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  1. I signed Matic to Benfica back in FM 2010 because I read an article about him in a football magazine. I was very surprised when he really went to Benfica 2 season after that
  2. one thing, does this have something to do with agents?
  3. Thanks a lot! I'm about to start a new carreer and I will definitely use your advices in the pre-season. Thanks and I hope you start a challeging new save
  4. I was reffering more the players already in your team. That polygon shows the better attributes of one player over another and it's really usefull to see right away where that player is best
  5. I can't see why a graphical improve should be better than a usefull function...
  6. I recomend you to play LLM in the 6th division of England. My problems in this FM is the damn defense, they seem to be a bunch of idiots doing stupid mistakes. And I still can't understand why my opponent score 3 out of 3 shots and I can't get 1 goal from 10 shots
  7. That's the first thing to look for. It shows the quality of the player right away
  8. You think the game is easy? To me is almost impossible to do a good season :/ Anyway, have you tried LLM?
  9. My phone company make me put 10€ every months in my cellphone to call everybody with the same company as I for free. So now I have 90€ in my mobile
  10. Yeah I tough that. Well, no FM 2013 for me, for now...
  11. my phone is a brick. I don't believe he can run that kind of apps xD
  12. Good evening! I have 90€ in my mobile. Can I somehow buy Football Manager 2013 for PC with this money?
  13. 9.5 Million for Nicolai Boilesen to Benfica. Totally worth it!
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