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  1. Unlucky in the playoffs. Next season is surely going to be your season to gain promotion.
  2. Is it weird that I pick the team I play as based solely on the colour of their kit? I always try and play as a team in yellow or orange lol. So far this year I've played as Slough, Rushall, Barwell, and now Gosport.
  3. Thanks. So do I. I was going to play for a bit after posting on here last night, but couldn't be bothered lol. Good work on not being relegated by the way. The first season or two can sometimes be very tough. Good luck for next season.
  4. Here we go again. Not sure if I can be bothered with a new save, but I'm going to give it a go anyway and see if I can get into it.
  5. I'm so angry about it. I can't even work out why it happened. I don't have a backup save, and I don't know how to use cloud saving. I'm just going to have to start over again.
  6. I'm so ****ing annoyed with my tablet! I woke up this morning and it was off. I tried turning it on, and it wouldn't start. There was some error with it, and I had to mess around connecting it to my PC just to restore it to factory settings. I lost everything, including all my FM saves! I'm so disheartened by this. I was just about to start my first season in League One, and now it's all gone.
  7. Good luck @libbyshuss. It's good to see people still taking part in the challenge so late on.
  8. £90k is still a fair amount for a player you got for free.
  9. Nice one reaching League Two. Oliver Dexter looks like a good player. Fingers crossed you can keep hold of him for a few more seasons at least. Two of my best young players have gone to bigger clubs, but I got about £150K for each of them.
  10. This is sad news. I count care less about the money. Wood will be missed by the club. I couldn't stop the transfer as he had a clause in his contract which Ross County met. Levi Shaw may be on his way to another club very soon as well ☹
  11. Barwell F.C. - League Two - 2020/21 This season we were really up against it. After back to back promotions, the chances of us avoiding relegation were very slim. League Table - If anyone had told me at the start of the season that we'd finish 2nd, I would have laughed in their face. Unbelievably, we defied all odds and finished just one point behind league winners Plymouth. Past Positions - We had a strange start, drawing four or five games in a row. We then went on a very good run which shot us up to the automatic promotion places. I even spent a week in 1st. It's a shame we couldn't hold on to the top spot, but 2nd is an excellent result. FA Cup - We once again made it to the 3rd round, this time travelling to Stamford Bridge to face Chelsea. They beat us with ease. Carabao Cup - Considering it was our first ever Carabao Cup, we did well to make it to the 3rd round. We got to play Manchester United at Old Trafford, and we have them a run for their money. Checkatrade Trophy - As if achieving automatic promotion to League One wasn't enough, we somehow managed to win the Checkatrade Trophy as well. We dominated Arsenal Reserves in the final. Transfers - Brought in some great young players at the start of the season, with Kyle McFarlane being the best of the bunch. Released a few players who were out of contract and unneeded. Finances - our finances are looking great, with just over £2M in the bank. Club Overview - Our reputation has risen to regional, but we're still on one and a half stars. We're back up to full stadium size, and our training facilities are now basic. 192 season ticket holders is nearly 100 more than the previous season. Manager Profile - Another half a star in my reputation is great. I actually had a job offer from Scottish Premier side Dunfermline near the end of the season. Key Players: Kyle McFarlane - I scooped up a fantastic player in McFarlane. He was the league's top scorer by a country mile. I can't wait to see how he does in League One. Mark Wood - Another great season for Wood. He's improving all the time, and still creating and scoring plenty of goals. Marvin Ekpiteta - Another player who took the step up to League Two in his stride. Levi Shaw - At only 18 years old, Shaw is playing with the maturity of a seasoned veteran of the game. He's one of a bunch of young players I hope will stick with the club for years to come. Higher rep clubs are showing an interest in Shaw though, which may entice him to leave. Career Overview Season League Position Achievements ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2018/19 Vanarama North 1st Champions, FA Trophy winners 2019/20 Vanarama National 6th Playoff winners, FA Trophy winners 2020/21 League Two 2nd Promoted, Checkatrade Trophy winners Next Season I want to say we're going to struggle in League One next season, but this club doesn't seem to care about the odds and predictions. We should avoid relegation, and I'm hoping for good things in the cups again. The board have announced plans for a new stadium, but there isn't much information about it right now.
  12. Congratulations on promotion @CMU Chips. You've definitely earned it. Normally you're forced into a stadium upgrade when you're promoted to a league where you need a higher capacity. It's happened to me two seasons in a row with Barwell. This is my latest upgrade:
  13. @ozzymanborn it's a shame you got sacked. I also got sacked from Rushall on my first attempt at this year's Dafuges. Are you going to have another go with a different team? @berty1978 good luck with Witton. They're a good choice of team. They have a really nice looking stadium in real life. I think I had a go as them in FM15 or 16, and had a lot of fun.
  14. Barwell F.C. - Vanarama National - 2019/20 After our massive over-achievement last season, the prediction for this season was that we'd finish rock bottom of the league and go straight back down. The minimum prediction for us in the FA Trophy was 2nd round, which was a bit surprising as we won it last season. League Table - I would have been very happy with a mid-table finish, as I thought that was as good as we'd achieve. I never thought we'd get into the play-off spots, but we somehow managed it. In the playoff 1st round, we were taken to penalties against Dagenham. We got through to the playoff semi finals, where Hartlepool took us to another penalty shootout. After an even more nerve wracking yet successful shootout, we met Newport County playoff final. They dominated the match, but we were able to score the only goal and gain promotion to League Two! Past Positions - After a few draws which saw us I the bottom half of the table, we found our rhythm and climbed to the play-off spots. That's where we stayed for the rest of the season. FA Cup - We went one better than last season, making it to the 3rd round. We were drawn away against last season's FA Cup winners, Swansea. They best us easily, but we got a nice pay day. FA Trophy - With a minimum expectation of 2nd round, the pressure was off even though we were the defending champions. I wanted us to win it again though, and we did just that. It's a shame we won't be participating in this cup next season. Transfers - This season saw me spend my first bit of cash to bring a player in, but he was a bargain at just £5K. Apart from him, all the other players in and out were free transfers. Finances - A couple of trips to Wembley and the FA Cup run saw us pass £600K at one point, but upgrading our training facilities brought us down to just over £500K. We have a nice transfer budget for next season, but I'll probably move most of that money into the wages instead. Club Overview - We've gained half a star and become a pro club. We're also back in our own stadium, but for half of next season the capacity will be reduced due to one of the stands needing an upgrade to meet League Two standards. Good to see our season ticket holders doubled from the previous season. I'm hoping by the end of next season, we'll see my name with the other club icons. Manager Profile - I gained half a star of reputation, which is nice I guess. I'm now contracted to the club for another two years. With my reputation overtaking the club's, I may have to leave for one of the many Premier League clubs who'll undoubtedly be coming for me next season! 😂 Key Players: Mark Wood - Easily my best signing so far. Wood had a brilliant first season, earning himself Vanarama National player of the season. He also scored the winning goal in both the FA Trophy final and the playoff final. Definitely £5K well spent, and he's been improving in training all season as well. Elliot Rokka - Another great season for the lone striker. He was Vanarama National top scorer. He's also signed a new contract since I took the screenshot, which is great for the club as he'll still be featuring in next seasons first team. Marvin Ekpiteta - Came in on loan from eventual league winner Leyton Orient, and defended like a champ. I've offered him a permanent contract, which I hope he accepts. Jordan Wright - Another new player to the club who had a great season. Wright spent the majority of the season embarrassing defenders on the right wing with his outstanding dribbling skills. Joel Logan - FC United were crazy to let this guy out on loan last season, and even more crazy to let us have him for free this season. Another amazing season for Logan, as he make the left midfield position his own. He scored as many goals as he set up. Career Overview Season League Position Achievements ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2018/19 Vanarama North 1st Champions, FA Trophy winners 2019/20 Vanarama National 6th Playoff winners, FA Trophy winners Next Season Playing in League Two is going to be a massive step up for us, after back to back promotions. I'll be pleased if we avoid relegation next season. Another run to the 3rd round of the FA Cup would be great. Getting past the group stages in our very first Checkatrade Trophy would be a bonus, but that'll be a big ask. I'm not too bothered about the Carabao Cup, but having a good run in that cup would be nice.
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