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  1. Yeah Nani did the same with me ^ Although it was with Madrid, hasn't requested the transfer yet though. So far, I've sold: Brown Kuszczak PJS And a few loans Bought: Areola Rafinha Jovetic Rodney Sneijder Thinking of selling Fletcher and bringing in Hamsik? Shall I or is there any point of doing it? Quick answer would be good, cheers EDIT: Haha Nani has just requested a transfer and I've gladly agreed, however I'll be putting a buy back clause on, replacement will either be Costa or Silva.
  2. Mine arrived this morning 4 days after the release date, guessing everyone has theres from Zavvi now if not that is just a joke. Not there fault but still got to be annoyed at someone
  3. Haha I still hold out SOME hope, did it come through like normal post? Cause I've already had mine today if so Gutted really because I'm away on Thursday until Sunday so I'll have Tuesday and Wednesday to play it, if it even arrives then
  4. I still am yet to receive mine from Zavvi, despatched on the 28th if I remember rightly. I'm in North Wales so don't know if location makes a difference but yeah still no copy.
  5. Tesco by me had none, such a shame. Holding out for the Zavvi copy for comign tomorrow, my copy was sent on the 28/09 I think and I pre ordered over a month ago, gutted I've had to wait so long, same happened last year. Will definitely be using GAME next year no matter what and picking my copy up in store. Not blaming Zavvi due to the strike and they posted 2 days before which seems fair, but I do blame Play last year.
  6. The FM10 Pre-Order Thread

    I'm glad theres a thread for this. I was just wondering whether I should pre order it off STEAM or am I likely to have problems doing it that way. Also, I pre-ordered off Play last year and they were shocking, it was out on the Friday I didn't receive my copy till Monday despite pre ordering it about a month before it was out. Was gutting so I don't want to take that risk again.
  7. Help. Lescott is being a douche, should I sell him? I can get 10.25 mil, anyone recommend someone better to replace him? Cheers.
  8. I am the Spain manager and United manager, and its pretty simple. I don't really try for Spain, keep the squad the same apart from 2/3 changes each time you have a new set of games etc. The likes of England, Spain, France will cruise qualifying etc.
  9. I agree, I wouldn't go for Kalou, you could probably find better than him for 5.25 if you wanted to anyway. Cruising the league by 9 points in my 3rd season coming to the end of the January TW, even though my prediction was to come 2nd, which is stupid, it was all because Liverpool spent a combined total of like 80 million on 4 strikers, Gomez, Adriano, Sanchez (who I was planning to buy in the summer) and Higuain. I'm thinking of offloading Berba in the summer? And bringing in a new striker, Bojan isn't interested, but I was thinking Laurito? How does he turn out. My strike force would then be Rooney, Aguero, Saivet, Welbeck and Laurito. Or has anyone got any better recommendations. I'll post some screenies up when I near the end of the season.
  10. Hmm butter up Bojan, see if he wants to join just generally moider him. Aguero would be an equally fantastic signing though, you're in your 4th season right? He'll be class then, I'm in my 3rd and hes the top scorer in my squad in all games and in the Premier League. What did you do with Berbatov, when did you sell him? How much did you get for him? I'm thinking of maybe selling him at the end of the season and bringing in someone like Laurito or Paloschi.
  11. You could definitely do with an extra winger, try for Messi, unsettle him if he doesn't want to join they always accept 36.5 million for him. Also think about maybe freshening up your central midfield, maybe sign Hamsik or Zuculini and sell Carrick/Hargreaves. I'd also think about bringing in another striker, maybe a youngster like Laurito. Also where is Fabio? Did you sell him because on mine he's much better than Rafael.
  12. I hate regens, they cost so much some of them. I had 74 mil to spend so I went after some regens and ending up somehow spending 20 million on 4 of them, all of them are under 17! On a 16 match winning streak at the moment Oh and I wanted to ask should I sign Akinfeev on a free if he's still there at the end of the season, my squad screenshot is on this page somwhere (Post 3610) Should I sign? I have Asenjo who has been amazing, but most people have told me to look elsewhere as he can become quite error prone, plus he's pretty young! One more question ... Should I let Hargreaves go off when his contract ends? (June 2011) Thing is I don't really need him and am thinking of bringing in Zuculini to replace him, as a he's a younger replacement who won't be expecting First team footy each week.
  13. I've just bought Luca Tremolada for my Manchester United team in January 2011, just wondering how does he turn out? My scouts don't rate him too highly but I still went for him, as he seems like he carries a bit of potential and already at 19 has decent stats. Anyone got a good screenie of him in the future, cheers
  14. He's a decent back up keeper, but if you don't play him regularly he begins to whinge and moian and eventually you have to sell him. If I were you I'd look elsewhere maybe Asenjo, Mandanda, Akinfeev etc.
  15. Macheda - The Hero Of 5/4/09 !!

    Everyone seems to be getting ahead of themselves with this lad, it was a top class goal and he really did well when he came on but we shouldn't get carried away! He's poor on FM was looking at him the other day, he has little potential, and my scouts recommend offloading him ASAP. Suprising though as he has been around in our reserves for a bit and scores regulalrly for our reserves.