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  1. 4 minutes ago, anagain said:

    78th save!? Since October 2018, I assume? That's still a lot.

    There's no harm in being a tinkerer. I'd actually say it is beneficial if you have a team that can learn and adapt to different formations. If you watch real world football managers will change formations regularly to counter the opposition. FM often rewards the same formations being used.

    In my current save I have tended to switch between a 3-5-2 and a 4-4-2. I've tried 4-5-1s and 4-3-3s. I will also tinker a lot with player roles to get the best out of individuals.

    Thanks for reply, on average a 2 or 3 season save to be fair. but thats at least 2-3 weeks anyway, i rarely holiday.

    I was wondering when you look at the opposition do you tinker your tactics to beat them or do you go with what you know?

    I've trained all age groups up to Junior IRL so I've always had a feel for tactics, but FM is another matter.

    I also didn't mention different teams and diff tempos, Barca playing fast is one thing but trying it Fulham is another.

    Any recommendations for a 2-3 season save? before FM21

  2. WARNING! This might be a bit of a read!


    I didn't buy FM19 or 20 but I won 20 off SI last August 19 and I didn't mind the first match engine. Actually liked it a lot.  I ended up breaking my laptop screen and couldnt fix the resolution( long story bla bla bla)

    So I saw a thread this morning asking for the best FM20 tactic, I saw a few replies and 2 or 3 people said there is no such thing.  There is no plug and play anymore. Fair enough.

    On FM18, the game I always play  I have 9 dif tactics with many different permutations and mirrors in those systems.

    So my default tactic is 433, DLP with inside forwards and a complete forward. Play this vs 433 at home or against 4141 away, Iwbs Attacking in away european games

    The 2nd Tactic is  also 433 vs. 442 away or a 352 anytime, A half half back always and depending on how they line up 2 ramdeuters with man marking vs fb/wb

    3rd tactic is a 442, vs another 442 at home I'll change a bwm to DLP in home games and vs a 4231 at home one of my full backs plays an inverted wing back, the dlp i'll switch to a carrello and my main forward next to a F9 will be an AF.

    Next up is playing vs a 4141 at home and I'll play a 2 inverted wbs and it looks like a 424 with second striker, if you know fm you'll have seen it. I also have a 4231 which I only use away from home with nothing to lose.

    A waste Time 4141 and a tactic I call anti football 4-2dm-1cm-2wm-1st for when I need an away result.

    I guess my point is, has anyone done anything like this on FM20 or have you found a plug and play? I get called the tinkerer by FMs social media thing.

    Also I think this is my main problem with FM20, I didnt want to learn the nooks and crannies again.


    I number my saves, every year! On FM18 i'm on 78.3 i think; so what that means is, its my 78th save and I changed clubs 3 times... Anyone else do this??



  3. Don't know if this is the right place but here goes?

    I had the demo since the start and have seemed to only update to match engine 20.20 but the file isn't in progfiles(x86)/steam/fm20/data etc only got 2000, 2001 and 2010. Shouldn't it be 2020 now? Started new career and that says version 20.1.2, which file is it?

    No longer says demo in my game so taught it must have updated or will I need to re-install? 

  4. Sorry I didn't know where to ask this? So started a topic/debate on Holidays instead.

    So for the last few FM's Holidaying can has been the same old crap. I'm playing the Full Fat game and every so often between games and International breaks I take a Holiday for a few days and go browse the web while the game is processing or just skipping to the day before the next game. Simple enough, although you ran the risk of being offered a new contract without wanting it, leading to an instant committal which must be Illegal. I never signed the damn thing! Why did no one ring me? or a player throwing his toys out the pram over lack of playing time, his contract (greedy buggers, You signed a new 4 year deal six months ago! Sack your Agent, he never called me etc...

    This was all started a few FM's ago when players wanted more realism and wanted Holidays not to awaken when these things popped up. So Holidays became real in the game and the press might report that the manager wasn't available due to being in the Canaries topping up his tan. No Reception!

    Then there's the problem of being unemployed and you'd like to apply for a few select Jobs instead of applying for jobs on every country/club on Earth. I won a major League in my last job and then when your employed but results aren't going great and your phoning it in looking for somewhere close to home but lost it by travelling a 1000 miles to visit my sick mother every week, so China's not an option! Mr.Chairman. 

    So if the buzz word this year is Revamp how about revamping Holidays? So we can Holiday in game and not run into the problems above or at least give us some options so those who want to play every single day without missing anything can and for those among us who don't!

    So does anyone agree/disagree and what options would work instead of Holiday, for instance a virtual FM Phone, game rings or msgs when items come up or what would work?





  5. On 31/03/2018 at 06:07, Kurt Hoo said:

    well, i think the mentality should be chosen more carefully now, and dont forget tweak among the matchs coz the opponents may change mentality and formation  if they fall behind in scores. 

    It happens every year now, 16.3 and 17.3 did the same. I had been using wonderful 433 Tactics in those then the M.E. changed and made tactics like these impossible to get working again. I feel like they did something to boost full backs to counter the 3 ST Tactics and it's had a knock on effect. I'm currently using a 442 plug and play and deep WM'S are the business.

    With the tactic i'm currently using I rarely need to change between mentalities, its just balanced and attack. I know you are very proud of your tactic and you should be and It will probably be the first i use on FM19 but for 18.3 it needs a re-think. 



  6. Its mainly how the team attacks that's the problem, the players who attack are vastly under-performing. There's a new tactic on this forum, which is exactly the same as yours but with a regista, 1 BPD and the width is Max Wide, with whipped crosses and Its only control and attacking wonderfully. Although I'd prefer yours as I understand what to do perfectly. 

  7. Still works great for me on 18.3, but I do shut games down now to save energy with my own waste time tactic.

    If anyone wants to use it  http://www.mediafire.com/file/ls5jst7sriracj9/WASTE_TIME_19.fmf 

    Wide players take short corners so make sure you have a player over with him and for some reason the wide men swap wings on throw ins, so put them on their right side and striker on near post. As per normal if playing vs 2 strikers use a half back.

  8. On 1/21/2018 at 03:14, Kurt Hoo said:

    but the CMa' performance still troubles me, his pass ratio is low though i have limited his pass range, and he likes shoot... i dont know if i should minus 1 to his close down coz it seems he lost his defend position sometomes.

    The CMa is doing way better now with that little tweak, mine has gone from averaging 6.9 to 8.2. Great Shout

  9. 33 minutes ago, dannyg7 said:

    First of all, great tactic, works wonders.
    Only problem is, Chelsea... they use the 3-2-2-2-1 formation, any tips? I put the OI as you say to.


    I was barca vs Chelsea and I played balanced away and control until half time then attack at home and ticked tight marking on Luiz or whoever is the central defender and Fabregas or whoever was the main playmaker, I also set my IF to man mark the R+l WB'S. Never lost in 4 meetings although having messi helps 

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