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  1. I had this problem but then put Steam in offline mode and then launched FM12 via desktop icon and it worked
  2. What set up would people consider normal, ie returns a standard amount of goals from corners because I use mixed delivery with somebody on near and fat post and I feel at times it's unrealistic so I do change it about
  3. I would take an educated guess that explosive striker just means a forward who can be fairly ominous for large parts of the game before exploding with a flash of brilliance. Real life examples I can think of would be somebody like Drogba or to a lesser extent, Rooney. Talented players who go from first to top gear in a blink of an eye. I don't believe it's attitude based like say, Mario BAllotelli, who would be better described as a flamboyant striker due to his high flair and creative skills. The description is about the type of player in their primary position they are, its not in relation to his mental tendencies. I may well be wrong but that's how I'm interpretating the use of the language in this particular context
  4. So is everybody experiencing the problem with cups? I agree with you when you say it could be linked to manager attributes. However I did see people saying its happening in the fa cup final which if true, rules out the low priority cup game theory
  5. Is there still a problem with clubs playing almost comPlete youth sides in national cup cOmpetitions. This one of the things that really concerns me before I start my game. Has it been addressed? Is it linked to reputation and therefore we can manually fix it, thanks
  6. The Never Quite Made Its

    not sure which version but probably around 99/00 but I remember an Indonesian striker called Kurniwan, he was immense though never heard of him Irl. ALso on cm97/98 French duo, Florian Maurice and Ludovic Giuly were immense but never reached those dizzy heights in the real world. Finally Kern Lynne was awesome
  7. The Official General Database Editing Thread

    Hi, im currently updating fm2010 to this season (waiting til 2nd patch at least on 11) and i was wondering if do future transfers ie. Eduardo to Shakthar are the funds alreay allocated for or do they have to have them available. E.g. he went for £6 million so if i set that, would it matter if the buyers didnt have it as it its technically spent. Anyway hope it makes sense, i would prefer to do t this way as i know FM sets values as most recent transfer in most cases, thanks in advance
  8. your worst loss?

    Lost 5-1 to Chelsea in CL (im united) was leading the tie til the 64th min of the 2nd leg at the Bridge
  9. Chairman too patient?

    absolutely, afterall realism is all im sure any FMers want and this is something that needs to be tweaked to take us a step closer
  10. Chairman too patient?

    glad its not just me. Although im yet to do a LLM i can only imagine how frustrating it must be waiting for an opportunity to come up. Im pretty sure Mourinho and Ancelotti will have to look elsewhere if they finish this season empty handed, whereas on FM they'd still be employed
  11. Chairman too patient?

    exactly, there just doesnt seem enough pressure at the top. Its not always been the case hav eexoerienced trigger happy Chairman in previous CM/FM versions, just seems they've gone a little soft on their employees. I read stories about international managers dismissed quite quickly on here but club management seems a little too stable
  12. A straight forward point but one thats been bugging me but i dont think sackings are frequent enough in FM2010. E.G. in my save (jan 2011) Chelsea sit 4th after only finishing 3rd and off the pace in the first season yet Ancelotti seemingly is safe. Now i know eventually he will be sacked but we all know IRL he'd be gone as soon as they were empty handed in the first season. Same goes for Real Madrid, most of Serie A, Russia and Turkey to name a few. All of these places are fairly notorious for their revolving door policy they operate but on FM its probably impossible for there to be 2 or 3 managers in one season. Via the editor the Patience is set really low in some of the cases so it may be the actual sytstem that needs changing I know its a feature that people would think if it was too realistic it would be too hard but i think it would be a stride forward to what we all want FM to be. thoughts/experiences please
  13. not to go too off topic, but the main issue i have with the current transfer system is the lack of interest/activity in the top players. I fully understand that certain players are seemingly unattainable IRL (Gerrard, Rooney, Lampard, Messi etc) However it doesnt stop clubs watching them and sending the rumour mill into overdrive every transfer window. The mid range of players is very busy but for example in my current save, Miguel Veloso (2nd season) still a Sporting Lisbon player is avg 7.4 and my scouts tell he's amazing but not a single club is interested, which i find hard to believe. Yet fringe players throughout Portugal are being scouted by lower Premiership teams. Of course he'd command a higher but my reliably accurate scouts tell me it would take only £8million to acquire him. Anyway, my point is that market isnt busier enough, in particular the at the top end, hope that makes sense