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  1. Some ideas I have for improvements to FM mobile -Allow us to negotiate individually with teams when more than one offer comes in for a player, so we can negotiate sell-on percentages etc. -Show available jobs for all playable leagues in the game and if you want a job outside of the 4 leagues you selected, you can select an "end of season" joining option and then when the game rolls forward to next season you can swap out 1 of your 4 leagues for the league with your new job. -Allow us a choice of affiliates when requesting a new one and the option to edit them to add/remove. -Fix where league champions get put in the "league" qualifying route rather than the "Champions" qualifying route in the Champions League. Happened in my Kobenhavn save. -Allow extra sub in extra time. -Allow the edit option from the main game when you can alter a club's finances (not just transfer budget) and transfer/loan players to specific clubs with your chosen fees and loan options (as you can in the main game). -Allow us to choose which away kit to wear, as otherwise the game defaults to your away kit and is dull. -Bring in club playing styles and board preferences so you have to play to the club's philosophy. -Bring in some form of FFP rules or allow us to unlock simplistic versions (wage caps/net spend) rules. -Option to edit league/cup squad rules, competition rules (ie. Simple things like making HG players matter, subs rules) -Allow up to say 6/7 coaches at elite clubs, so you can actually have coaches with every specialism. -Bring in more takeover opportunities/changes in ownership/more emphasis on club finances. -Better youth development process as at the moment it seems to have no bearing on the quality of youth coach or facilities. -Make some clubs have DoF model where you can only recommend signings but don't get final say (more challenging). -Make it easier to see when international players you want to call-up are injured. -Stop clubs moaning because you sign a load of youth players when there's no real club philosophy in the game. -Improve AI transfer behaviour as they underbid on players or you have a £6m player, get them up to £12m and no more and then the player moves and is suddenly worth £25m so I've been screwed over by the game. It seems transfer values are too heavily dependent on wages? -As we can only play 4 leagues, use the scouting more effectively so scouts country specialism can unlock players and youngsters in other leagues. At the moment scouting is a little meh. -Adjust the balance on VAR as they waste too much time on decisions which are clearly outside the box and virtually every offside is given offside. Give us more chance of tight goals being given.
  2. I had a bug where the likes of Ilaix Moriba were being released in October and I could snap them up free, don't know whether it was fixed though as I'm still playing my save.
  3. Features I'd really appreciate... 1. When you request a new affiliate - the board gives you a selection of 4 teams to choose from. At least 2 come from other playable divisions and are no more than 2 stars lower than you in reputation. The random affiliates you acquire who you have no use for is really frustrating. 2. The ability to add/delete new affiliates through the edit tab. 3. The ability to choose the kit you use for an away game, my team decides to only use 1 kit all season and it's frustrating. 4. Ability to arrange multiple friendlies use a monthly calendar option rather than scrolling through the weekly bar. 5. Reserves set up weekly friendlies for themselves if not in a playable league. 6. Ability, like in the full game, to transfer/loan players to other clubs (including fees and clauses) through the edit function. 7. Ability to see jobs available from all leagues in the game, and if you want to accept one from a non-playable league you get to choose a playable league to remove to enable the new playable league to accept the job offer. 8. Ability to agree to move to manage a new club at the end of a season, rather than it always be immediate.
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