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  1. Can we have the live negotiations for transfers like we do for contracts? would just speed the whole process up which would be nice. Also can we have an easier to use Editor so we can edit/create competitions without the editor going "huh?" and refusing to let the game work properly? Better and more sensibly statted regens, clear advice on which of your academy players should go out on loan and where, and stop making teams charge £70/£140m for players, guys like Neymar, Sneijder, Robben, even Ozil would not go for more than £30-40m in real life, it's ridiculous. Don't see the point of scouts if the database doesn't have enough regens/youngsters to be found of a suitable quality in far flung places that aren't in my game.
  2. I downloaded the OP links, extracted them to where he said but my editor is the same. I only want to be able to have no squad size rules and a European Super League tier system. Anyone help? Thanks.
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