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  1. Only tested with Galatasaray. I finished a season working on this tactic, fixing here and there as I go, never changed it, kept trying to make it better and better and finally when I started my second season, WOW! My team just became evil and always kept the opponent in their own half. So far I've played 15 games in the league and won it all, conceded only 4 and scored 45 Enjoy it.
  2. set up a meeting with one of my upcoming opponent's player? so I can offer him money to score an own goal or just go easy on me?
  3. I almost broke the game engine. I have been trying to break the Match Engine for the past 2 days, saved before an away game against Arsenal away, So far i came with shots Arsenal = 4 Barcelona 45. I think i broke the game engine but i want to make it worse before i post it int he tactics forum.
  4. Can you please stop trying to convince people into that there is nothing wrong with match engine since you can clearly see that goal keepers are doing amazingly stupid moves and defenders are not defending.
  5. And that kind of stuff has been happening a lot, i am about to give up and wait for a big patch before I continue playing. [video=youtube;kanACvtDvGU] [video=youtube;buQ-Wu99O_k]
  6. I use the smallest pitch size. Training is up to you, you can do whatever you want lol.
  7. I don't use shouts. For OI, I usually go for the Tackle hard, show onto weaker foot for the people i think that's going to be a problem to me. For team talks, I usually let my assistant handle it. I explained it a little in my coaches section on my website. sorry.
  8. I hate life sometimes. Amazing tactic. 15 games No lose until... 2 shots 2 in? ugh
  9. I started as Wolves and I don't have a fitness coach and trying to buy a fitness coach but club keeps saying they don't need ANOTHER fitness coach... which another? i don't even have one. Can you look into that please?
  10. Good luck @ lil ole me. Hopefully it will work for you and your warriors.
  11. Share your must buy players for FM 2013. Young talents, wonderkids, etc.
  12. What are you saying? You can't just buy beta version of a game. You buy the full and get to play the beta and when the full game is released, it upgrades itself to full version. So i am guessing you have the full version and used your code on steam to play the beta right? if so, quit and re-log to steam and it should update it automatically if you have selected that option.
  13. I just logged out and re-logged back into the steam and it automatically starting downloading.
  14. Well... you guys pissed him off and he just sent a " in yo face" goal. [video=youtube;UkPsLDF3OBk]
  15. Maybe, it's both at the same time... this world is magical....
  16. 9000 yards dribbling and scoring is nothing for him. [video=youtube;PGB66ydgco8] and this is what happened after you guys made bad comments on him. [video=youtube;UkPsLDF3OBk]
  17. I agree. I just deleted the game beta, not fun or realistic at all. Need A HUGE! game engine update on this beta.
  18. & I just beat Napoli 3-0 after losing the away game 4-1 in Italy. Galatasaray vs Liverpool in the final... I am scared they will pay to my players too now. ):
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