to sell you a copy. I would also try debenhams game stores, as these don't really have the same twatty staff and manager will be more up for getting a sale. I used to work in a debenhams game store and always sold games over the counter before release, as long as you go in with cash and dont mind not getting a reciept they might let you have one. As we used to keep the cash in a tin and run all the transactions through the till on the friday, so seemed no street dates were broken. Tricks of the trade my friends..
  15. As an Exeter fan I would just like to point out that Exeter drew 0-0 at Old Trafford and not St. James' Park. But these results will never be recreated in the game, as just like every football game they don't include random elements like a team really trying and players wanting to put in brilliant performances when the camaras are watching. Althought it would be really nice to see every now and again. As for 9-0 against Ross County that isnt a brilliant result. I have seen bigger friendly results whilst playing the demo and I am sure that it wont be long till someone posts 14-0 result against another weaker team.