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  1. Hey Kurt, I'v also changed ATT Free kicks to have the WB's and DM to always stay back as I was getting killed by the counter attack from my own free kicks since the patch.
  2. I was barca vs Chelsea and I played balanced away and control until half time then attack at home and ticked tight marking on Luiz or whoever is the central defender and Fabregas or whoever was the main playmaker, I also set my IF to man mark the R+l WB'S. Never lost in 4 meetings although having messi helps
  3. Loving this tactic set Mr Hoo, didn't even think it was possible to play this well on this M.E. Just one question, when Chelsea or some 3 at the back teams go to a 3421 when they need goals and the full backs are pushed up to wide midfielders and 2 behind the striker as SS or Am etc.. How do you then set up to counter this?
  4. Just started a save with Sevilla using 3430 and beat Madrid 2-0 in the UEFA Super Cup and Barca 6-1 on agg in Spanish Super Cup, Really Amazing. Only question is what ppms would you recommend for 3 SS ?
  5. How is this for realism? I wasn't going to offer a new contract but I'd hate for his career to end like this?? What to do??
  6. Haha Totally agree been playing these games over 20 years and they aren't as fun anymore but I wouldn't know what to do with myself without them. Can only wish SI had some competition, just to see something completely different. I can actually remember a game from around 98/99 and the graphics were better. I also miss the days of Ultimate manager when you had a desk overlooking the pitch and teletext. Anyway hope you get something close to Stargazing FM16 again, Truly was the first tactic in years that I loved watching..
  7. I know you test a lot and I'll let you get back to it, but how do you play the game yourself? Do you do long term saves, squad building, youth recruitment and such or is mostly quick games with different teams
  8. That looks perfect. Have you a link? Has there been changes to the ME or have they made AI managers a lot better and Is it more of what SI advertised last summer with the User needing to change and adapt every game? What are your own experiences? I felt after the 17.2 patch 4-1-2-3 was best but that seems completely wrong now
  9. Thanks for the quick reply. Yeah I'v noticed over the years that even playing a full game with a tw tactic vs bigger sides got some brilliant results and kept the ball better and always looked for the best pass. By the way have you anything that replicates the way Spurs sometimes play with Erikson and Alli just behind Kane?
  10. Hi Knap, always loved your work. Just loaded up a new save with Spurs and I see the tactic is set to defensive, Is this correct? or could it be set more positive?
  11. Hi Cleon, I've never built a tactic before and wanted to build one based on Southampton's this season. What I wanted was to have a possession based tactic around the Midfield 3, be defensive and intercept the ball and to pick our opportunities wisely getting forward. Possession has been excellent (usually 60%+ per game), but that was mainly when I had Wanyama as a HB, Schnedierlan as a Regista but all too often they were on top of each other so switched to Anchor Man, Deep Lying Playmaker. I tried Ward Prowse as attack Support but him and Schnediierlan ended on top of each other. I know yo
  12. Can anyone recommend something like this: I'm with Sunderland 1st Season and I'm clearing out the whole squad in the summer, Got Lucas Romero as the Only one staying and I'm going to but a couple of young Italian defenders. So 3 Centre Backs would suit also and could lose the AM no problem
  13. Can anyone tell me what happened to a young player around 05/06 era, think he was at Real Sociedad, he was a 16 year old Attacking midfielder who you could sign straight away on a tribunal. Was called Extreberria or something similar and always devolped in to a 25 million plus player. I`v been searching around for ages and can`t find him anywhere?? HELP?? Just tought of it, can anyone tell me what happened Ozkitz Estefania?
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