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  1. Hi everyone, with the win today making Brighton the team to talk about, I might as well take full advantage of the moment. I just posted this to FMHVibe, though under a different name, so don't worry, I haven't stolen . I'm sure Marc will be pleased with this.~ Copypasta starts from here ~ Hey all, I haven't been on for quite a while, but the new Football Manager has somewhat revitalised me! I'm here with a tactic which I cannot guarantee will work for everyone, and it may only work with me. I will give you some backstory on this first. I am a season ticket holder at Brighton and Hove Albion FC and a little while ago, we drew 2-2 with Milwall. The most interesting part of the game however was the 3-4-3 formation that Gus Poyet used. I'm a big fan of 3 defender formations, but you must get it right, or you will be severely punished. Brighton were punished, but a second half switch to 4-3-3 brought them level. This inspired me to make a 3-4-3 tactic which would work with possession-based teams... and it certainly has worked. I'll just show you the most interesting parts but due to the craziness of this, I'm happy to provide more proof if you want. I won the Championship... more than convincingly. I also won the Capital One Cup (just about ) Aaaaand the FA Cup. Bear in mind that this is just an above average Championship side; winning the domestic treble is pretty insane. I'll now post details of my tactics. I'm now in the Premier League and these screenshots are my current squad (which are 3rd place right now and unbeaten in Europe) If you think your midfielders really can't handle box-to-box then I reckon central midfielder would also do the trick. My only real concern was the poor defensive record. I feel that I can fix it by eventually developing top defenders for my team though. That's all I really have to say. I hope it works as well for you lot as it does for me.
  2. These may have already been suggested, but I would like a dark theme. The reason for this being that the darker the screen image is, the lower amount of battery power consumed. This is particularly noticeable on AMOLED devices such as the Galaxy SII - upon which a black pixel means that it is completely OFF, and dark pixels are just that: dark, and therefore less power consuming. This should help handheld users alike to squeeze some extra performance out of their batteries whilst playing FMHi 2013. Also, a feature where you can choose to add extra leagues in the event that you only chose one or two whilst setting up the game. This would mirror the system on FM where you pick the league and it will then load at Christmas time. (Extra leagues such as MLS, Ukraine, Russia would be amazing too!) Cheers!
  3. Can't save or load tactics

    Help! This is crazy! All of a sudden, I can't save or load tactics. If I try to save a tactic, I press 'Confirm' and nothing happens. It's the same when I try to load a tactic also. I've tried uninstalling, reinstalling, clearing data, moving between internal SD and external SD - nothing works. I am running Ice Cream Sandwich on my Galaxy SII, although I'm not sure how relevant that is for it was working fine for weeks. Hope you can help, I'll be fiddling about some more and see if I can fix it. Thanks in advance A QUICK UPDATE: I completely uninstalled the game and reinstalled the game and it seems to be working again. My guess would be due to read/write permissions, but it doesn't matter now. I'll let you know if it happens again. Consider this resolved for now.
  4. Football Manager Handheld + Android

    Hi, this is amazing news. Football Manager was the only thing left restricting me to iOS. (Galaxy S2 will be my new phone) The part which I'm curious about is whether save games are transferable/convertible. I'm not too knowledgeable in the programming field but I don't think the save games would be able to be the same format. I really hope they are - my current save is legendary. (Also, apologies if this has been already answered. I tried looking through all the posts, and I couldn't find an answer, but at the same time, it is 2:30AM ) Thanks so much Marc! Best developer ever!
  5. Aaaaagh!!!!!! Ok, I've achieved a lot of great things on Football Manager, but nothing quite as extraordinary as this... I mean, I'm 12th in the Championship - which is hardly an indicator that I would be able to win the Carling Cup! I even had a news feed saying that a fan spokesman said I was the best manager they had ever had haha! I achieved it by using my 5-3-2 tactic which is here. Also had Counter Attack set to ON.
  6. Look at this cup run! Final is against Man Utd. When I play it, I'll update you all on the result!
  7. Hidden attributes

    +2! I really would love to see a concentration attribute. I've had a major problem with buying goalkeepers with world class stats, with them constantly getting match ratings of 5 or lower.
  8. Yes, I once had an Ashley Cole regen called Stefane Parkes, which isn't the most English name, but I quite like the random names popping up, especially the unique ones.
  9. Well I guess that's one way of looking at it. I imagine the Suriname national team are getting a good deal out of this.
  10. Hey, I was pretty sure regens only generated with the same nationality as the real player? I've had Ivorian Drogba, English Beckham, Spanish Raul, even a Togolese Adebayor. Has this changed with the update or something? Because that's really annoying as I am doing an English-only player challenge, and having Beckham regenerate as a Surinamese free agent is very frustrating lol. Pics here for proof. and Mr Hendriks...
  11. Ok, I've started the second season. First, I'll name the squad that I have for the 2011-2012 season. GOALKEEPERS: Joe Hart Alex Smithies (Yes, I only have two goalkeepers!) DEFENDERS: Carl Jenkinson Micah Richards Greg James (regen) Gary Cahill Phil Jagielka Chris Riggot Patrick Turner (regen) Phil Jones Leighton Baines MIDFIELDERS: Craig Eastmond Kieran Gibbs Jack Rodwell Wayne Adkins (regen) Nathaniel Baxter (regen) Rhys Howard (regen) Henri Lansbury Cole Ellis (regen) Jack Wilshere FORWARDS: Sanchez Watt Ashley Young Gabby Agbonlahor Theo Walcott Luke Freeman Tyrone Ince (regen) Rhys Murphy Connor Wickham Season two started off well, beating Man Utd 3-1 to claim the Community Shield and beating Valencia 1-0 to win the UEFA Super Cup. 4 trophies for the all-English team. It's all gone rapidly downhill however, as we are 12th place in the League having claimed just 9 points from 8 games. It's not all bad though, we are unbeaten in the Champions League and we're not the only big club to be doing awfully... I'll give you an update at Christmas. Also if you want, you can follow me on Twitter as I'm sure I'll be updating my FM career on there for anyone who cares Also, I'm a Brighton season ticket holder and will tweet football related-stuff. If you like the sound of that, then check out http://twitter.com/#!/sean26fox I guess that's all for now, unless anyone has questions .
  12. Well, I will do my best to get 20 in all stats, but I have no idea how the transfer acumen works.
  13. Hi guys, I decided a few days ago that I really wanted a challenge, and a friend at college suggested that I should sell all of Arsenal's foreign players and only play English players. Ah what the heck - I did it, and one season in, I'm really quite stunned at how well I did. I started off quite poorly, but was picking up results by October. I dropped out of the Champions League and ended up in the Europa league. The board weren't too happy, but hey, like they would be able to do any better? By the end of the season, I was the favourite to win the Premier League, 4 points clear in 1st place. I was overtaken however, my Man Utd, and eventually Liverpool to slump to 3rd place. (Very realistic, eh?) All was not lost however - I reached the FA Cup final, and was very generously matched with Barnsley. I beat them 4-2 and so my English men won their first trophy. Next up, a Europa League final against Man City - Enough to be worrying about, although Citeh didn't turn up, and I won 3-0 to claim my second tropy of the season. So what do you think of that then? I think I'll give myself a clap. I'm planning on continuing this career, however I would like to know if any of you care enough for me to post it up on here? (And yes, Dec, I'm willing to post it on Vibe too!)
  14. End of an Era

    Do Eastbourne Borough, they're awful, but I'm trying to do something with the at the moment.
  15. Formations?

    Yeah this is probably the only major thing I want implemented as custom formations would really give players control over their team. With some teams, I cannot find a formation that gives me consistent results and I sometimes feel helpless choosing from the preset formations. For example, I might want to play a narrow 4-3-3, but have one player out on the wing who will put crosses in and cut inside to mess up the opposition's defence.