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  1. I'm looking for a new job for the first time in the last two patches, so just to confirm is applying manually equally effective as applying on holiday now?
  2. So if you're starting a new game after the hotfix, continuing will be just effective as holidaying or will holidaying still be more effective?
  3. No, no need to start a new game save game compatible and works straight away
  4. It's fixed, getting job offers all the way from hong kong now!! Well done eventually SI!
  5. Unemployment/Job Offers Bug

    Can anyone confirm whether this is a real issue, really want to start tonight but no point if this is as bad as sounds??
  6. Good luck Sounds like a cracking job for a sunday league footballer
  7. [FM13] Have sheep, will travel

    Interesting place to start Good luck with this, May I ask how you created that virtual image in your first post?
  8. I agree they are too high. People will say you can negotiate down but they will nearly always demand an improved contract. The worst thing is when it happens in the lower leagues and they demand an increase that you just can't afford to give them so let them go on free transfers only for them not to ever get resigned by anyone and eventually drop out of the game. I reckon most players in league 1/2 would love the chance to just renew on the same money.
  9. When looking at the opposition instructions screen click on the '+' button or the 'customise current view' in the drop down. Then select attributes that you think are relavant so you know who tackle hard, man mark and close down. I tend to go for attributes such as dribbling, pace, creativity and finishing. If you want an even more advanced screen add stats such as key passes, dribbles per game and average amount passes per game. It should help you identify the dangermen on the other team that it would be most useful to close down and mark ect.
  10. Why are clubs that players used to play for 10 years ago getting 1 and 0.5% of transfer deals. It's a bit strange considering I've seen a couple of deals in which 5 different clubs get 1% of the transfer even though the player played for them for one year when he was 17 or so. Even if this is meant to be a clause in contracts I'm pretty sure there is no way of checking if clubs are owed money and whenever news items come thorugh saying this player has moved all you get is a cloggy news item filled with all these clubs getting 1% of transfer money. IMO it doesn't really need to be featured on a news item about a player not from your club as it just takes up so much room and makes the article look untidy. I realise that in some cases the previous club have the option to have clauses such as 'percentage of next sale/profit' but 10 years and 7 moves down the line are these clubs seriously entitled to more money?
  11. I'm confused Have those Match engine fixes in the bugs forum been automatically already implemented to the Beta or are they just outlining the fixes they are making to the next update/patch?
  12. Would anyone mind letting me know what coaching qualifications do? Do they actually improve your coaches attributes or just reputation? Anyone experienced any difference to a coach after coming back from taking a qualification?
  13. You can change the way you navigate around from 'hover' to 'click' in the GUI preferences which made the skin a little less frustrating for me. But yes I agree it seems it has just been changed for changes sake. There's nothing really new or vital where the old menu used to be and to me it just seems like SI have made it look different so all the non perceptive players don't moan it's exaxtly the same as FM12
  14. What team did you choose

    Celtic, as with no rangers it seemed like the easiast possible team to learn the new game with. On November 2nd when some of the issues have been fixed i'll start my proper game.