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  1. Don't know if this is the right place but here goes? I had the demo since the start and have seemed to only update to match engine 20.20 but the file isn't in progfiles(x86)/steam/fm20/data etc only got 2000, 2001 and 2010. Shouldn't it be 2020 now? Started new career and that says version 20.1.2, which file is it? No longer says demo in my game so taught it must have updated or will I need to re-install?
  2. Few Outsiders not mentioned.. 1. Paulinho from Vasco De Gama, Scores lots and is versatile 2. Trincao from Braga, With Training can become the best IF in the World 3. Svendsen from Malmo(I think), Ready from the start to be a squad player anywhere 4. Coman (Steaua), Just like #1 5. Melegoni (Atalanta) Love a Deep Lying Playmaker, he's your boy for the next 15 years
  3. Sorry I didn't know where to ask this? So started a topic/debate on Holidays instead. So for the last few FM's Holidaying can has been the same old crap. I'm playing the Full Fat game and every so often between games and International breaks I take a Holiday for a few days and go browse the web while the game is processing or just skipping to the day before the next game. Simple enough, although you ran the risk of being offered a new contract without wanting it, leading to an instant committal which must be Illegal. I never signed the damn thing! Why did no one ring me? or a player throw
  4. Any oi's and what are you training for matches?
  5. Since 18.3.3 came out this is my first time playing a second season after bouncing around trying different tactics. So after being promoted from the English Championship I had a horrendous run of playing all the so called big 6 in my opening 6 weeks, but when playing UTD I noticed Sanchez had lost the number 7 and now he's 13 and Lukaku no.9 now 11 but UTD had bought Cavani and Icardi and sold Martial for their numbers to be a little understandable but Herrera got 10 and Ibra went to 30. If your keeping count they now have 5 top strikers for 1 spot. Just played Tottenham and beat th
  6. It happens every year now, 16.3 and 17.3 did the same. I had been using wonderful 433 Tactics in those then the M.E. changed and made tactics like these impossible to get working again. I feel like they did something to boost full backs to counter the 3 ST Tactics and it's had a knock on effect. I'm currently using a 442 plug and play and deep WM'S are the business. With the tactic i'm currently using I rarely need to change between mentalities, its just balanced and attack. I know you are very proud of your tactic and you should be and It will probably be the first i use on FM19 but for
  7. I'v been playing again and playing away with balanced/control its working a treat and like it was before. I think at home, I'm going to start using control instead of attack again. How is anyone else experiencing the game right now?
  8. Its mainly how the team attacks that's the problem, the players who attack are vastly under-performing. There's a new tactic on this forum, which is exactly the same as yours but with a regista, 1 BPD and the width is Max Wide, with whipped crosses and Its only control and attacking wonderfully. Although I'd prefer yours as I understand what to do perfectly.
  9. Has 18.3.2 affected this tactic Kurt? Just completely stopped working since my laptop updated.
  10. Found a better way, go to the squad screen and there's a little tick on the left before the players name and scroll your mouse up or down then right click.
  11. Still works great for me on 18.3, but I do shut games down now to save energy with my own waste time tactic. If anyone wants to use it http://www.mediafire.com/file/ls5jst7sriracj9/WASTE_TIME_19.fmf Wide players take short corners so make sure you have a player over with him and for some reason the wide men swap wings on throw ins, so put them on their right side and striker on near post. As per normal if playing vs 2 strikers use a half back.
  12. Was just wondering how long others where taking per season now I'm at 9 Leagues, 20 Divisions 60,000 Players, 40 hours per season FM17 had more leagues and around 24 hours per season
  13. Only 1 loss all season and that was the first game of the season vs Real Madrid in the Super Cup. Unbeaten in the League, FA Cup, League Cup and Champions League What a Tactic...
  14. Just ticking dribble less in the team instructions, moves the ball around faster and doesn't waste possession.
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