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  1. Too bad, I liked the Tsubasa feel but thanks very much anyway!
  2. Thank you Michael, it worked, the only problem is that it only uses the first file I renamed, so I've got 23 people sliding on their belly. Is it still possible to have the multiple angles working?
  3. Hello! I've found an old fm2010 folder (graphics/pitch/icons/kit) that changed players from cicles to those: Copying it in the same fm16 folder hasn't worked. Is it still possible to change it?
  4. Did you try clicking on "tactics" on the left panel ?...
  5. Hey Tom, are you going to update your skin, or are you fed up with it ?
  6. edenra

    07 skin

    I'm not saying custom skins are ugly, I'm saying it's hard as hell to make them. And If you don't have enough resolution, they're bugged.
  7. edenra

    07 skin

    It would be easier to play fm07. Skinning is dreadful this year.
  8. Could you remove the huge club logo on the background, it's really weird.
  9. You can still right click on the name of the player to do it, can't you ?
  10. Right click on your team's name. And please guys, read above before posting, it's been answered dozens of times.
  11. You sir, are a boss. Thank you for your determination and patience over these few months to give us such a nice skin, as always. Brilliant work.
  12. Tell me the new patch didn't screw you over again today!
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