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  1. Yes, that could be, but in FM19 with the same setup, I ran it in very high graphic configuration with no trouble. Just custom graphics but they are the same that I used on last FM. Cheers. DxDiag.txt
  2. Sometimes it slows down, not in an unplayable level , but FM19 run much smoother with the same configuration Cheers.
  3. Hello, Isn't weird that with the same setup, all past FM (including FM19) gave me 5 star graphic perfomance rating but FM20 just 1 star? My notebook setup: 8 GB RAM I5 7200U Nvidia 940MX 2GB SSD I don't think FM20 have a big graphic improvement over FM19 that could make such graphic perfomance difference... Cheers. PD: Tried clearing cache and recommended stuff but doesn't make any difference.
  4. The UBG old panels crashes the game.
  5. Maybe the real problem isn't the dribbling...just the defense doesn't work properly when they have to stop the rivals players when are dribbling!
  6. Dat 8-0 The ME is really broken..OH WAIT! Now, i think that massive dribbling is the BIG problem in this new patch
  7. Hey Tastudark, did you have crashes? Did you have any graphics or an edited data? Thanks.
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