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  1. I literally can't play FM because I want to play only with my favourite club (I just can't get around playing with anyone else), but the board has sacked me like 6 times now in November/December if my team's form is patchy. And I've tried everything, formations, tactics, training, instructions, restarted several times and it's the same thing over and over to the point where I got fed up with it and uninstalled the game. This game didn't allow me to play it the way I wanted to.
  2. Goduerza

    Funny Screenshots Thread

    Ouch,the poor keeper! Must have been some mistake.... And an interesting and religious name on this fella....
  3. Goduerza

    Newgen dates - chronological list

    I choose a nation and I click on Clubs -> Transfers ,but I can't see this Youth Player Intake option. What am I doing wrong?
  4. I had a somewhat similar problem which ruined the fun a bit for me.I don't want to post a whole thread for it so I'll just drop it in here.I played against Barcelona in the CL final,but I was amazed to see that Xavi was ineligible for the CL? What?! Did they really not register one of their best players for it? And they played with some poor midfielder instead. Now I like the patch of course,but this is a bit perplexing.
  5. Someone had uploaded a save from 2060 recently,I tried it out and I was annoyed by the obvious lack of players with good flair. If you check this save out,you will see attacking midfielders with brilliant stats all around and then a mindblowing 3 on Flair. I hope I don't get the same shortage of flair players if I ever get 10+ years in the game..
  6. I finished 5th in my league (Italy) which qualifies me for Europa League,but I also happened to win the Champions League. Do I qualify for the CL for next season through the victory in the competition or not? I think you do qualify in real world,just wondering how it is in FM. Thanks.
  7. Lol,Adriano's contract at Roma has been terminated just after the patch went live! I can still sell him for 7M
  8. Goduerza

    AS ROMA property

    I know that all to well. But things are real this time. It will probably happen.
  9. Goduerza

    AS ROMA property

    It is supposed to be competed until March 17,it's too late to be implemented in the database. Look for it next year.
  10. It doesn't let me download it,says download session expired?
  11. Goduerza

    So it's Valentine's Day...

    I read that it could come out a little later this year,around early March. If this delay is at the expense of the biggest bugs like the transfer system and CCC's it's going to be well worth the additional wait.
  12. Goduerza

    Major flaws of FM 2011.

    I don't remember having the same fixtures for multiple seasons in FM10,it's actually very annoying because it's a rather tough one.
  13. Goduerza

    Major flaws of FM 2011.

    I agree with everything stated above. I also want to ask,I just went into my 3rd season and my fixture list is absolutely the same as previous season,why is that?
  14. I have been playing 4-2-3-1 throughout all my seven seasons so far with very seldom changes. The tactics that I use are also more or less the same. The team just works,so no need to fix it when it ain't broken. Paloschi has been pretty good for me so far,in around 15 games he has 13 goals,but my other striker,Hulk,has also gone crazy and is scoring like ****,so there's huge competition for that place on top of the formation. After 15 games I'm 10 points clear in Serie A and qualified through the CL groups with 6 wins, including 4-1 away to Valencia and 7-0 against Macabi Haifa at home.