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  1. [Poland] (Official) Data Issues

    @SeaChelski I am not so sure about Bussato: in 2013 and 2014 Gremio was playing in Brazilian National First Division (aka CAMPEONATO BRASILEIRO SÉRIE A). In 2014, Bussato played 1 game in Serie A, 19 in Serie B and 3 in a regional competition of state Gaucho. That is why in the database he will have one appearance. In 2013 he played 3 games in a regional competition, none in Serie A. In 2015 he played 8 games in Serie C (which was main competition for America-RN) and 29 in cups and regional leagues. In 2016, Aparecidense was playing in Serie D, he was playing in Brazil Cup, Copa Verde and regional competition of state Goiano, appearances in Serie D are not listed at thefinalball.com
  2. [Poland] (Official) League Specific Issues

    Hi, Infamis Do you have a link to this official statement? Dariusz Marzec, chairman of Ekstraklasa SA said that current system (so-called ESA37) is not going to be changed soon, as Ekstraklasa SA is happy with it and needs consistency in competition format (interview from Przegląd Sportowy, 28.12.2016). I know that there is a possibility of leaving ESA37 behind and 2017/18 season played with 18 teams, without groups, but - according to my knowledge - it is discussed, not decided.
  3. [Poland] (Official) Data Issues

    Yup. Missed it because GKS Bełchatów never announced it and he is not registered to first team. Good spot, thanks!
  4. [Poland] (Official) Data Issues

    Chemik Police is playing in regional league (Liga Okręgowa), therefore it is not represented in FM17 and stays in database as extinct, just for history purposes. Done now, thanks. Patryk Stus is not present in both FM16 and FM17 database. Only key players of Widzew Łódź can be added to the database if they are not present there, as it is club from 4th tier and he played only 200 minutes on that very low level. Kostkowski - thanks, this is reported to Latvian HR. No need for history update for player with ID 96101324: it looks fine.
  5. [Poland] (Official) Data Issues

    Hi yuy, as you are probably aware, national team squads are not hard-coded into a game, but rather decided by AI with use of abilities, reputations, manager tactical and personal preferences, form, injuries et cetera. Also, do not stick with the squad you see at the beginning of the game, but rather wait for first call-ups: it will be different. In my opinion, both Perquis and Wasilewski should be shortlisted as candidates to play in Polish national team as central defenders. At the moment they are not called up, but I would expect them to be observed for Polish NT - Wasilewski is still a high quality player, could be useful with his experience and leadership skills and Perquis established his position in Championship. Home Reputation of Igor Lewczuk and Michał Pazdan was increased in last days, so probably there will be some changes in NT squad selection in final release.